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    Die Hard

    I highly recommend the criminally overlooked "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang." Also "Boondock Saints," "Layer Cake," "The Last Boy Scout." Murray
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    Songs that don't sound like the lyrics...

    "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." Upbeat poppy little number about a serial killer.
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    Anybody got a real live regular poker game?

    Actually, with the exception of Wash State, online poker is legal in the US. Financial institutions are prohibited from doing business with these sites, though, which makes it difficult but not impossible for Americans to gamble online. I'm Canadian, but I've been playing online since its...
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    My favourite Simpsons line is

    "Look, Brain. You don't like me and I don't like you. Just get me through this and I'll go back to poisoning you with alcohol." Mur
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    Saddest book ever

    Flowers for Algernon. It's been a while, but I weep like a girl when I finish this. Mur
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    Saw The Movie " The Road " Today...

    Cormac McCarthy is, in my opinion, the greatest living American writer. Maybe the greatest American writer, period. He's a black guard tele.
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    Tele Headcount!!!

    my CV squier makes 5356
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    Low Price for CV in Canada

    I got mine for this price, too, at Tom Lee Music in Vancouver. L & M had it for $425. Murray
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    Whooo Hoooo, new CV Tele!

    Just got it last night and it is a thing of pure beauty. Thanks to all on this forum who recommended it. I am over the moon. One month ago this was going for $485 Canadian at Long and McQuade. They now have it at $415. I bought mine at Tom Lee for $387. So prices have definitely fallen...
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    Getting a CV Tele

    Thanks for the great responses guys. I knew I came here for a reason. Mur
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    Getting a CV Tele

    Hi guys: I'm brand new here. And very new to the guitar. Because of all I've read, I'll be picking up a Squier CV Tele in the near future (if only so I can add my serial number to the list!) Any advice on a good practice amp? I'm almost completely into the blues, and it will be at least 80...