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  1. Chicken Curry

    Really surprised by the Neck pickup on 57 Reissue Telecaster

    Interesting comparison between these two: I'm amazed by the neck pickup sound on the tele, it's also consistent with most tele custom shops where the neck pickup is nice and bright!
  2. Chicken Curry

    What a difference half a winter makes!

    I purchased my 2016 52 AV about 10 months ago, had some finish checking on it after what would only have been four years. I thought cool, this is going to develop into more finish checking but I didn't think it would happen so rapidly! Mid June 2021: 1st August 2021: Does this happen during...
  3. Chicken Curry

    Having trouble muting when bending

    (Yes I have looked this up, it's very frustrating) I'm going to try my best to describe this. My main problem is when I bend on the high E, I catch the B string and it will slip under my finger and slam onto the fret causing unwanted noise. Left hand muting doesn't help. Muting the B string with...
  4. Chicken Curry

    Could a Tele Relic Too Fast?

    My 52 AV was made in 2017, when I purchased it last year, it already had finish checking which I don't mind. Now, I'm noticing the start or fretboard wear. Part of the body is turning a darker yellow, where the forearm sits. It's only 4 years old! It's interesting to watch, but at this rate...
  5. Chicken Curry

    Underside Visual Qualities of Maple Necks

    I own three guitars with maple necks, two teles and one strat, all of US made, I also have and aftermarket neck, unknown manufacturer. All four necks are visually more appealing on the underside than the top side. Top being the side that you can see while your playing. It's only four necks so...
  6. Chicken Curry

    Wiring S/H Tele with 5 way switch

    I'm new to wiring guitars, just purchased parts but pickups and control panel need to be put together. Any advice on wiring up a 5 way switch?
  7. Chicken Curry

    I can't bend to pitch

    More accurately, I'm hopeless with relative pitch. I've practiced many hours bending to pitch, different strings, techniques, advice, I've tried it all. I can never get it right consistently. I've been practicing this for at least two years. If you can't bend to pitch, what's the point of...
  8. Chicken Curry

    Few mods I'm interested in, anyone tried this?

    I'm reading: This article contains some mods that I will definitely want to try. The main one that has got me interested: I will want to try snipping the neck pickup ground wire. I found very little info on this, there's one...
  9. Chicken Curry

    Output Jack Cup sticking out

    Having a close look at everything on my 52AV, noticed the output jack cup is sticking out a little, about 2mm at one end. It's not moving when I try to push it in or pull out, even when I remove the output jack. I figured it must have come out gradually over the years and not straight away, as...
  10. Chicken Curry

    NPD, Two piece maple neck, what to do?

    Just purchased today, it has a maple cap, bit of flame at the back which is nice. Few noob questions: 1: What shape headstock is this? 2: What should I do with the headstock? It seems to have the logo/something sanded out. Sand the whole thing bare? 3: The maple cap seems very bare, no varnish...
  11. Chicken Curry

    Tele History Chart

    Is there a chart/line chart/list out there detailing all the different models of Teles throughout the years? (Yes I did do a search). I might be asking for much, it would be quite hard to put one of these together. It would be good to find one detailing all the different models of Teles, what...
  12. Chicken Curry

    Leaving guitar near air conditioner

    Is it safe to leave a solid body guitar in the same room as a running air con? ( < for those who have ADHD, now let me elaborate: ) I had a guy tell me how he used to have an acoustic guitar that kept splitting at the middle seam on the body. His repairer told him to stop leaving it in the...
  13. Chicken Curry

    NGD 52 AV

    I always wanted one of these since getting the 50's American Original. More accurate 50's specs. It's also interesting how they compare, the difference is like night and day. The fourth pic shows the colour differences between the AV and the AO: When at the seller's house, I contemplated selling...
  14. Chicken Curry

    Torpedo X with Headphones, Static Noise Problems

    Are there any Torpedo X users out there who use this product with headphones? I have never used an attenuator before, just arrived today and had a play. Noticed that when I plug my headphones though it there's obvious static noise or some type of buzz. Can be tamed when volume is lowered but...
  15. Chicken Curry

    Difference between a Blues Jr Tweed 3 / Blues Jr Tweed 4?

    Brought home a new amp couple weeks ago, it's a Blues Jr 4 Tweed. Sounds great but am interested in how it's different from it's predecessors (the tweed versions of the Blues Jr range). I'm aware of the cosmetic differences (looks a bit different at the back) but the specs seem to be the same...
  16. Chicken Curry

    Curious, try this, then tell me if your pickguard fits:

    Try this but before you do, take your pickguard off: When it works well, you should hear a pop. Will your pickguard fit back on? Just curious, as I did it myself. The first time I did it I left the pickguard on, there was no pop. Wasn't sure if it did anything. Later, I replaced my pickguard...
  17. Chicken Curry

    How do pots age?

    Had my vol pot replaced on my AO. Noticed that the wafer on the replaced pot is darker, the new pot is lighter. Does the wafer darken with age? How does it darken? Reason I ask, is this something that should be replaced, like for like, given the guitar in question is an American Original? Era...
  18. Chicken Curry

    Small lumps on fretboard

    I purchased this second hand, just worried about the small lumps on the one piece maple fretboard. They were hard to take a photo of, they are in three areas of the fretboard, 2nd fret underneath the high E (first pic), third fret underneath the low E (second and third pics) and between the last...
  19. Chicken Curry

    Mods on an American Original/Vintage

    Thinking about a bunch of mods, where do I even begin? First off, would you mod a guitar that is a reissue of a vintage/classic guitar? I'm curious about; 500k vol pot and no-load tone pot mod. Have done research on the matter, has anyone here had these done on an AO or AV? Which brand/type of...
  20. Chicken Curry

    I would like to modify my pickguard

    I'd like to shave a bit off the top where it meets the neck, about 2mm. The red line indicates the (very) general idea of what I want to shave off: What's the cleanest/best way to go about this?
  21. Chicken Curry

    Pickguard; Cream on Butterscotch Blonde

    Just received my pickguard today, want to mod it before I install it, I have placed it over my black pickguard for now, just to see what it will look like. I personally love it, it might suit gold hardware better!
  22. Chicken Curry

    Volume pot grinding/moving

    Had my volume pot replaced (faulty), replaced with vintage spec volume pot from the fender factory, on my AO. Electronically, it works fine. The only issue is that it rocks back and forth a little and grinds a little bit, just doesn't feel 100%. Yes I have raised the knob, it's not that issue...
  23. Chicken Curry

    Intonation problems on the low E

    Regarding saddle adjustment, my 50's reissue is too sharp on the low E while the A is perfect. Can't adjust the low E without de-tuning the A, not with those classic saddles. With the A in tune, the E is out of tune by about 25 cents! That's a huge difference. 1) If I want to keep all my...
  24. Chicken Curry

    What are some good Tele songs for a beginner?

    Can anyone recommend me a song which was played on a Tele that's not too difficult to learn, particularly one with a solo? Blues, Classic Rock or 90's alternative. Just bought a Tele and; not that there's a rule that you play play songs written/played on one guitar with that brand but, I thought...
  25. Chicken Curry

    Hi from a beginner

    Joined the club, I'm a bit of a beginner at guitar, looking forward to learning.