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    Way Huge - Havalina

    Has anyone tried it?
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    MAXON Pedals

    During the last four or five weeks I have been testing, trying and re-trying about 270 pedals to write an article on the best effects in today's market, most of them boutique and/or analog effects. I have used a trusty American Standard Telecaster, a Tom Anderson Atom with humbuckers and a Tom...
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    Using a Bass Amp with a Guitar

    Hi everyone, I guess that this thread is nothing new. However, I couldn't find precious posts/threads on the subject using the search engine. Here it goes: Presently I own a Mesa TA-30 (open back) for guitars, a Fishman Loudbox Artist (closed back) for acoustic guitar + voice, and an Orange...
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    Who are the best guitarrists of your generation?

    I'm 65 myself. Will start my "generation" (about 65) list with the following: Rock - Jeff Beck (1944 - ...). Blues - SRV (1954 - 1990). Jazz - John Scofield (1951 - ...). Other (in my case, Brazilian) - Helio Delmiro (1947 - ...). Personality - Keef (1942 - immortal). Abrzz...
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    Rob Chapman's ML-3 RC >> Has anyone here played it?

    And what are your impressions? This is the guitar (below)
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    What PUP in the MIDDLE position?

    Still my last Zaganin tele project. I like to blend the tones of pups as much as possible. Very hardly I play the neck or the bridge pup alone. Now I want more versatility by adding a pup between the neck and the bridge pups. My Zaganin tele guitar will have a Gibson Classic '57 HB in the...
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    Tele-Bridge or Strat Fixed Bridge - what would you prefer?

    Hi, All. I'm still putting together the list of items to build that Zaganin guitar. After deciding in favour of a 3-pup (2 mounted on the pick-guard), we have come to the bridge now. It will be a 6-saddle. Which of the two would you recommend? The first is a more trad bridge, to have the...
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    Bridges -- Tele or Tune-o-Matic?

    Hi, all. I am not a telecaster purist. However, I do like the shape of a telecaster more than any other guitar shape. I am starting a project to build a new telecaster, but not to get that telecaster twang, necessarily. As I already have some telecasters (one Fender and the rest non-Fender)...
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    Hellow from Rio de Janeiro

    Hi, all. I have been logging in for a couple of days now, and have found this to be a quite useful link. Members have been very good at giving me hints about the questions that I have raised. And there's a lot of good humoured posts too. I'm now a TDPRI "frequent flyer". Now, a little about...
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    Pair of Little '59s

    Hi, I am a newcomer here. I have been trying to find a thread that would address the issue before opening a new one. Couldn't. My question to you all is: I am considering using a SD SJ59-1n Little '59 for Strat on the neck position of my tele paired with a SD ST58-1 Little '59 for Tele in the...