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  1. pokett

    NGD MiM Strat 2006/2007

    Picked it up on OfferUp for $200. I feel like I’ve come full circle, when I was getting my first electric guitar over half my life ago, I specifically did NOT want a Strat because “everyone’s got a Strat, they’re boring” (so of course I got a Washburn HSS super strat style). Also the color of...
  2. pokett

    LavaCable TightRope V2 vs Evidence Audio SiS

    Anyone have experience with both of these cable ends? I have the Evidence Audio SiS plugs: and have been very happy with them, but the plugs are definitely on the pricier side. I came across the 'V2' LavaCable TightRope plugs, and they appear to be the...
  3. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    I have a very specific use case, where I would like to power a 12v pedal, using my BBE SupaCharger, however it needs more than the 100ma that the 12v outputs can provide. I know from research and experience that I can use a current doubler cable (i.e. the one from VooDoo Labs for their PP series...