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  1. psallo

    No respect for Emily Remler? (Warning: rant included)

    I think you answered your own question in a way, she just doesn’t have the notoriety today, great a player as she was. It doesn’t help that she has been gone for so long. Today even an independent artist’s music could live forever on Spotify, but with lesser known artists from the past we are...
  2. psallo

    NGD - Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster - With Video

    just feels like a medium C to me
  3. psallo

    NGD - Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster - With Video

    exactly, it’s a massive benefit to have the truss rod adjustment at the neck and easily accessible.
  4. psallo

    The butt of all car jokes, BUT I dont think this car is ugly

    My dad had one of those with racing stripes. I think it may have been his first car… He bought it new off the showroom floor for a sum that is less than I’ve spent on guitars I’m sure.
  5. psallo

    The butt of all car jokes, BUT I dont think this car is ugly

    Did people regard these ugly at the time? It just looks like every other car from the 70s to me.
  6. psallo

    NGD - Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster - With Video

    I just got one of these and I think it’s awesome. Plays well, and the pickups have great sounds in them.
  7. psallo

    Explain to me Klon KTR prices...

    Are Klon Centaurs “rare”? I guess so. There’s only a couple thousand of them. Are they hard to get? No. All it takes is money. Are they special? I guess it depends on what you think makes something special. It’s just a matter of opinion. Apparently there are enough people who think they are...
  8. psallo

    Explain to me Klon KTR prices...

    Yeah. Plus, if you look at the circuit design, you aren’t really hearing the mythical diodes unless you run the gain knob up past halfway, which most people don’t do. Conventional wisdom says it’s only a light overdrive so people don’t try that. The Centaur really is a great circuit. IIRC the...
  9. psallo

    Explain to me Klon KTR prices...

    He claims that these are NOS diodes that are not manufactured any longer. I believe he claimed to have purchased a large stock of them some time ago, because of the supply problems, so he has a supply but can’t get any more. So, if we take him at his word, it’s probably true that you can’t get...
  10. psallo

    Explain to me Klon KTR prices...

    Per the creator, it’s the same circuit and the same diodes. Only way to get those two things today. I owned and loved one until the prices got so crazy high that I sold it. I built a Ceriatone Centura that I though sounded identical. Then I replaced that with a Wampler Tumnus that I though...
  11. psallo

    What makes a Tele special?

    to me it’s the most unelegant guitar to be found anywhere! It’s a bit like a cutting board with a guitar neck screwed on. But that is the character… unassuming and working class. What it claims to be and nothing more without any pretense
  12. psallo

    What makes a Tele special?

    The combination of the 25.5” scale and the hard tail bridge, combined with the lap steel pickup. The end result is an instrument that is very direct and transparent. Apart from this, it’s consistent and always gives you back what you expect… you walk into a room you have never been in and pick...
  13. psallo

    To fix or not to fix - such a bummer.

    Isn’t it a nitro guitar?
  14. psallo

    Is there good stuff on your local craigslist?

    I live in a decent sized city and it’s mostly garage sale type stuff. There are a handful of good things on CL though. I sell things far more easily now on Facebook Marketplace. I think there are just way more eyes on those listings these days.
  15. psallo

    Isbell Tele neck shape

    Yeah, I think you are right. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy one because I like the look and the features so much, so I’ll report back here about the neck shape :)
  16. psallo

    Can someone give me a quick rundown on the "death cap?"

    Seems like one of those, “if you have to ask then take it to a pro” issues. Be careful friend!
  17. psallo

    Art Garfunkel about to stage a come back.

    Yeah, I respect him for still making music at 80 years old but based on that clip, he can’t really sing anymore. I did see Paul about 5 or 6 years ago and he sounded fine (in a limited appearance) but maybe that would be different today too.
  18. psallo

    What happened? Did the American original 50s telecaster replace the AVRI 52?

    I think the vintage specs for nostalgia’s sake were hurting Fender with modern players, and the AOs have done very well. It’s the same thing but with a 9.5 radius and “vintage tall” frets which is exactly what most people want.
  19. psallo

    Isbell Tele neck shape

    I checked the specs again, and it says “Mid 60s C” shape. Still not sure what that means unless it fits your description of “bigger than a modern C but smaller than a 50s”. What I like best are the necks Fender makes that they label “thick C”, but I don’t know how “mid 60s C” compares to them...
  20. psallo

    Isbell Tele neck shape

    Bump? Any who can help about this Tele or the mid 60s neck shape?
  21. psallo

    Isbell Tele neck shape

    Hi there, I was considering the Jason Isbell Tele but there are none to try out locally. what is the neck shape like? It’s a “mid 60s C” but Im not sure what that means. Is it thicker, or thinner? How does it compare to the modern D, modern C, or the various other necks that come on teles...
  22. psallo

    Are you like me? Only a 3 saddle bridge seems right?

    I like the look of the ashtray bridges, but after living with gotoh modern and now the american elite versions, I wouldn't go back.
  23. psallo

    Fender quality control

    A neck adjustment I expect to have to do on a guitar when I get it, and to periodically make minor adjustments thereafter. Things like poor fret work or nut work are harder to forgive, but they are nothing your friendly guitar tech can't fix.
  24. psallo

    Gibson has lost their collective minds

    That is one model of 2018 LP Studio that sweetwater for some reason has listed for $1700. The 2019 LP Studios start at $1200.
  25. psallo

    Just ordered a new one...well, B-stock, so we'll see

    I have also bought "B stock" items from them and received something that was perfect, just seemed to be a returned item.