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  1. TomBrokaw

    Need a SIMPLE 4 track recorder. Suggestions?

    Not in my experience. 200-300 for a Tascam Porta 02 seems to be the going price on Reverb.
  2. TomBrokaw

    The cheapo trade-in... maybe not worth bothering, ya think?

    Personally I've recently had pretty bad luck trying to sell what I felt were very decent guitars at more than fair prices. I've also had items that have been available for sale for a year or so, with the attendant ridiculous 30% offers, suddenly sell at asking price with no hassles. Sounds...
  3. TomBrokaw

    Some Recording Humour

    Re: the Morpheus meme, there's no need to attack me personally. Also the "done, let me listen 9K times"
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    Two of my favorites, both Anthrax, one original, one cover. This is the Yin to Pink Floyd's Yang. This is too relatable.
  5. TomBrokaw

    New Whammy Bar
  6. TomBrokaw

    Guitar store riff?

    It would depend on the music I liked. ACDC has plenty of good all rounders for rock. Harvester of Sorrow for metal, or maybe For Whom the Bell Tolls. Heavy but not too technical. Tom Petty for more mainstream rock maybe, Running Down a Dream.
  7. TomBrokaw

    Curiously, what to folks here think about guitars like these? (Strandberg Salen Content)

    I just got this: Which is arguably a Strandberg knockoff. I've only had it a few days but I like it quite a bit. It does have a symmetric tail, so putting it in a stand is fine. The long horn and headless design help kill any...
  8. TomBrokaw

    NGD - Agile Headless baritone!

    Got this today. 28 5/8 scale, headless (obviously), stainless steel frets. Haven't played it too much so far but very happy with the bit of messing around I did earlier. This is my third Agile and I like them.
  9. TomBrokaw

    Do you have any junk food weaknesses?

    Cheetos Ice cream and shakes Cookies (I'm also gluten free so this, thankfully, reduces my options)
  10. TomBrokaw

    What was the most significantly bad album released in the 1980's?

    That one's a guilty pleasure for me. I once read that he was taking the p1ss out of Nancy Reagan with that song, but Wikipedia says that's incorrect. It's more fun to pretend that happened, though. Back on topic, when did Garth Brooks get big? I feel like his success was the first domino in...
  11. TomBrokaw

    Pink Floyd : Echoes

    I knew which part that was before I scrolled to it. Goosebumps! Also, it syncs up with the ending of 2001. I believe Kubrick had talked with them about it but I might be repeating an apocryphal story. Still pretty neat though.
  12. TomBrokaw

    Glass 1, Sink 0

    Same. Our fridge blew a fuse a couple of years ago, which should have been an easy fix, except that it was soldered directly to the logic board. The logic board was kind of hard to find (fridge was about 4 years old by then), about $250, and three weeks to deliver. I replaced the fuse and...
  13. TomBrokaw

    Headlights LED?

    They can, they're just illegal in the states due to a (IIRC) NHTSA requirement from the 60s that headlights have a high and low setting. The "smart" arrayed lights that detect oncoming traffic and aim the light away from said traffic don't have high and low, and therefore don't meet the...
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    Love me like a man

    Forgot about this gem of a cover of Can't Get You Out of My Head:
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    Gravity Falls is more recent but quite good. Season 1 is more for kids, but Season 2 was noticeably more mature. Invincible is NOT for kids, at all; closer to The Boys than anything I used to watch on Saturday mornings.
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    Tactics for archiving one's digital creations - ?

    Here's what I do. I use FreeFileSync, which does what it says on the tin: synchronizes files, for free. I like it because I can access individual files if I need to, and I control the drive structure. I believe it can be scheduled but I just run it manually. I have a 1TB SSD for...
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    Tactics for archiving one's digital creations - ?

    I am very confident that 4TB, SS, and $40 do not belong in the same sentence.
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    Bad Dog Confession

  19. TomBrokaw

    Bad Dog Confession

    There are also more than a few folks who tend to reply before they have read the whole thread, which results in needless repetition of jokes, invalid solutions, or questions that were already asked and answered.
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    There are no stupid questions...

    I was curious so listened to the original, and I think Billy G picks it. I could be wrong. I am confident the gentleman in this video has some room for growth when it comes to rhythm. As do I.
  21. TomBrokaw

    Stew Mac - The Spam That Doesn't Stop

    I used to do that with several vendors, until I realized I hadn't purchased anything from them in years, and I could easily find them again if I needed to. Just unsubscribe to everything, it'll make your life a little better.
  22. TomBrokaw

    Harmless little critter

    Maybe the snake felt cornered by the spider...
  23. TomBrokaw

    Any advice on getting some kind of debris out of an 1/8th inch headphone jack?

    Maybe you can try a rare earth magnet. If the debris is ferrous, it should be able to pull it right out.
  24. TomBrokaw

    Best target for 1st bass??

    When I was looking for a bass, I researched a lot of the bassists whose tone I liked (or I just liked the music their band made) and it was about 80-85% P-basses. I ended up with a couple of 90s Ibanez EX404s that I like quite a bit. Ibanez reverses the P pickup on these; apparently there can...
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    Anyone use these wallmounts for a tele?

    Why do you think she married BobbyMac? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)