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    OFFICIAL : TDPRI - Telecaster Lifetime achievement award 2019 Edition

    Voice of an angel and plays like the devil, it ain't fair. Big Vince fan here.
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    Single best concert you've attended...

    I certainly agree. Such a shock when he left us, especially since we were only months apart in age. I caught him the last few times at Noblesville, great sound in that place.
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    Nasty straight line wind storm this morning and this afternoon in Iowa.

    It hit my town in northern Indiana at about 7:45 but think it had lessened in intensity, i would guess 70 mph winds. Nothing lost but lots of leaves off the trees.
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    Songs that throw poo at a particular city or town

    I don't know where it is but "the best lookin woman in Buttholeville" sounds like a slight (DBT).
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    Songs that throw poo at a particular city or town

    Hah! Quoted the wrong post; that should have been The Bottle Rockets "stuck in Indianapolis" :oops:
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    Songs that throw poo at a particular city or town

    Another great Dallas disser was Johnny Winter..."take my razor and my gun.."
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    Songs that throw poo at a particular city or town

    Good one! And he did it again with "...Bakersfield"
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    Songs that throw poo at a particular city or town

    I took offense with that tune at first (hoosier here) but realized there was a lot of truth in it. :oops:
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    Single best concert you've attended...

    W/O a doubt, Tom Petty in about 2009 at Deer Creek. No other band in concert made you feel like part of the show and appreciated like Petty did. And no small part of the experience was Steve Winwood as warm-up band.
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    Songs that you consider “Deep”

    "Deep" could be in reference to these times, love, unrequited love, or loss. Can't post links but i would pick love lost: Sad and deep as you - Traffic One promise too late - Reba
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    Don't Play HER Guitar!

    Only a toddler and already blocking viewers...she is destined for greatness.
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    Florida Man Comes Back Strong

    He's dressed, but just barely. My eyes!!
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    Waterslides -- cool or crooked?

    Brand names should be put on a guitar only by that guitar mfg company. I've seen horrendous builds with a false labeling...laughable.
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    Worst beer ever

    Do they still make Carling Black Label? I hope not.
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    I never thought of another portable until this thread, a question; Does the current crop of portables include a USB input (jump drive)?
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    Fess up

    Matching outfits; ugh My 1st band, country and country rock with the bass player / lead singer as the leader and geared toward playing association clubs, demanded we wear "suits"; black cowboy shirts with white fringe, black pants and white cowboy hats. I remember the relief in my next band...
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    Pesky Squirrels

    They have taken over in the city, roughing up the brown & red squirrels. They also have a taste for automotive wiring; i had to keep a constant eye on my truck when parked at my mom's apartment...if i saw one run underneath and not come out, i was on it. :mad:
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    Pesky Squirrels

    Black or brown squirrels? ;) There should be a year-round, no limit for black (evil) squirrels.
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    It finally happened (finger pain)

    Cortisone fan here, but in my shoulders and knee. Biggest playing problem was cramping & pain in my chording hand, alieviated greatly with Ben Gay...just have to keep it off the guitar surface. Good luck Texan!
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    Pesky Squirrels

    Yep, my favorite wildlife vids. :)
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    This has got to be fake, right?

    Many many of those on fleabay when i last checked. And IIRC, those aren't real pics of what you're buying, a crude plywood guitar that's unplayable.
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    Just when I think I’ve seen everything...

    That's what caught my attention, the G tuner...staring it and wondering wtf???...while ignoring the special nut. :confused:
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    Tuner Trouble

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    Everyone knows it has to be radioactive first...

    They wanted to keep it PG 13 rather than R?
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    remembering the unbelievable buzz when the original 750cc 4 cyl Honda was introduced.

    I saw quite a few back then, but one stuck in my mind: sitting at a stop sign on my 450, i looked across the way at a 750 four facing me that didn't look quite right and was LOUD. I saw the 4 pipes go up with the rest of the bike as the guy wheelied that massive Honda thru the intersection...

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