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    do I need a new amp

    A basement player here and I have a black heart little giant with an attenuator on it. I also have a Mustang floor unit which does not sound bad through the amp and pretty good through phones. I see all these new solid state/modelling amps and get the itch for a new basement amp that is good...
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    Precision Guitar Kits

    Yup great kits. I purchased an unbound lp and a sg Jr when they first opened up, awesome players.
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    Hey Bender where did you get the Axl body from

    Hey Bender where did you get the Axl body from
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Thought about that. I just figured this shape needed a bit more pizzaz than just straight oil finish
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    What's on your workbench today?

    So any of you folks have any ideas on color. I have tried to dye scraps and nothing really works. The sycamore looses it's 3d effect real easy. I first thought a sanded back blue or black but that looked awful so I did a piece with just amber dye that looks good and from a distance kind of...
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    What's on your workbench today?

    finally got going on this after a few years with no shop. Now to this point, 3 piece sycamore top and an Washburn neck of which the headstock actually compliments the body shape quite well.
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    Practically Free

    Loaded strat pick guards with alnico 5 pickups are 30$ Canadian and free shipping on amazon Canada. For you USA folks that's like 5 bucks
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    I grain filled the sg with timber mate but just went with straight shellac on the lp many coats sanded back. So basically used shellac as grain filler
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    here is the back of the LP with nothing but the zinser amber over mahogany first pick is before the finish was applied. Not the nicest color in my opinion but not bad either, just a little to orange for me. I ordered garnet and blonde shellac flakes from wood essence and tried the garnet out on...
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    Check out wood essence in sask I have ordered Shellac, dyes etc from them, they also carry finishes. Home depot carries zinser shellac, amber and blonde, it is waxed and many say that is not a good finish but I used it on these and have had no issues, now if...
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    Have only used True-oil on a walnut gun stock. Easy to use looked good with a few coats, never used on a guitar
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    I dyed the lp with lemon yellow and then a dark amber on the burst part - straight onto the maple. If I was to do it again I would spray the burst by tinting a clear coat medium and then spraying it. I found going straight onto the maple was "easy" but I do not think those bursts look as good...
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    More than anything I really just meant it as getting the base coats on. When you actually French Polish you are adding a very, very thin layer so it can take time. To get around that I sprayed the first coats to get good coverage. Sanded it smooth and then began the "French polish" portion. Has...
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    Mahongany - dying - shellac ?

    these 2 were just shellac, sprayed in a preval to get thickness then french polished, which sounds harder than it really is. French polishing can be done anywhere as the fumes are not toxic. I dyed the wood prior to any shellac
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    suggestions for low watt tube amp head

    Peavey classic mini 20 head. 1, 5 or 20 watts
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    Can I sandwich hollowed out body blanks?

    I saw this the other day, I thought it was a great idea and good use of wood. You could build any thickness and it would be way easier than many other optons. I know you would have the look of a three piece center from the side but if it was painted/stained or if the wood was just matched well...
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    Canadian body suppliers

    these guys: west coast: Totonto area: kits: - very good kits Calgary: small...
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    Snakehead Proto meets LP JR/Special project

    I've been thinking about this exact same build for one of my girls. glad it looks so good
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    Swamp white oak as a tonewood?

    Regarding tonewood check out the mylespaul luthier forum to see a post on tonewood vs mdf. results are quite surprising. What i got from it is, in electric guitars pick a wood that you like to work with and that you like the look of and go for it. All the other "tonal stuff" not much of an...
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    First Shot at This: Just build it, it's only a guitar!

    so what does your tele weigh?
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    Anyone tried Enduro-Var?

    any one ever send any info on this to you? I am wondering the same thing?
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    Looking for NEGATIVE qualities to contemporary waterborne finishes

    Any one try General finishes water based products, esp interested to hear if any one has used Enduro-var, it is suposed to have 100% burn in??
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    Throwing an idea/question out there?

    Heres a question. I am doing a tele/lp type build. I have a maple bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard. I also have a 2" thick piece of northern ash. My plan was to cut the top 1/2" or so off and do a shallow lp carved top, then pretty much hollow out most of the body to lighten it...
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    Neck Side dot alternitives......

    how about solder?
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    shellac question

    here is the zinsser bullseye clear, on the LP and the amber the SG both have a pretty good shine, I sprayed alot of coats levelled then french polished the final bit to get a nice shine. I let them sit for a week or so then buffed out with Menzerna products.