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  1. Vocalion

    i m not a huge dire straits fan but...

    I remember reading an interview with Eric Clapton where he said he was surprised at how hard Mark Knopfler worked the band (Clapton included) in preparation for those shows. I guess that Clapton figured he could wing it with some minimum of rehearsing, but Knopfler had other plans.
  2. Vocalion

    Bobby Charles

    Great album. The credits also include Rick Danko and Dr. John.
  3. Vocalion

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    I think that the Champion 20 is a great amp for home use. See if you can play a few tube amps, preferably in a practice room alongside a Champion 20. The advantages a tube amp might enjoy in an enormous room like a guitar shop vs. your Champion 20 might be minimal or even net negatives for the...
  4. Vocalion

    Marc Bolan - Majorly Underrated?

    What a great song! This is literally the last tune I learned to play on the guitar.
  5. Vocalion

    I need a versatile acoustic for rock and single string, less for fingerpicking

    Cost not being prohibitive, it sounds like you are target market for something like a Martin SC-13E (~$1,600 new). Maybe look at some forum discussions or reviews for that and see what other guitars people mention as alternatives.
  6. Vocalion

    Which STRAT would you get and why?

    Of the three, the Vintera LE hardtail would be the obvious choice for me: - The price is right. - Though black wouldn’t be my first choice, it looks amazing with a maple neck. - The maple neck. - The single coil pickups (not a big fan of noiseless) - I don’t play with the “trem” anyway. - The...
  7. Vocalion

    For The Vintage Hi-Fi Lovers

    Damn, I had that very same Akai reel-to-reel! I used to volunteer at a local college radio station, and I didn’t want to play my personal records on their rather well-worn turntables (backward queuing and all). I’d record my program music on reel-to-reel and play that instead on one of the...
  8. Vocalion

    Finally some love for all of you lefties out there

    This has been a public service announcement.
  9. Vocalion

    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    Darrell Braun just dropped a video reviewing both versions. I’d really like to have a go on the FM.
  10. Vocalion

    She may be ugly but she's mine

    I really do think that the beveled headstock was an inspired choice.
  11. Vocalion

    Gretsch guitars...tell me about them

    I found this to be the best resource for understanding that Gretsch sound. My personal opinion is that Filter'Trons are the most versatile of all pickups from chimey highs to killer crunch.
  12. Vocalion

    Help me pick out a set of acoustic strings, please!

    I only played Elixirs for years until I bought a Guild that came with D'Addario EXP16-3D Coated Phosphor Bronze strings. I later found out that Froggy Bottom guitars also come (or came) with those, too. They're similar to the NYXL except that the plain strings are not also coated. I changed all...
  13. Vocalion

    What Music Did You Start 2022 With?

    Haven't yet, but I picked up the Acoustic Sounds LP reissue of Charles Mingus' Black Saint and the Sinner Lady a couple of days ago, and it will definitely get a spin before the end of the day.
  14. Vocalion

    What amp for a Les Paul ??

    Maybe experiment by adding some mids with an EQ pedal before giving up on the Fender amps you already own.
  15. Vocalion

    Bedroom amp question

    For cleans, I have really had a lot of fun playing through my daughter's Fender Champion 20. It's got that Fender clean sound down at only $140 new. For whatever reason, those smaller Fender solid state amps don't need to be turned up loud before they start to sound good. I personally use a...
  16. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    Choba B CCCP is also a fun listen. I still have a bootleg LP from before the official release.
  17. Vocalion

    20 Flight Rock

    Just yesterday I was just explaining to my kids how Paul's being able to play this was his ticket into the Beatles. I was then voted down and asked to stop playing Eddie Cochran in the car.
  18. Vocalion

    Tilt back legs on my Princeton Reverb

    I'll also vote for the amp stand. As a confessional, I used to lean one of my amps against the coffee table to better access the controls.
  19. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    It's been long out of print. I had to check it out from our local library the first time I watched it.
  20. Vocalion

    Favorite Cooking Show

    A special shout-out has to go to My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube. If you haven’t already, I heartily recommend giving at least the first couple of episodes a watch.
  21. Vocalion

    Favorite Cooking Show

    I’m more of an Alton Brown guy myself, but my family still talks about the time when we were walking through Target, and my young (probably five or six-ish at the time) daughter saw a Giada De Laurentiis cookbook and blurted out, “Look! It’s Daddy’s girlfriend!”
  22. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    It’s maddening how often David Gilmour takes a solo and the shot either takes forever to change to him or doesn’t change at all.
  23. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    I know, right? I felt like I was pushing it already with the lengthy title.
  24. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    You’d better give it a watch before it gets pulled down.
  25. Vocalion

    The Chefs...Dan Baird, Stan Lynch....Anyone??

    I'm a fan of both but haven't heard it either. I'll remedy that later today. In the meantime, I found this article that includes an interview with them.