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    Win a Telecaster! The 2021 TDPRI Fundraiser Giveaway is Open!

    That surf green is beautiful
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    Ibanez Mikro - Bass and Guitar

    I bought a used mikro to have when the grandkids are here , but I love it this is so much fun. A true couch guitar , I have but more into than I paid for it , I added Grover locking tuners a Graphtech nut and string trees. 11 gauge strings shimmed the neck and this is s solid machine...
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    Bridge swap on CVC

    I live in mid Michigan so not really a yopper , always have lived under the bridge so I guess I really am a troll. But I do live in the woods and have a long white beard and have always thought of myself as the wizard of the woods , but wife tells me a just a varmint.
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    Bridge swap on CVC

    I would like to swap out the 3 saddle bridge on a CVC 60s. I would really like to go with a six saddle bridge , any recommendations would be appreciated. I know not all parts on squires can be replaced with Fender parts. Thanks for your help.
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    Saddles for a Squire Custom Classic 60s

    Any suggestions on a replacement tail piece/bridge/ash tray with 6 saddles sorry not sure of correct name. I am not happy with intonation with the 3 saddle. I don't care that it won't look vintage , I just want a to sound better to my ears. Hopefully one that fits perfectly , I would not be...