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  1. effcee

    Cheap Chinese Speaker Sim (?)

    Howdy, folks. Just wondering if there's a cheap, standalone speaker sim pedal out there - something along the lines of a Joyo, Biyang, Donner, etc.? Thank you in advance. :-)
  2. effcee

    Which Slide Guitar Open Tuning... ?

    Hi, folks, just a question about open tunings here. Which slide guitar open tuning makes it easiest to slip in and out of major/minor keys and various modes? I'm hoping to play more than just blues in an open tuning. Thanks in advance! :-)
  3. effcee

    Mineral Oil Vs. Lemon Oil

    I have a chalky fretboard which I'm trying to condition. Is mineral oil the better choice for dry boards? Is lemon oil more of a solvent for cleaning? I'm confused. Thank you in advance.
  4. effcee

    Filing Nut Slot w/ Tools Around the House

    Howdy, folks. I have a problem string on my Firebird. The low E string sits so high that it pulls sharp at the first fret. So, since I'm only lowering a single string, is this something that can be performed with common tools found around the home - maybe just some sandpaper, for that matter...
  5. effcee

    Stacked OD Combos - what's your fave?

    I have oodles of ODs, fuzzes and distortions. Sometimes it seems like the combinations are infinite, so I'm looking for ideas. To that end... What are your favorite stacked combos? And not just ODs, but distortions and fuzzes, too. Also, if you find different pairings useful with...
  6. effcee

    Mustang III V.2 - headphone speaker emulation for recording

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience recording through the M III V.2's headphone output. I already have a Pod X3, so I know what to expect from that. I also have the Joyo Tech 21 Character clones. Can the M III V.2's headphone speaker emulation compare with those? Thanks in advance...
  7. effcee

    Imperfect String Alignment

    Hi, friends, I have a question. The attached photo shows the imperfect string alignment of a Gibson Firebird USA. It is, of course, the result of less than desirable workmanship and QC, but... In a *practical* sense, should that degree of misalignment present any real-world problems? Again...
  8. effcee

    Vox Amp with P90 Pickups?

    Ive been wondering if P90 pickups might get along with a Vox amp. My P90s are mid-rangey as all get out. Would those famously mid-scooped Vox amps make for a good marriage? Seems like a no-brainer, but, of course, some things are counter intuitive. Thanks in advance! :-)
  9. effcee

    Fender Mustang III vs Roland Cube 80-GX - opinions?

    In the market for my first modeling amp. Have narrowed it down to two models, the Cube 80 GX and the Fender Mustang III. With other considerations aside - such as weight, price - which amp do you folks prefer for tone alone? Thanks in advance! :-)
  10. effcee

    Best iPad Live Rig ? - newbie needs help

    I'm a long time player but totally new to the concept of using an iPad to replace my live rig. I recently saw Todd Rundgren live and noticed that he had gone all digital/tablet. So what are the most popular apps? Thanks in advance! :-)
  11. effcee

    Electro-Harmonix - Never Had One Break!

    I've noticed a few people commenting on EHX's current build quality in a less than flattering fashion. I find it curious, since I've long been an EHX fan - still am - and I've *never* had an EHX pedal die on me. Perhaps, I should be more forthcoming: I have a Big Muff from the late 70s which...
  12. effcee

    Rat clone - which one is best?

    I'm looking to purchase my *first* RAT. (Yup, I held out this long.) I sometimes see posts saying, 'The new ProCo Rats don't sound as good as the old ones.' So I'm wondering... Is there a currently produced Rat clone which *does* have the old magic? And, also, is there a new clone...
  13. effcee

    Buying my first modeling amp - Roland 80GX, anyone?

    I've been told that the Cubes are easy to dial-in and very toneful. So how might these compare to the Fender Mustang and the Line 6 Spyder? Thanks! :-)
  14. effcee

    Mooer Pedals -- build quality?

    I'm a little late on these, I suppose. Just wondering how many have taken a peek under the hood, and what the word is on build quality. Are these things on the level of Joyo? (Ho-hum.) Or are they more like Biyang? (Pretty darn good.) Thanks in advance! :-)
  15. effcee

    Footswitch is REALLY soft -- is it about to die?

    Just wondering... I have a new Biyang Fuzz Star (which is a fantastic pedal, even for non-muff-fans like me), and the old fashion 'click' footswitch feels really soft. Is that a sign of imminent failure? And, if so, is the only fix to wire in another switch? Thanks in advance. :-)
  16. effcee

    Who are your favorite YouTube guitar / gear reviewers?

    Who are your favorite YouTube guitar / gear reviewers? I ask this question not to launch some kind of popularity contest, but to help us all discover some new YouTube reviewers / channels we might find useful. Some of my favorites include (in no particular order): - JustNick -...
  17. effcee

    Who are your favorite YouTube guitar / gear reviewers?

    Who are your favorite YouTube guitar / gear reviewers? I ask this question not to launch some kind of popularity contest, but to help us all discover some new YouTube reviewers / channels we might find useful. Some of my favorites include (in no particular order): - JustNick -...
  18. effcee

    Brown Tone - what's that?

    I guess I should know that one...but I don't. Thanks.
  19. effcee

    Joint Soreness / Arthritis & Neck Shapes

    I've seen some people online mention that fatter necks seem to provide some relief of joint soreness / arthritis. Is this the popular consensus? I'm wondering if the perceived benefits of a heftier neck are the result of some panacea effect, or if the whole notion is just some kind of myth...
  20. effcee

    What is guitar pick 'memory'?

    Are they smarter than we think they are?! :shock: Seriously, tho', from the Dunlop site, on the page for Tortex picks: Maximum memory. Huh? I've been playing for years and I do not know what pick memory is! Any help would be really, really, really appreciated in this case! :lol:
  21. effcee

    Buddy Guy's Kick-Ass Solo Tone on "Baby, Please Don't Leave Me" w/audio clip

    This is from Buddy Guy's Sweet Tea album, and this song is probably the coolest B.G. recording I've ever heard. Does anyone know what's being used to create this awesome solo tone? "Baby, Please Don't Leave Me" -- The first solo starts at: 2:38
  22. effcee

    Red Llama + Green Rhino Combo: Which comes first?

    I already own the Red Llama, and I'm picking up a Green Rhino this weekend. I was wondering which order I should run them in. I'm thinking I'd like to use the RL for crunchy rhythm settings, then kick in the GR for solos. I'm guessing it would be best to run the Green Rhino *first* -- run it...
  23. effcee

    Lovepedal EnglishWOMAN Is Fantastic!

    I've had this thing for a few months now, so here's my post-honeymoon report. The EnglishWOMAN is a *fantastic* pedal, and here's why: For anyone thinking that you can achieve that sexy, sultry 'woman tone' simply by turning down your tone knob, here's what you're missing: The great thing...
  24. effcee

    Fender Select Carved Maple Top Telecaster - Video Demo

    This new Tele sounds awesome! If only I hadn't recently spent so much money on guitars! And it looks friggin' GORGEOUS! ::::drool::::
  25. effcee

    New ZVEX Pedal - Kickass 'SONAR' Demo by Just Nick

    Nick's demos are in a class all their own. And here's a stellar demo of a badass new ZVEX pedal called SONAR: Dig it, friends! :-D