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    Here's a pretty good idea in this time of cancelled gigs

    If you've had gigs canceled and are itching to play, here's a pretty good idea. This guy is a good musician and a good guy. And this seems like a pretty cool idea.
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    A story about a Martin D-28 and John Denver and how it changed one man's life

    I usually don't post my work here, but I though you'd all be interested in this piece about how a Martin D-28 and John Denver changed the life of one man, and the lives of many others. Also has Philadelphia content for my Keystone State buds...
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    A giant in music, opera, had passed and he was my uncle.

    Don't know whether this is appropriate, but my Uncle Dominick passed away. He was an internationally acclaimed opera composer and when I heard of his passing, I wrote this piece. The man was a genius but to me, he was just Uncle Dominick. For a man who had reached the pinnacle of his profession...
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    Keeley Comp Plus; yeah, another comp thread...

    So, this all began when a friend let me borrow his Keeley four-knob comp. I've been through a lot of compressors and have settled in a Philosopher's Tone. It works for me. I like having the blend and treble knobs to add dry signal and to add some upper end sparkle to the comped tone. Those are...
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    New country band, seeking name

    Just started playing in a country band, doing old-school honky-tonk stuff. Merle, Buck, Gram, that kind of thing, more Bakersfield and Texas than Nashville. Great deal of fun and things are coming together nicely. In my other band, I play mostly rock and do the lead work. In this one, I get to...
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    So I walk into my local guitar shop and ...

    I stopped by my local mom and pop to buy strings and the first thing I see as I walk in the door in this Oahu lap steel. The owner says that's not all. Then he shows me the matching amp. He said the set just came into the shop that afternoon. A elderly woman came in with her daughter and...
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    This old guitar contains a lot of memories, mostly bad ones

    Here's a piece I wrote about an old guitar player and his guitar. Quite a story. The guitar, he says, contains a lot of memories, ones he'd rather not have.
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    Singing with the Stones

    I'm a columnist in my day job. Here's a piece I wrote about a local woman who, as a member of the Penn State Concert Choir, sang with the Stones. Pretty cool stuff. As a musician, I can't imagine what a rush it would be to perform onstage with the World's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band...
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    First World problem and GAS cured

    Had a few days off and my gear fund was flush -- all my gig earnings go into the gear fund -- so I took off and visited a few guitar shops, just looking around. Played a bunch of guitars. Tried out a number of amps and pedals. Came home with nothing. Not even strings. (I buy them by the box...
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    A compliment, I guess

    We played a street fair in Delaware last weekend and after our set, a woman approached our bass player and said, "You know, when I saw you guys get on stage, I really wasn't expecting much." We are -- how shall I phrase this? -- experienced musicians. She said she really enjoyed our set and...
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    Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony

    Haven't seen a thread on this one yet, so here goes. Not a bad show. The E Street Band was good, as always. Tom Morello introducing KISS was interesting, but I'm not a big KISS fan, so there's that. Peter Gabriel was good. Cat Stevens -- I know he's kind of a polarizing figure, but as an...
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    NGD -- Gibson Songwriter

    New guitar day. An 06 Gibson Songwriter. Had some gig money saved up and sold a guitar and got some cash for Christmas and went shopping. Looked at a bunch of acoustics. Loved the J-35. Played a few J-45s that were very nice. Played a Hummingbird that was very, very nice. Played a Bourgeois...
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    Piece I wrote about an old bluegrass guy

    Here's a link to a piece I wrote about an old bluegrass guy. Played lefty and just turned a right-handed guitar over when he picked it up. Sounded like a cool guy.
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    Gibson Songbird opinions

    Have a line on a Gibson Songbird Deluxe acoustic, non-cutaway, which I prefer. Spruce over rosewood. Haven't have a chance to play it yet and it's about an hour's drive away. But I love the tone of square-shouldered Gibbys, the Hummingbird. I know the Songbird was the predecessor of the...
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    Silverface Champ advice

    Got a line on a '75 Champ. All original. Sounds good. Very quiet and clean. Has has recent service by a reputable amp tech' the guy selling it is an amp tech and builder. He's asking $350, which I think seems reasonable. So what I'm asking is (A) is that reasonable? and (B) is it a bad idea...
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    Dawes in Pa. Sunday

    Saw Dawes at Longs Park in Lancaster, Pa., Sunday night. Second year in a row they've played the park. The crowd this year was much larger, something the band noticed, saying it was the largest crowd they've ever played for. They seemed to play off the energy. Excellent show. The band has a...
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    Beware of Mr. Baker -- Ginger, that is

    Watched a documentary last night about Ginger Baker titled "Beware of Mr. Baker." Very well done. Short review: Great musician. Scary human being. The man burned every bridge he ever crossed, some of them while he was still standing on them. In the end, it was kind of sad. He is what he is...
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    Philosopher's Rock

    Anyone using this beast? I'm intrigued and the demos I've heard are pretty good. Sounds like a very nice comp with some added dirt. Anyone with some real-world experience care to pipe in. Also, was wondering how well it worked with 9v power vs. 18.
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    Trading for a Princeton, non-reverb

    I'm looking at trading an LP Studio for a '77 Princeton, non-reverb. I don't really play the Studio. I got it because I thought I should have a Les Paul. But whenever I play it, I figure there's a reason I love Teles. And Teles work much better in the band mix. I would like a Princeton...
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    FedEx question/issue/whatnot

    Well, I did it. I ordered a Cab and it's on the way. The only issue is that its being shipped via FedEx, which has estimated delivery next Wednesday, requiring a signature for delivery. I won't be home and since my dog has really bad handwriting, and lacks the opposable thumb and basic smarts...
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    Killer guitar... Hope the murder weapon wasn't a Tele. If it was, it probably stayed in tune.
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    Car dilemma.

    OK, seeking advice and counsel... I have a 2001 PT Cruiser with close to 113,000 miles on it. My next state inspection is going to be a bear. And it's clearly on the downside of its life. I'm not sure whether I should try to squeeze another year out of it or get rid of it and get something...
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    "She was a difficult mother and a horrendous mother-in-law."

    Not much more to say about it. Here's a link to my most recent column about a difficult person: Everybody has somebody like this in their family, some more than one. Thought some of you guys would like it...
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    Elvis church video: Weird stuff...

    My pal Tom made this video to promote my book, Don't Be Cruel. It's kind of weird. But funny. Give it a shot...
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    Shameless self-promotion: Book division

    The new book is in stock and shipping from Amazon. Here's a link: It's about bad people doing bad things, badly. I tried to post the cover, but I can't seem to get it to work. Anyway, it's called "Don't Be Cruel" and it's about...

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