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  1. dumeril7

    Just sold my Fender Rivera era concert amp

    I’m nearing the end zone in the long restoration of a ‘63 brownface Concert. I’m super excited about it, but I think that thing will end up getting a life sentence to confinement in my studio because I won’t want to schlep it up and down the three flights stairs from my studio to my car.
  2. dumeril7

    Tonemaster Super Reverb

    I stand corrected. But it doesn't make a material difference. I'll stand by the corrected statement as well: If a Fender TMSR can deliver 80+% of the Super Reverb experience for 2/3 the price and half the weight of the real deal - and still have strong demand and healthy margins - that's a...
  3. dumeril7

    Tonemaster Super Reverb

    Exactly. As a person who does pricing for a living, I can tell you: Companies that do "cost+" pricing strategies (setting price as a fixed markup on costs) are leaving money on the table 90% of the time. It's a foolish way to do it. I only consider cost as a secondary test to make sure I'm...
  4. dumeril7

    Trainwrecks' value

    Fischer was kind of an amp tech's guru back in the day. His "Ken Fischer Pages" were kind of a bible and a lot of revered amp builders learned from him. Unlike Dumble, Fischer shared his knowledge pretty openly. And whatever you may think about his beliefs about things like wire polarity, if...
  5. dumeril7

    The Most Beautiful Guitar You Have a Picture Of?

    I’m a photographer and over the last several years I’ve been putting together a collection of guitar photos that I hope to one day publish as a vanity press book. This is a friend’s guitar that I shot awhile back for this project. It is, by far, the most photogenic guitar I’ve ever shot. It’s a...
  6. dumeril7

    Best amp you ever played ???

    The best sounding amps I’ve played, in order: 1) Matchless DC30, 2) ‘68 50W Marshall plexi, 3) Matchless Clubman, 4) ‘65 Fender Super Reverb, 5) Dr Z Route 66. They’re all very different but I could commit to any one of them as my only amp and be just fine with that decision. D7
  7. dumeril7

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    Mesa TA-15 and neodymium loaded DV 1x12. Super light, versatile, and sounds great.
  8. dumeril7

    What gear will hold value?

    Best thing you can do to retain monetary value is buy used. Let somebody take the depreciation hit. As long as the condition is good, it doesn't really affect the value if there have been multiple owners of a used product, so you can often sell used gear for what you paid for it. Or more. I had...
  9. dumeril7

    Finally played a STRAT. .Tele is KING

    All the major guitar archetypes have their own history and idiomatic sound and language. I think its hopeless to discount one type of guitar if for now other reason than the countless examples of people making brilliant music with that guitar. Who am I to say that Hendrix, SRV, Beck, Eric...
  10. dumeril7

    AC30 Valve Reactor

    I didn't care much for the sound of it in general, even accepting that it doesn't sound like an AC30. Just an opinion though. D7
  11. dumeril7

    5751 Tubes

    A couple reasons that might not work every time. Depending on the guitar and tone circuit, lowering the volume of the guitar can have a negative impact on the sound. Ditto with plugging into the 2nd input. Sometimes using a lower gain tube is more about getting a useable gain range out of...
  12. dumeril7

    Trying to use pick and fingers

    I play a lot of hybrid style. A couple tips that I've picked up: Grow out the nails on your middle, ring, and pinkie fingers of the picking hand. That will help even out the tone between the pick and fingers. In the beginning I just practiced standard scales and arpeggios to get used to...
  13. dumeril7

    Guitar Cable Questions

    Its like anything else. If you buy ultra-cheap, you get junk. But the law of diminishing returns applies. If a "good quality" cable costs $X, spending 3 times X is not going to get a 3 times improvement in quality or sound. The more you spend, the less incremental improvement you get...
  14. dumeril7

    AC30 Valve Reactor

    FWIW, I not very impressed with the VR amps. They don't sound much like an AC30 to my ears. I encourage you to try 'em out and make up your own mind though. D7
  15. dumeril7

    Any love for the Mesa Boogie F-50?

    That jives with my experience almost exactly. I had an F-30 and it did clean and hard rock/80s metal gain sounds nicely, but it didn't do the in-between sounds very well IMO. I thought the Express covered that area much better with its mode switches. Still, those F series amps are a great...
  16. dumeril7

    5751 Tubes

    Marshman is right -- a 5751 definitely changes the gain structure. They're nice to put in an amp that is just a bit too gainy in the preamp. D7
  17. dumeril7

    My maple issue...

    My Schecter PT has that satin back/gloss fingerboard set up and it is a good compromise. Me personally, after having had about every possible neck finish combination over the years, it doesn't matter anymore. I acclimate after a couple minutes and I don't even notice. D7
  18. dumeril7

    1977 string trees

    You don't even have to take 'em off. You can just not route the string under them. Personally, I replace them with graphite trees, but that does screw up the vintage look. D7
  19. dumeril7

    Strap Locks?

    A very useful hint on installing them: Rake the screw across a bar of soap to lube the threads. Usually the screws are a larger in diameter than the original screws and can be a bear to tighten down if you don't do it. D7
  20. dumeril7

    Tone Pot Shaking Help

    Any repair to the pot will probably require opening it up, which means you'd probably have to de-solder it anyway. D7
  21. dumeril7

    Teach us...

    First, while you're young it really helps to understand that time is the most precious commodity you have. The day will come very soon when your other obligations in life keep you from putting as much time into the guitar as you want. So spent your youth wisely. I once read about a study that...
  22. dumeril7

    Can't Keep Tele in tune! Help!

    1. Make sure the strings are stretched out. When I put new strings on, I tune up, then grab each string one at a time at the 12 fret and pull up and away from the fretboard about two inches (less on the high E). Then tune up again and repeat until they stop going flat. 2. Before you spend...
  23. dumeril7

    Show off your tele here

    Not technically a Tele, but Tele enough for me. Schecter PT re-wired with Harmonic Design Z-90, new guts, and a personalized control configuration. D7
  24. dumeril7

    74 tele custom rosewood neck

    Boy, that brings back great memories. That guitar is identical to my first guitar. Paid for with lawn mowing earnings a long, long time ago. I gave (!) it away to a musician who'd been cleaned out by thieves. Good deed maybe, but I wish I still had the guitar! D7