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  1. Al W

    Who is the best at Re coning a Jensen

    Who is doing the best re cone jobs lately. Used to be Orange County out in Cali. Are they still in the business. Who else would you guys recommend ? Need to re cone a 50's Jensen.
  2. Al W

    Soldering shielding cans

    Hey folks, happy turkey day n' all... So I've been at this for a long time and have at least 4 soldering irons in my shop but: I have to solder pickup covers and potentiometer shielding cans now and again. I've been using my soldering station at its highest temp. and that works , but what do you...
  3. Al W

    Vibrasonic speaker swap..

    Hello Fender fanatics: I've got a Zinky era Vibrasonic. I like it as is but it weighs 81 Lbs. So I'm looking for a 15" neo that would have the right character. Guess this stock speaker is a JBL clone. Hate to change it, but I would not mind not carrying that magnet around. What Neo ? Is...

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