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    Anyone actually see Jimi Hendrix play live?

    Damn that's cool. What pattern was on the strap? I never saw Hendrix but I saw Earl Bolin just casually fly his plane through the Gateway arch. I reasoned, at the moment, that this must happen on a regular basis, but on recent analysis, it does not.
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    Grovers versus? Heavy head

    You want to know the weight difference of tuner sets in grams? Maybe weigh them. Just curious...what does the broach weigh?
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    Making a good fret leveling file questions.

    Just a bit of advice...don't go all militant on removal. Chances are you aren't going to get the neck into a 'straight' position when working the metal. I tend to use a shorter abrasive plank, such as an Indian stone (aluminum oxide), and just follow the 'curve' with a bias toward where I know...
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    Multi-tools. Who carries one? Who wants to talk about theirs? Who wants to post pics?

    I have an older leatherman tool which seemed sort of oddly designed, what with the knife blade, when opened, which could slice the butt of your hand should one switch to plier use. The knife surprised me when it snapped near the tip, with little force. It has date made number 0494 and is...
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    Finishing with Cyanoacrylate?

    I know a builder of classical guitars who for a short period used CA. I believe it was a short lived run. I asked him about it...his reply was that since it has no historical record of how well it ages, he abandoned it. His instruments are highly regarded, built in adherence to what has been...
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    Free Body - big split - trash it or fix it?

    Hide glue, and know what you're doing. 315 gram (I think) pellets and there's a specific temp you do not cross...or it loses strength. I need to find the notes on this... Have multiple clamps, take your time and make this a cinch. As a poster mentions...hide glue is totally...
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    What's a good vintage style bridge for a Jazzmaster or Jaguar?

    Use a small set screw in place, above the long grub screw. It will never move from position and is readily serviceable. You have to find where you want the setting and measure it. Remove the long screw and thread into the opening the small set screw, backwards of course, and then position the...
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    Removing the Yellow

    You find Mother's pre wax and oxidation remover. It takes time, multiple applications with even and persistent action using a very soft cotton rag, shirt etc. Just be watchful and do not force with added pressure. Keep the exposed cloth clean. This will avoid accidental scrapes and save...
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    Big Decision - Need Advice

    Well possibly your nerves are short, reasonably so. It's a big move. I believe you over reacted to one post... This is a good forum, a little too tame imo but very good reading material.
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    I broke a string for the first time in like 15 years

    I am getting a lot of wrap unwinding on the D'Addarios. First time I experienced this was with Mangan's, I believe. I took to applying a bit of cyanoacraylate, problem solved. Soon after the Mangan's stabilized, and a few years later the exls are doing it somewhat consistently on the 9.5s. I...
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    So what's so special about New York pizza?

    If anyone finds themselves in the midwest, Gigios in Evanston (Illinois) is def worth a detour. To die for.
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    Shrill sound: Maple neck?

    I am in agreement with you. Normally I have no interest in amping. Not a big fan of amp/room noise interfering with string dynamics, esp. if one is trying to get to the source of the bad sound. As to the source of the shrillness, I maintain the neck will be the culprit. It is the only place the...
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    Shrill sound: Maple neck?
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    Shrill sound: Maple neck?

    The wood plays a huge role in the sound, with the neck having greater influence. I read that it's about 70%.
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    Didn't Michael Allsup of 3 Dog Night play a Fender Telecaster?

    Stopped to look at the LPs at Marshall Fields, circa 1972...'Golden Biscuits' (or maybe 'Muffins') was on the front and I really really wanted it. It may have been the first time I saw a bin of LPs, thinking back, and felt deprived by not buying something, in leaving. Eventually I managed a...
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    New Ding day....

    Went to check on an anxiety patient, fireworks outside July 4...the strap was tangled on a wheel at chair base, wham face down, best guitar. I examined the headstock, nothing. Still in tune. But near the bridge a deep dent was left from the narrow edge of a vtg strap buckle. Perfect. Nice...
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    ‘62 Melody Maker project

    The frets are all over the place on my 62. It looks like it never was played and I never play it. My intention is to fill the gaps and resaw accurate slots. Maybe do a side by side with a fb known to be accurate. Can't say if Gibson routinely laid down bad fret slots but seriously the...
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    How does this grill come out?

    Grrr...I have a ported style cabinet I was this moment wondering how to remove said grill from, because I see the dust caps are removed from the 12's and sitting at bottom of grill. It is a musicman 2 12 cabinet which I never used. In a similar vain I tried to access the speakers for removal...
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    Roy Buchanan's - 53' Nancy Tele Final secret revealed itself !

    I just gots to chime in here. There is a duosonic from 57 with one dead pickup, but the pickup makes sound...this sort of sound. Should I dump epoxy on it? It sits isolated in a cotton padded box. Tbh I yanked it on account of not being able to get a reading on it, nothing. It has that shrill...
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    Hard V neck

    I had a 57 v neck, which was a bit misaligned with the guitar (strings/bridge position) and very wide, almost 1 and 3/4s. It is a quartersawn example on a musicmaster. Often, the playability of the guitar has eluded me. I decided to correct the misalignment, aka narrow the neck, and in doing...
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    Bass: Short Scale, floppy strings

    D’Addario has short scale strings but these are badly designed. Sure, they fit the 30” scale but they are unbearably floppy. I used a set which matched the ones I salvaged from a Mustang. They were a 105 to 45 or so. When I practiced for a few minutes using these, I was surprised to see that the...
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    How accurate should fret slots be?

    l Gang saws caused a lot of mass produced inaccuracy. I measured a Gibson melody maker, a 63, because when compared to a modern jig cut board I was totally off. It is so inaccurate that I won’t set it up, because to my mind there is no room for error here and I am seeing over 40...
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    TV show theme songs you love to hate?

    Friends. the whole pallet of this show is anathema to me. But the song sort of rivets my disinterest.
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    Neck shake

    It’s code. It means they’re high.

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