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  1. pokett

    Baja owners club

    I have an old one… but I think one of the biggest differences (maybe the only real one?) is that the older ones (especially the very first ones) seemed to be: a) on balance much heavier and b) more inconsistent on the weight (some were much heavier, others were more 'normal' for a Tele) Mine...
  2. pokett

    NGD MiM Strat 2006/2007

    Picked it up on OfferUp for $200. I feel like I’ve come full circle, when I was getting my first electric guitar over half my life ago, I specifically did NOT want a Strat because “everyone’s got a Strat, they’re boring” (so of course I got a Washburn HSS super strat style). Also the color of...
  3. pokett

    NGD 1995 Fender MIM Strat

    If you’re looking for Strat setup info, especially proper trem floating, Dave’s World of Fun Stuff on YouTube is a channel with a number of great videos detailing (and showing) Strat setup. From memory it matches exactly what @awasson was saying (but may be helpful for the visual learners)...
  4. pokett

    Boss MS-3

    Has anyone else found the Librarian features of the MS-3 software on the Mac to be completely unusable? Moving patches to live sets results in the settings being overwritten (the patch in the live set shows the correct name, but doesn’t have the correct settings, it has settings from other...
  5. pokett

    LavaCable TightRope V2 vs Evidence Audio SiS

    I would bet going your direction - using monorail plugs with Lava Tightrope v2 cable will work better than me going the other way (but mine seems to work just fine too). I'll take some pictures later today showing the difference between the two different plugs on the monorail cable just for...
  6. pokett

    LavaCable TightRope V2 vs Evidence Audio SiS

    Thanks for the bump! I still haven't bought the Lava Tightrope solid core cable, but I **DID** buy some of the plugs/adapters and they definitely **work** but I believe the Lava cable is a slightly narrower overall outer diameter (no idea about the difference in diameter of the solid core)...
  7. pokett

    Baja owners club

  8. pokett

    LavaCable TightRope V2 vs Evidence Audio SiS

    Anyone have experience with both of these cable ends? I have the Evidence Audio SiS plugs: and have been very happy with them, but the plugs are definitely on the pricier side. I came across the 'V2' LavaCable TightRope plugs, and they appear to be the...
  9. pokett

    Anyone rocking without a pickguard?

    Haven't taken the guard off my Baja Tele since I got it, it sounds and plays so nice I haven't wanted to do a thing to it! Haven't even changed the strings yet! But this I think I will have to try soon…
  10. pokett

    Transparent overdrive to stack for solos?

    Definitely look at the Soul Food, but you might also look at the "Bass" Soul Food which adds a blend knob so you can blend in the overdriven signal. Might help you find that balance of additional gain without coloring the other pedal.
  11. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    Based on my limited reading about how batteries would respond (sometimes catastrophically) that's exactly what I was figuring would happen in the "best" case scenario.
  12. pokett

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Yeah, they're awesome! When they were doing their farewell tour back in ~2003? My buddies and I saw them 3-5 times here in Northern California and then bought tickets and planned a road trip to Denver for the final show. I got my first job and had to give my ticket to my younger brother and miss...
  13. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    Yup, that's the conclusion I've been coming to. I have my own version of a courtesy outlet going on, so as a fallback I'll be doing that, but I'm starting to map out options like the VooDoo Labs PP+ or even the Mondo… my gear fund however is NOT currently equipped for that…
  14. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    Yeah, I currently have a VooDoo labs cable that lets me plug one pedal into 2 outputs, increasing the current (mA) so that I can take a 100mA output and a 200ma output to give a pedal 300mA. That cable works as expected, but that was for a 9v pedal, and so both the outputs I'm using are 9v...
  15. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    TC Electronic Nova Drive NDR-1
  16. pokett

    PSA - Craigslist Sacramento Fender Bandmaster Blonde

    Yeah, I totally would except for the whole children and wife banding together (even though the children are 3 years old and 7 months old) and killing me in my sleep… but dang!
  17. pokett

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Saw Five Iron Frenzy at Joshua Fest this year, and talking to one of the guitarists later that night at their booth and he admitted the two guitarists were both using Tech 21 Sans Amp (not sure exact models) and going direct, I would've SWORN they were using the Marshall half-stack backline...
  18. pokett

    Lets see those worship boards

    Used the cab and the mic sim at the same time and it made a world of difference for me on stage. Also heard from one of our sound guys/techs that my guitar sounded much better - his take was that having the speaker taking some of the load as opposed to it all being on the attenuators helped the...
  19. pokett

    How do you play your amp AT HOME ?

    On the floor, smaller stacked on bigger to take up less space. Doesn't hurt that it puts the controls at the right height. Although I've been meaning to play with some stereo applications with two of my amps, so I'll probably have to move stuff around to make that make any sense…
  20. pokett

    Boost before or after Overdrive?

    Don't know about the Spark in particular (though I've GAS'ed for one for years) but the general behavior of boosts relative to OD should apply: After OD = make the OD louder Before OD = make the OD overdrive more (loosely like cranking the gain on the OD or like the opposite of playing the OD...
  21. pokett

    PettyJohn Drive (any info)

    I was thinking about this the other day when I saw someone commenting that he obviously is supporting selling these pedals and so wouldn't do/say something that would make them look bad. What I think I decided for myself is, if I don't like/can't see a use for a pedal after seeing him demo it...
  22. pokett

    Baja owners club

    Officially registering that I joined the club several months ago! Picked up a 2007 Desert Sand Baja Tele used off of Craigslist for $450, came with a Fender Gig Bag. Wanted to read through this entire thread before joining, MAN that was a long read! But I did it, loved seeing the list grow, and...
  23. pokett

    Current doubling 12v output and 9v output on BBE SupaCharger

    I have a very specific use case, where I would like to power a 12v pedal, using my BBE SupaCharger, however it needs more than the 100ma that the 12v outputs can provide. I know from research and experience that I can use a current doubler cable (i.e. the one from VooDoo Labs for their PP series...
  24. pokett

    Lets see those worship boards

    Baja Tele into the board, out of the board into the front of my Egnater Tweaker 15, and for the last month I've been going out of the Egnater into a Jet City Jettenuator (passive/resistive power attenuator) taking up the full load, and sending the mic sim signal direct to the console. I've been...
  25. pokett

    Who still plays their Tele everyday?

    Definitely still playing my Baja Tele every day. Got it about 3 months ago, and it was the nicest/most expensive electric guitar I've ever owned (Washburn entry level start HSS, style, and far east LP style). LOVE all of the positions, find myself rotating through, can't QUITE say I have a...