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  1. chazo64

    What can really happen when you get " Shocked" Not for the veterans

    This is just for us rookies because if I don't say that I know Im going To get some eye rolls from the vets being so green. Anyhow i thought it would be smart to remind some of those who are not very familiar with the out come of electrical shock of some of the very real hazards. I myself have...
  2. chazo64

    Proto type board

    Is this kool or what
  3. chazo64


    Big Shout out to the pros here on the TD all your advice was killer and I implemented the mods that were suggested to me by yall. Thank you my 5f1 sounds so much nicer 5k tap 100k swap of my feed back 22k and I replaced my bypass on v1 with a 4.7u that I had and I really like the way the amp...
  4. chazo64

    Post trans- plant regrets

    Ok so thanks for yalls help but I dont like the way the amp sounds now it seem muddy and I have some Higher voltages at some of my test points 401,337,292 for starters and at #6 and 1 on my pre amp tube I have 187,198 Sorry this is a 5f1 non mod 15watt tranny 8ohm.
  5. chazo64

    Problem With Transformer transplant

    Hey guys a quick q for yall .I got a 15watt transformer for my 5f1 and after installing it my 5f1 after it warms up makes a squeal and thats it not a real loud squeal but one that doesn't seem to respond to increase or a decrease in the volume no smoke no fuse blow I haven't changed anything...
  6. chazo64

    Question about resistors

    Hi I have some questions ..not becouse I want to change or modify an amp i just want to understand something...Why does the Power tube cathode resistor get so hot and why is it rated for 5watt when there is only+18v the cathode bypass cap next to it is a 25v cap perhaps becouse of the current...
  7. chazo64

    Kalamazoo amp Club

    I had to do it I have a reverb 12 I love it I will never part with it I just really found its sweet spot as far as tubes the placement of an at7 in the reverb driver position and a higher gain tube in v2 not v1 as i had before now my trem. and reverb sound great and the amp breaks up just right...
  8. chazo64

    Hoffman STOUT

    I searched some old threads and didnt find what I was looking for. Yall seem familiar with Hoffman amps I was thinking about buildilg a Brute just basic one. I would like to get some feedback on this amp and would apreciate any advice going forward thanks.
  9. chazo64

    Cry baby location

    Do yall have better luck with your wah behind or in front of your delay.
  10. chazo64

    Some questions for mr. James Knox

    This is from a thread in june so I didnt want hijack a thread I would like to know more about some of the mods That are in the build by James Knox if I may. Stand by switch ...nice , the resistor on the 6v6 ...purpose function etc...? and i see another switch over there by that pre amp tube...
  11. chazo64

    Where is the best value found in Wire ..Solder..sundries..etc

    I would like to purchace some 22awg 20 awg mil spec pvc coat I have found some sources would you like to share . I purchace some stuff through antique electric just looking for some ideas. Solder I get through amazon. Here in the Chocktaw you have to get everything online . Finaly found good...
  12. chazo64

    MY CHAMP!!

    About a mounth ago I bought a 5f1 from Boot hill, went like butter! I built the first box for it and really didnt like how i built it , but the final result sounds great I have some tweed to cover and some grill cloth coming. Any way i cant say enough about how much I love this little amp...
  13. chazo64

    Pixel Fuzzzzz

    Starting this one now
  14. chazo64

    New Pedals

    Just picked up the cry baby brand new 50$ and the flanger ,almost new for 30 time to make Pedal board.
  15. chazo64

    Search For the next great trash can studio secret.

    time to rip apart a few junk store radios and see i can if I make anything.
  16. chazo64

    Search For the next great trash can studio secret.

    time to rip apart a few junk store radios and se if any will make anything.
  17. chazo64

    This month I am boxing!!!

    When pedal building takes over your life..... Ok so I ordered all the boxes and the last of my imput jacks and etc.. to finish the 15 different pedals I have built in the last two months . Several fuzzes tone benders boosts and buffers .I still havnt made a successfull compressor but ...I havnt...
  18. chazo64


    We all use em and love em...but what are your favorites and in what posistion in a circuit. I mean you dont want to use some 400$ paper in oils in the voltage input stage of a fuzz pedal....or do you. What warrents a box film or a ceramic I have a A LOT of Caps so I often wonder other than the...
  19. chazo64


    I have some questions about this chip .I recently built a magnatron delay all systems go no problems ....but sort of ...bla not much control and modulation for a "5 Knob effect" I have heard that the PT-2399 ic ,that is the force be hind the effect if you will, varies a lot from chip to...
  20. chazo64

    Finishing a couple starting a few

    I am getting ready to button up this Doom stick2 Sounds really good for a one knobber . Nice sustain without having any really unusable sounds.I am just about ready to button up the magnatron Delay on the right waiting on a trimmer. I was going to start on a Sea Blue Eq, any body have any...
  21. chazo64

    Layout questions

  22. chazo64

    Jordan Bosstone

  23. chazo64


    can you swap a el-34 for a 6v6 in a 5f1 .I have some ELs laying around and wanted see if I could use em up.

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