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  1. darkforce

    #3 - Black limba thingy

    Thank you for all the encouragement! :) I drilled a hole for the truss rod access and put the rod in. Two indexing pins (toothpicks) through the fret slots keep the trimmed fretboard from sliding around: Masking tape over the truss rod to prevent glue from entering the slot. After spreading...
  2. darkforce

    Stubborn fret ends during installation

    Bending the frets a bit tighter helps. Also check that your slots are deep enough at the edges, otherwise even a fret press will not help.
  3. darkforce

    #3 - Black limba thingy

    The bulk of the material was removed using the band saw: And routed nice and straight using a fence: I only have one piece of the top left big enough for the headstock, not quite as attractive as I had hoped for, but it will do: Cut out roughly: And this time thinned to the correct...
  4. darkforce

    #3 - Black limba thingy

    Alright, two years and two actually finished builds later and no updates in this thread. That might be an indicator, that things did not go as planned... When putting the headstock veneer on, I had somehow forgotten to thin it to 3mm first (was more like 7mm), leaving the headstock much to...
  5. darkforce

    DeoxIT is amazing

    I use Teslanol T6 instead, because it is easier to get and cheaper here, but a "mild" contact spray like this is incredibly useful for all audio electronics stuff! At least here in Germany contact cleaner has the reputation of ruining electronics, switches and pots, since the most common product...
  6. darkforce

    The Jagstangelectro Revisited

    From the picture you posted it looks like the saddle for the highest string sits a bit in front of the posts center, so 1.5mm sounds reasonable, as it would still allow you to decrease the compensation for the high e, which could be a bit less than 1.5mm depending on action and string type.
  7. darkforce

    Inlays using CNC 3018 and Fusion 360

    Sure, especially on larger cavities this is vwry helpful. You can have Fusion also automatically split the g code by tool for easy tool changes. Since this design is approximatly 2mm in width I accepted a slightly longer run time for the convenience of not changing tools.
  8. darkforce

    Inlays using CNC 3018 and Fusion 360

    Hey Hutch, the router bit I used here is a cheapo 1mm bit from a 1-3mm set I picked up on Amazon, so I'm certain that there are better ones out there ;). The spindle is running at max. RPM, which is supposedly 10k, but it feels like it's slower, I have not put a tachometer to it though. Since...
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    Neck heel radius gap question

    That is the answer you are looking for. With your shim in place a small gap like that is unavoidable in a straight neckpocket.
  10. darkforce

    Neck heel radius gap question

    If you can not tell why the neck is not seating correctly, rub some chalk onto the heel, fit it and remove it again. The chalk should have transferred on the contact points. From there you can decide where to remove material. Is it necessary? Probably not. There are a bunch of production guitars...
  11. darkforce

    Inlays using CNC 3018 and Fusion 360

    That looks awesome! Fusion 360 is pretty overkill for this sort of work, so I'd stick with whatever workflow works for you! The only reason I started using it was that I had some prior knowledge from university/work and the free license that comes with it. Having it spit out usable G code for...
  12. darkforce

    Long Time Coming

    Love it! Nice work!
  13. darkforce

    Do you glue your frets in when fretting a neck?

    It's a pain, but it is possible to carefully sand/scrape between the frets to have it pristine again. A couple of small sanding sticks with fine sandpaper wrapped around them are helpful, as is music to combat the boredom and diclofenac gel to combat the hand soreness ;)
  14. darkforce

    To glue, to hammer or to file.....

    If they have a bit of spring to them, I'd wick some water thin CA glue into the fretslot and clamp the corresponding fret with a radiused caul. Otherwise you are fighting a loosing battle with the fret being pushed down while leveling.
  15. darkforce

    Inlays using CNC 3018 and Fusion 360

    Before ruining the fretboard, a small test is done in a piece of scrap: Everything looks good, so let's continue with the actual fretboard: The route needs to be cleaned up slightly to get a good fit. Here some more clearence would have been a good thing, since the fragile maple inlay ended...
  16. darkforce

    Inlays using CNC 3018 and Fusion 360

    Since the 3018 and similar CNC routers are quite cheap I thought it might be interesting to show my workflow for creating fretboard inlays. I start out by creating the design in Inkscape, since it allows for more artistic freedom then using CAD from the get go: The next step is exporting the...
  17. darkforce

    Seating Frets Properly

    It can help to bend the frets into a slightly tighter radius than the fretboard radius, that way you have a bit of additional downforce on the edges. If you can't seat them with gentle tapping glue and clamping with a caul aould be the next step. /* edit: ThermionicScott already mentioned the...
  18. darkforce

    Let's talk neck woods!

    A laminate is typically stronger than a single board, especially if a hard, dense wood is used as fretboard (ebony, rosewood, pau ferro etc.). Does it matter? Probably not, both variants can be used to create necks that are plenty strong and both can warp or twist, but the single piece...
  19. darkforce

    Precision Guitar Kits LP Jr - build thread

    Ah, I thought you had not started yet. I bet this combination works great, I used Tru Oil over shellac on a khaya neck (because it was practically impossible to sand the bare wood smooth without raising some fuzzy fibers. Coating it with shellac hardened them just enough to get a nice finish to...
  20. darkforce

    Precision Guitar Kits LP Jr - build thread

    That is one chunky neck! Over on the german GitarreBassBau forum there was a thread a while ago talking about tinting Clou Holz-Siegel (which is a urethane finish that can be applied much like Tru Oil and is probably also easily available in Vienna) using Clou Abtönkonzentrat. I don't think the...
  21. darkforce

    Fret dots on 11th fret :)

    The repair is good, but it still looks like a repair. How about placing two dots at the 13th fret and three at the 12th? I'd play around with it for a bit and mock up some options, maybe even add single dots at the 10th and 14th fret?
  22. darkforce


    If you were going with jumbo frets anyway, I bet it will hide most of it. The fretboard looks stunning!
  23. darkforce

    Quarantine Build

    Thank you for the kind words! I found the time to take a couple of close-ups: Best regards Johannes
  24. darkforce

    Any suggestions on particular Solarez UV product(s)? (There are many...)

    I have no personal experience with the product, but Highline Guitars on Youtube made a tutorial how he uses it to finish guitars. Maybe you find it helpful:
  25. darkforce

    Jointing two bits of wood

    In what way are the joints no good? If you have both boards clamped side by side, the angle of the plane is not so important anymore, compared to jointing both boards separately. Depending on who you listen to, a slight concavity in the joint (a "sprung" joint) is preferable to a completely flat...