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  1. DangerouslyClos

    My new Denny Dias replica!

    Finally picking up tomorrow. Built by one of the UKs best luthiers. Alder body finished in Amber tint nitro All parts licensed neck Schaller S tuners Stratocaster tremolo Bridge section Custom cut control plate Iron Gear Blues Engine pick ups Good quality electrics. Sooo excited!
  2. DangerouslyClos

    My new Tele ♥️♥️

    My new Tele ♥️♥️
  3. DangerouslyClos

    Denny Dias' Telecaster

    From right to left - Neck volume Bridge volume Master tone Neck coil tap Bridge coil tap Phase switch. Note also, the bridge is the base plate of a Strat tremolo! I'm currently building a replica, the Amber's and natural thread today really helped, thanks all
  4. DangerouslyClos

    Hohner Tele Deluxe ???

    Would the pick up holes take full size wide range pick ups?