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  1. Jake D

    Fender Selling Bodies and Necks

    I am unsure if this is a repost or not. If so, sorry, but it a good place to stash this link:
  2. Jake D

    Channel Bound Fingerboards

    Bye bye binding. . . Okay, this is interesting. Fender Guitars tweeted out this pick a few minutes ago. I have never seen this done or noticed it. According to Fender is available the Selects...
  3. Jake D

    Samantha Fish

    There is a local girl (Kansas City) that plays the blues and she is getting good. I'm going to see her play in a few weeks. See if you guys like this:
  4. Jake D

    Colin Hay

    I have been listening to him on Spotify all day. Freakin' amazing accoustic stuff. Check out: Maggie, Beautiful World, Waiting for my Real Life to Begin, and I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You. Especially check out "I Don't Think. . ."...
  5. Jake D

    Upcoming Stones Tour

    Anybody look in to buying tickets? I priced two tickets to the Chicago show. Anybody want to guess how much these two tickets cost total? See if you can get within $100 with your guess! J
  6. Jake D

    Hank Penny/Billy Shoemaker Tele

    In the 2007 July issue of Vintage Guitar, there was a mid-50's tele that Leo built for Hank Penny. Leo actually built him two. One was shell pink and the other was a dark copper penny color. Both had a forearm relief and in that respect they were the first of their kind and unique. By...
  7. Jake D

    Alt-J and the Telecaster

    As I inch closer to Alt-J, I can't deny the hooks. It is only a matter of time before I am a fan. And there is a telecaster involved. Full performance:
  8. Jake D

    Thanks Keef!!

    I got it bad now. I got two teles. One is tuned to open G and one is tuned to open E!!!
  9. Jake D

    Custom shop '52 RI rosewood neck

    Do you guys remember the Custom Shop '52 RI with the solid rosewood neck? I can't find that thread no matter how I search. That guitar was stunning and I want to try to build one like it using a Baja and a Warmoth neck. If you remember who owned that it would be a great help!
  10. Jake D

    Slingerland Songster

    I was pretty shocked to learn that the first electric solid body guitar was the Slingerland Songster, which pre-dated the Log and the Telecaster by more than a decade. This photo is from the Smithsonian's collection. I was...
  11. Jake D

    Possible Ground Issue - Baja Static

    :?:I have a brand new Baja (blonde) that I really like. I don't want to take it back so I'll hunt this problem down. Sometimes I get a static crackle when I touch the strings with the side of my pick hand. It is a little more pronounced when I have a Tubescreamer in the signal chain. It is...
  12. Jake D

    4 way switch.

    Issue: I have a 2011 Baja. The factory 4 way, stock pups, and S-1 switch are coming out and going up for sale. I will be installing a pre-wired 4 way set up from R&S Guitarworks with a 4 way, .047uF cap, a 280k volume pot, and 250k tone pot. I have a set of Bare Knuckle "The Boss"...
  13. Jake D

    NGD - Baja Tele

    I took possession of my new Baja Blonde last night. Got it out of the box at the store and tried it with the Tiny Terror and was really happy. Still needs a bit more set up and some better strings, but this thing is fantastic so far. I really like the neck. Love the feel of it...
  14. Jake D

    Reranch Vintage Cream

    Hello fellow TDPRIers! I was having trouble finding pics of the Reranch Vintage Cream color. I am going to re-fin a Highway 1 sunburst strat in Vintage Cream. So, if you don't mind, please share some picks of this color or similar colors in this thread. Thanks, Jake
  15. Jake D

    Video: PRS "Wood Library"

    I thought you guys would like this video. Like children in a candy store. The PRS wood library.
  16. Jake D

    Highway finish repair.

    I'm getting a highway 1 in a couple days. It has a couple chips in the finish, sort of like this. . . well, exactly like this. Do you guys think that if I drop fill those chips with clear nitro or hit it with a light coat of clear nitro that it will melt those chips smooth? I could...
  17. Jake D

    Bare Knuckle Pickup Question.

    I'm getting ready to try some Bare Knuckle Pickups in my Highway 1 Tele. I also plan on doing a four way switch and some brass saddles at the same time. I've got an e-mail into their customer service, but it is probably pretty late in jolly old England, and I was wanting some feed back from...
  18. Jake D

    Neck Installation Question.

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I've been lurking a bit and reading/learning. I'm currently building a butterscotch tele with a guitar mill ash body, Fender bridge with brass saddles, Don Mare 2324 pups, Acme 4 way switch. I love it and thing are going smooth. I'll post pics when I get my...