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  1. stratisfied

    If only they'd put the name on the headstock ...

    I mean seriously, who wouldn't be proud to show off their new UBesGoo guitar...
  2. stratisfied

    Alex Lifeson Guitar Auction

    Alex Lifeson's guitars being auction off for charity.
  3. stratisfied

    Weren't the '80's great!

  4. stratisfied

    Solved my pickguard issue ... maybe.

    Here is my solution to being unable to match a pickguard to my headstock veneer. Facing a pickguard the same veneer as the headstock didn't work out and the mismatch between pickguard and headstock was never resolved. Over the past couple years, I have amassed an impressive pickguard collection...
  5. stratisfied

    Keep Shelly in Athens ... yes they do have a guitar in the "band".

    Live in-studio performance from 2012.
  6. stratisfied

    Surf's Up!

    A little '80's surf music to warm a winter's day by "that other band from Boston". Long live Robin Lane and the Chartbusters!
  7. stratisfied

    Help me decide on a new pickguard for my Spaltcaster!

    I posted up this pic of my spalted maple partscaster I put together a while back in the bound Strat thread and decided I hated the pickguard on it. I pulled it off and picked up a couple new ones and here are my options: Since I'm a big fan of tortoise but wanted to stay with wood, here is a...
  8. stratisfied

    Telebody with unique forearm contour ...

    File this one under "I wanted a reclaimed relic body but may have gone a little overboard on the relicing." It's for sale out there in that wacky world called eBay if you want to "reclaim" it for your own.
  9. stratisfied

    1968 Basement Jam - Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix

    Thought you might find this interesting listening.
  10. stratisfied

    Classical guitar version of Trogg's "Love is all Around You"

    Ran across this version of an old favorite Troggs song. Always loved the D-EM-G-A chord progression in this song.
  11. stratisfied


    I have a thing for '60's Conrad Guitars and just came across this one. Man, I am really likin' the guitar but not the price. I can actually buy a "good" guitar for the asking price on this but the heart wants the heart wants they say.
  12. stratisfied

    Guilty pleasure music ... lay your man card face down!

    Ok, at the risk of getting my guitar-band fan and man card revoked here are a couple of tunes I listen to when I need a break. One is a Greek duo (synth-band) whose name is a clever homonym for Kypseli, the neighborhood of Athens they originally hailed from. The other are these really...
  13. stratisfied

    I really like this body but ...

    I saw this body advertised by a seller and thought about buying one but he ships randomly boxed from stock so what is pictured isn't necessarily what you get and no returns for wood grain variations. Damn, I like that body.
  14. stratisfied

    "Damage and the Dust" Tele Nashville ear candy.

    Love this Tele tone and Kristin Mooney on backing vocals.
  15. stratisfied

    You've heard of brushing lacquer, how about rolling lacquer?

    Came up on my browser feed this morning and made made me chuckle.
  16. stratisfied

    Here's a finishing how-to vid for the ages.

    Came across this one and really enjoyed his application of a "sunburst finish" with wiping stain. The outcome was pretty much as expected and a reminder that we all have to start somewhere. I'll give the guy credit though. Despite his obvious disappointment with this technique (which looked like...
  17. stratisfied

    Clapton's '54 Strat fails to get a single bid at auction.

    Obscure, rarely used, Clapton-owned '54 hardtail Strat fails to meet the $1Million bid minimum. Someone call Joe B, I smell a deal in the making. lol
  18. stratisfied

    Why am I attracted to these odd-bodies?

    While trolling the 'Bay the other night I snagged my line on these 2 logs but didn't reel them in ... yet. I thought they were interesting. The first one has a nice inlaid top, the second one has a Backlund Guitars type of vibe going on. I'm normally not a fan of the "butcher block" striped...
  19. stratisfied

    Sick bridge for a Tele build?

    Ever seen one of these? Me neither. For sale on eBay along with a bunch of Burns Trisonic Pickups. Craziest looking bridge I've ever seen called a Burns Rez-o-tube bridge.
  20. stratisfied

    Rebody my '57 AVRI ... what color?

    My Mary Kaye '57 is getting a body transplant, I know, it sounds like heresy but the MK finish yellowed very unevenly and looks like nicotine stained teeth. I will refinish it but that won't happen until spring at the earliest. I initially picked up a mint CV '50's Squier take-off body in white...
  21. stratisfied

    Vintera Tele pickups vs Player’s

    Is there any difference in these Fender pickup sets?
  22. stratisfied

    Opinions on headstock ... wood ya'?

    I am working on this P90 guitar. Technically it's a Stratocaster but has a slab sided body like a Tele so I posted it here. It is a cherry body with a Chechen top. The neck is Cherry with a Chechen fingerboard though the board is much darker than the body. I didn't like the plain cherry...
  23. stratisfied

    Remove lacquer topcoat only?

    I have an AVRI Strat in Mary Kaye white that has yellowed significantly and unevenly from indirect daylight exposure. It isn't a good look as the guitar still retains some white areas with significant yellowing around the edges resembling nicotine stains. Short of a complete refinish, do you...
  24. stratisfied

    Inspiration comes in many forms ...

    I was browsing eBay last night and came across a neat, Mary Kaye White Telecaster body with SSH routing. I glanced over at my '57 AVRI Mary Kaye Strat and thought .. of course, a Mary Kaye Telecaster with vintage amber neck, white pickguard, cream covers on the singles and all gold hardware. I...
  25. stratisfied

    Which one of you bought the Brad Paisley sig tele on eBay for $138.00?

    Ok, it was a red paisley Jay Turser Tele with Brad Paisley's signature on it, but it was a really neat little guitar. I've owned a couple Jay Turser Teles and they were really nice guitars. The red paisley on this one just knocked me out but I "snoozed and losed", literally. I fell asleep on the...