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    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Rules of Band Practice: If you are a guest at band practice do NOT applaud If you are not a drummer, do not get behind the drum kit
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    Best inexpensive Hendrix-style fuzz

    I’ve built several BYOC kits and their quality is top notch. Their documentation is very thorough and noob friendly. I would put GGG as a close second behind BYOC for a noob friendly build.
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    Best inexpensive Hendrix-style fuzz

    If you are a DIY type and can build your own, General Guitar Gadgets has a kit for $55 or $60, depending on which options are selected Info about building the...
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    Do I build or buy a Fuzzface?

    I just recently built the Joe Gagan "Easy Face" with a kit from General Guitar Gadgets. The kit is $55 for the standard 2-knob FF and $60 with the extras for the "Easy Face". You can...
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    Looking for a Germanium Fuzz Face DIY kit

    I'm not sure if this kit will ever be re-stocked but I have gassed on it for awhile now: Electrosmash has some really good circuit breakdowns of well known pedals and the Fuzz Face is no exception...
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    Aionfx...general thoughts?

    PedalPCB has the build documents on their website. You can see what is needed before you order the PCB.
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    Choosing gain potentiometer value for SD-1 mod

    I am not sure I really understand how pot value works for the gain control in a circuit. I'm hoping somebody can explain like I am 5. I modified an SD-1 and changed R6/C3 to give the pedal more gain. It still has the stock 1M pot. I have all the gain I need at about 12 o'clock. Am I correct in...
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    Peavey classic 30 mods

    Sorry about the necro-bump you can find the Blue Guitar website here:
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    New Wampler DIY Mod Book

    Brian Wampler has two new mod e-books up on Amazon. One is a book on the Boss DS-1 and the other one covers the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. I have both and much of the content is already contained in his original book "How to Modify Effects for Maximum Tone". Also the first 5 chapters of both of the...
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    What qualities enable a pedal to cleanup with guitar volume??

    My TS9 is LOUD!! Unity is at about 8:30-9:00
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    What qualities enable a pedal to cleanup with guitar volume??

    Thanks for the responses Mojotron and cousinpaul. I did find that a treble bleed circuit helped. I ended up using a 2.2n on my HSS Strat without a resistor, it sounds good but still needs some tweaking. I would say that I use enough gain to play 70s classic rock but not enough to play heavy...
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    What qualities enable a pedal to cleanup with guitar volume??

    Thanks, Lightning Phil that is very helpful.
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    Guitar pot with built in Boost?

    Durk, What kind of circuit is that? I see it is designed by PedalPCB but I do not see it on their website. Is it commercially available?
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    What qualities enable a pedal to cleanup with guitar volume??

    Can someone explain what helps a dirt pedal clean up with guitar volume? I recently did 11 Gauge's SD-1 to OCD conversion and while it cleans up reasonably well it does not clean up as well as I would like. It does not seem to clean up as well as the real OCD. What aspects of the circuit would...
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    Question about old thread--SD-1 to OCD Conversion

    Thanks for the replies. I actually got it done and it sounds fantastic. It has a nice meaty crunch that cleans up reasonably well with the guitar volume. I think 11 Gauge may have advised connecting both wires because somewhere else in the thread he advises that a 100 ohm resistor be placed in...
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    Question about old thread--SD-1 to OCD Conversion

    I am currently working on the SD-1 to OCD Conversion posted by 11 Gauge over ten years ago. Part 1 Part 2 Illustrated...

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