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  1. Chrisholmes90

    Help! American Pro Tele Snapping Strings

    I relatively recently (last couple of years) started playing an American Professional (2018) telecaster as my main guitar, strung with 11's (either NYXL or Elixirs, usually). Since then, I've snapped the D string (which is obviously quite unusual, although my band have a lot of songs that are...
  2. Chrisholmes90

    Full size or HB size P90 in American Professional Tele

    I've had an American Pro tele for about a year now. While I like it, I just can't quite get the balance right between the bridge and neck pickups. The bridge is a little hot, or if I drop it down it becomes too thin. It's also a little harsh at times, but that seems to be the tele vibe. I'd...
  3. Chrisholmes90

    American Professional Bridge Replacement

    All, This is somewhat similar to this thread: but I couldn't find the info. I was after in there. I want to change my saddles to a set of graphtech, or similar. Partly for intonation and partly because I've snapped a few strings...