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  1. sotob

    Fender 57 tweed champ custom 2020

    Congrats. I believe input 2 is not a loud as input 1.
  2. sotob

    Your Favorite Amp

    Fender Excelsior. Maybe its the 15in speaker or that it takes my pedals well? I have both the Brown and just got the Pro version last week. I think I'm all set for Amps at this point in life.
  3. sotob

    Tech21 Blonde vs Oxford?

    The Blonde is a great pedal.
  4. sotob

    Jaguar bridge recommendation?

    The Jaguar bridge would just sink in on my Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster, so I ordered these:
  5. sotob

    Classic Players Jazzmaster value seems to have gone up a lot...

    I bought my CP back in 2008 for $650. I was thinking of selling as well last year, but it feels and sound great. It now sports a 4 way switch ala Johnny Marr. I
  6. sotob

    Nocaster 51 neck relic

    Looks like the same wear pattern on the first version of Road Worn Tele's on the neck and whoever just stuck a new different/logo on the head stock. I would pass.
  7. sotob

    Thinking about jumping on the Jazzmaster bandwagon

    Don't know what it is about Jazz or Jags, but when I play them something tells me to play differently than I would on a Tele and that truly comes out. I have 2 Jags and 2 Jazzmasters. From Squier Classic Vibe to a Fender signature model. Get a good setup and the rest is history.
  8. sotob

    Looking for tab

    For the intro riff -F#m penatonic first position. On the g string hit 2,2,4 and then on the B string hit the second fret (c#). So A, B, C#. 2nd riff seems the same, but play it on high E string
  9. sotob

    Peter Frampton Band - Loving The Alien ( Bowie Cover)

    Stunning performance and such a great song! I've always liked this one as well. Thanks for sharing.
  10. sotob


    My last visit to GC last week was a nice one. They honored a coupon that expired, which caused a NGD for me.
  11. sotob

    Resistance to Open Tunings

    If you like the Stones and Crowes then it is must to do open tuning. If not, it will never sound like the real thing. Stick to open G. Do what Keith does and rip off the 6th string and you'll just deal with 5 strings. Put the guitar in the bridge position and look at some tabs like "Sway"...
  12. sotob

    Slide Players - Which Tele is your "Go To" for Slidin'?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered one.
  13. sotob

    Love the Pro Jr but it's too loud for practice. Would a Champ do the trick?

    I got a 57 Champ last month and it was too loud for home use in the evening even though I have my own man cave, etc. After some research and a recommendation from a user here I ended getting a Night Light Jr attenuator and it did the trick for my situation...
  14. sotob

    1099 request from Reverb?

    I'm North of Boston as well and got one of the emails as well. Glad I'm not the only one / it is legit.
  15. sotob

    Breaking It All: The History Of RnR In Latin America

    Thanks for the info.
  16. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    A cool added feature! Did you mount yours inside?
  17. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    Swart Night light JR arrived a few days ago and so I've had some quality time with it and has been great. Awesome to get some great overdrive tones at night.
  18. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    From a 12AY7 to 12xa7.
  19. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered one the other night.
  20. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    Just some rambling... A few days ago I was able to get a new Fender 57 Champ Custom amp. The amp is loud for just being 5 watts. The breakup starts happening around 7. The clean sound nice just like a bunch of other Fender amps do. I swapped in a 12xa7 because I read some folks say that it...
  21. sotob

    Let’s see your 50’s-era TWEEDS (and clones)!

    Fender 57 champ on the way this week. This thing better rip/sing. High hopes here..... Had a Fender 5e3 deluxe just 2 months ago that was used, but the sound was super clean on 10 after messing around on all inputs. My assumption now was the previous user modded the tubes or something?? I forget...