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  1. Kungpow!

    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Oh no... now I got a mint early 2000s Ds1 for the first time ever. So far I've done a mix of mods including amz fat mod, wampler jcm 800, and increased mids mod. I could not bear the stock sound at all. Needs more tinkering. Now it kind of reminds me of a cranked up OCD. Ugh... modding is...
  2. Kungpow!


    Never tried a 90 in the neck of a tele. Bluesy I would think. Heres my blonde with 4 way, Palo Duro in the neck, diy aged hardware, pots and caps, treble bleed... cool?
  3. Kungpow!

    Tuners: TU-3 or Polytune 3 mini?

    Why not Korg pitchblack? Have had mine for 10 years And it has worked flawlessly. I love it. They offer a mini, and a custom version now too.
  4. Kungpow!

    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    Only took 27 years, but I finally got a SD1. Been wanting one for years. Obviously, a Tube screamer addict. My first impression: bright, quite a mid hump, and really cut the bass. Particularly when compared to the TS9 pictured which is quite modded (808 spec, RC4558P, gain and bass mods)...
  5. Kungpow!

    Mini pedals……..

    I'm over the mini pedal fad. I want it to go away Knobs and labels too hard to read. I find them a little tricky to step on, and I dont have Shaq sized feet. I like regular b sized or even bb sized enclosures. End middle aged guy rant...:lol::D
  6. Kungpow!

    GGG Blues Breaker Kit - Things I Should Know Before I start

    Lmao.... I remember when I said something Like this GGG blues breaker was the 1st pedal I ever built, About 13 years ago Make nice clean solder joints, they should look shiny, In a shape like a Hershey kiss Clean the tip of your iron!
  7. Kungpow!

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    Yeah, budget is under 50 bucks imo
  8. Kungpow!

    Boss SD-1 40th Anniversary Pedal

    Has anyone actually bought one of these? Seems backordered everywhere.
  9. Kungpow!

    Cry baby location

    Front and very first
  10. Kungpow!

    MXR Prime Distortion! Limited time left. But great deal!

    What's the difference between classic and prime distortions?
  11. Kungpow!

    Is a tube screamer too much mids for a tele?

    Boss SD-1?! I think is supposed to have less mids than a TS I love Tubescreamers and use them with teles, strats and Les Pauls. It's the tightness and sustain it adds that I love. Addictive to me. So, if you want less mids , then any OD not based on the Ts circuit should work. So many...
  12. Kungpow!

    Yeah...I’m sticking with multi-effects

    Maybe just invest in quality cables, pedals, and power supply. It will last and work flawlessly. The Boss me50 with all those knobs looks more complicated than my multi pedal setup
  13. Kungpow!


    I just got the Amazon basics compressor after I finally killed my orange squeezer clone. Not bad so far. I like using it clean with the strat for all those plucky, clicky sounds. Adds fullness and sustain. I dont seem to like it overdriven. Might keep it. It was absurdly cheap.
  14. Kungpow!

    Classic Vibe Tele owners club.

    Nothing special just a 2010 cv 4 way ,250k cts pots, neutrik jack, treble bleed Bootstrap palo duro neck I aged the metal bits 9-42
  15. Kungpow!

    Love and hate with the Soul Food, how do you use it?

    I bought it because of the Klon hype. Thought it sounded horrible as a primary od/amp in a box. I use it to boost the front of a Orange or15. Gain low, level to just above unity, and tone to taste. It's on my board now, next to a Tubescreamer mini, which I probably prefer for leads...
  16. Kungpow!

    Les Paul Owners Club!

    Historic fam
  17. Kungpow!

    Neal Schon’s 53 Blackguard

    This thread's hilarious :lol:
  18. Kungpow!

    Your Dream Vacation Spot

  19. Kungpow!

    2010 Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Made in China

    Now sell it and get a Les Paul :D
  20. Kungpow!

    Do men wear Crocs?

  21. Kungpow!

    What will glue foam to a pedal board case?

    Hot melt glue
  22. Kungpow!

    Has your Snark tuner started feeling gummy/sticky?

    Even more reason to lament the current era. The black ones only $13. What's the difference?!