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    Best uad plugs for classic country

    For classic/outlaw country Got a uad quad and new mac mini. probably gonna do the 6 plug deal here is what im thinking any suggestions. 1api vision 2 neve 88 series 3.atr tape machine 4Pultec 5.Fairchild/la2a comp Emt 140 plate. thanks
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    Best Ipad nd ipad apps for gigs lyrics and set list

    For practice and acoustic gigs i want a ipad for lyrics set list etc. which size do you guys think works best for this. Also any good apps for making set list that arranged lyrics. Also songwriting. Thanks to all
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    Eric johnson virginia strat opinions

    I love regular ej strats. 12 in radius is my favorite radius. I ran across a ised Virginia in the ballpark of a used regular one. Any owners here. What are you guys opinions on them thanks
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    Best version of fishman powerbridge.

    There is a local guitar shop. The guy is retiring soon. he has a older version of a new in the box fishman power bridge. I can probaly get a deal on. Is there a big difference. Which are the best versions thanks to all.
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    Evel buck tele

    Just finished what im calling my evel buck. Import body, mexican neck with locking tuners. texas special bridge pup. Man its got it. It plays and sounds well above the $550 i got in her. Gonna add a barden to the neck. Gonna add some rivets to the billet guard and want billet hardware made...
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    Battery powered amp katana air or cube street ex

    I would go with the katana air because its wireless totally but i can get a wi-fi connector and use it with the cube. Im sure the katana would sound better more fx etc. but i do like jc tones and it would be gigable on acoustic solo stuff
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    Building a couple guitars from grandpas ash tree. School me.

    Hey fellas. 3 years ago my grandfather and I cut down a ash tree we both planted when I was a kid. Left it in my shop to cure. Ready to start. I have enough wood for 2-3 bodies maybe more. gonna either make a tele and a strat or mandolin if I don’t have enough. but definitely starting with a...
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    one pedal with echo/delay and phaser. rockabilly country

    looking for one pedal that can do good rockabilly slapback and Waylon type phase. to get all of my tones in one box I need. keeley darkside looks interesting. any other options
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    Manson’s last two albums kill. Tyler bates plays some great licks

    Man some of the best riffing ive heard in a while is tyler bates on the last two manson records. He’s a big time hollywood music score guy. Really keith richards influenced. Playing teles and 335’s through a a classic 50 and his tone is just nasty. Not the same old manson.
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    roland jc-40 rig

    .i have a mustang modeling amp and just bought a fender ed Obrien strat. I would like a amp that is good for steel bends,im working through toby wines book. and atmospheric type playing. this guitar has a sustainer. right now I'm into players like james calvin wisely (chris issak player) and...
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    Found a 5 string custom built tele mandolin any e mando players

    I know its not a full sized tele but im posting here. But i found a local builder who has a a five string tele electric mandolin with duncans in it. And it looks like a mini 52 butterscotch blackguard to the t and its quality. Would look great with my teles. About $500.00 he cant move it and...
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    Trucker speed fred Eagle smith.

    I never the heard the song or of mr. eaglesmith. I guess its about 5 years old. But my god its a gut punch of a heartbreaker. I cant listen to it twice in a row. Thanks for restoring my faith in country music sir.
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    Trouble maker tele how well made are they.

    I bought a used eddie chochran gretsch from guitar center a couple weeks ago and its not working out. It’s acoustically so loud that the volume it takes to get the amp over the guitar it feeds back way bad in my small space. They have a troublemaker tele locally i could trade for. but there...
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    Mojotone princeton info

    My freind built this with all top components jj tubes an a actual 60’s jensen. He knows his stuff owns a live sound company im not worried about the build. ill have $900.00 in it. How's resale and overall opinion of mojotone.
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    Collings 290 hs or musicman axis. Quality versatility

    Im looking at a collings 290 with a bridge humbucker and neck p-90. And also a musicman axis hh. I know they are a bit different but both high quality long scale and light weight. And thats the deal i need a comfortable guitar due to major arm and shoulder injury and surgery. So no big archtops...
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    What to do with old peavey amps

    my grampa was a old peavey guy. So he had a stereo chorus that he gigged with for 30 years. Then he had a red stripe bandit from mid 2000s. The bandit has alot of issues and i tore it apart clean knobs and all contact point. No good. So im thinking if turning it into a cab for a 18watt head...
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    Making a amp cab out of a 1920's speakercone

    While walking in the woods next to my grandparents I found a 1920's Crosley music cone I just want to use it as a cab. It's all metal. Took it to my music repair man and we decided a 8 inch speaker would fit. But he didn't have anything in stock to sell. What would you go with. I'm looking at a...
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    Picked up a 1996 vista jag master for $150 thinking about a big project

    Man this guitar is cool. 1996 50th Japanese. has a Jag short scale neck. Jazz master body dual humbucker strat tremolo. The electronics sound good but need new pots. Thinking about putting a sustianic sustainer pickup in the neck a p-rails in the bridge. Kill switch etc and a super vee tremolo...
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    adding a bigsby to my tele. pros cons

    im redoing my tele gonna have bardens in it. thinking about a bigsby b5 virbramate. how does it effect the tone. do you get better sustain ive heard some of the roller bridges can be tone sucks. and the ones i had on archtops had tuning issues. i play country,blues rock and iazz
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    was there a15 inch 66 blackface super reverb.

    so i played a 1966 blackface super reverb with a 15 inch altec speaker today. the speaker was vintage no doubt but idk if it is the original. was this 15 a option or did someone fit it for a 15" it has the original grill and the cab looks unmodified. and the ring from the speaker is pretty old...
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    redoing my #1 tele opinions on pickups etc

    i have a mid 90's 62ri mij its the white and mother of toilet seat. it was my grandpas. and its been my #1 guitar for 15 years. it has bardens in it right now. but the neck pup is dead. and im thinking about a more traditional vintage sounding tele pup for the bridge and a tk smith neck. idk if...
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    Any one have a Suhr 24 fret tele.

    l just saw these pricey but damn it looks like it could do it all. How well will it twang with the bridge coil tapped I hear they got it down.
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    Custom shop 69 strat or johnny marr jaguar

    Man im having a hard time deciding. On my next axe. I have a 62 ri tele with bardens ive played it almost 20 years it will always be #1 i also have a good mexican strat with texas specials. I have until monday to pull the trigger. these guitars are in the $2k range. I want somthing special. #1...
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    Esp,edwards ltd. Info ive Been impressed

    About 4 years ago i bought a ltd ex 50 explorer copy for $75 to scratch my metallica itch of my youth. And ill be damned if its not exceeded every expectation. Amazing neck. Decent pickups i replaced with dimarzios. So i wanted to check out the real deal After that for a short time i had a mij...
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    Buying a real custom shop strat from china

    There is a 69 custom shop shorline gold on reverb im looking at. They asking custom shop prices to. Would you chance it. Had coa and all the goodies. If its a copy its real good its just got what i want reverse headstock rosewood board etc.

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