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    Wide Range Humbucker Neck Position Capacitor Value/Tone Pot

    I have a 72 Custom RI with a Revel WRHB in the neck. I currently have a 500k tone pot paired with a 0.022 cap. I really like the tone of the neck pick up but sometimes feel like I would like it to be a little brighter. I was thinking of trying a 0.015 cap or possibly put in a no load tone pot. I...
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    Spring Reverb on all the time

    I have a small 5 watt Ibanez amp that has an Accutronics spring reverb. I have noticed lately that it sounds like the reverb stays on with the knob at Zero. Does anybody have any advice on what might be causing this and is it something that could be fixed easily? Thanks
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    Capacitor values for 72 Telecaster Custom partscaster

    I am working on a guitar that will have a wide range humbucker in the neck and single coil in the bridge. I have 500k pots, I was thinking I would use a .022 cap on the neck and a .047 on the bridge. I was curious if anyone here has built/owns a Custom and how do you have yours setup. Thanks.
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    Tru Oil over waterslide - How many coats?

    i was curious if some of you that have experience with this could give me an idea of how many coats it will take to bury the waterslide? I have put 10 coats on so far, I have lightly sanded with 0000 just to smooth it up before the next days coats. Thanks
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    Tonerider Hot Classic Bridge Pickup Question

    I am building a partscaster, it is a 72 Reissue Custom body. I have been looking at a Tonerider Hot Classic for the bridge pickup and am leaning toward a Revel WRHB for the neck. I have read some about pickup compatibility in regards to the orientation of the magnets and also the direction of...
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    Sapele neck with Wenge fret board

    I wanted to post a couple of pictures and say thanks for all the info I have read about Tru Oil finishes. I did two coats applied with sandpaper to help grain fill and another 8 light coats on the Sapele only. Hit it with some steel wool to get more of a satin finish. I love the way it feels...
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    Question about Installing the Tilt Disk on a three bolt neck

    I am working on a Telecaster 72 Reissue build. I have a MIM body and a neck I bout that hasn’t been drilled yet. I have my neck ready to drill for the installation of the micro tilt disc. The bolt will extend into the neck by around 3/8” (haven’t actually measured it yet) past the threads of the...