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  1. MRJ.

    Early fifties intonation screws, need help.

    What is the length on early 50's intonation screws? It seems like they used different screws. Any body know?
  2. MRJ.

    Cabronita question

    Does anybody know if the rear control cover of a Cabronita is the same shape as a standard Tele control plate?
  3. MRJ.

    Early 50s Stratocaster question

    Anybody know what the correct radius is for the edge on a early 50s Stratocaster?
  4. MRJ.

    Swamp Ash?

    Anybody know where to get swamp ash lumber at for a good price? I'd prefer places where I can get it by the board foot.
  5. MRJ.

    Bakelite/Garolite question

    Has anybody ordered Bakelite/Garolite from McMaster-Carr? What grade is correct type?
  6. MRJ.

    Correct string ferrules?

    Does anybody know where I can get the most accurate early 50's style string ferrules for a Tele?
  7. MRJ.

    New guy from NC!

    Hi everybody! I've been lurking here for a while and after reading about Preeb's build thread on the My Les Paul Forums, I decided to join. I have a parts-caster I built a while back, but I intend on building another tele soon. Anyway I"m really glad to be here and look forward to speaking to...