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  1. IMadeYouReadThis

    Anybody use room humidifiers?

    I live in Colorado above 6,000 ft and it gets bone dry here in the winter. It's somewhat dry all year, but the colder months are brutal. For years I've had to deal with nosebleeds, dry hands and chapped lips (compounded by working in a wood shop), and most importantly fret sprout and warped...
  2. IMadeYouReadThis

    Budget PA Guitar Rig?

    I'm clueless about ampless setups and modeling. I'm in a situation now where the band has more guitarists than amps, so the only device available to me is a portable PA or monitor wedge. I'm looking for something that will fit in the outer pocket of my gig bag and give a decent CLEAN sound...
  3. IMadeYouReadThis

    What is your Grilled Cheese method?

    I made myself a grilled cheese today. This seems to be a contentious issue between college students and home cooks alike, so what is your method for making such a creation? I take basic white bread (or wheat, whatever's available) and thoroughly butter the outside of each slice. I use two...
  4. IMadeYouReadThis

    Playing Guitar over Zoom?

    Does anybody know how to make it work? I've been fiddling around with the settings for an hour, and haven't been able to get it to quit cutting out. I'm not looking for sound quality, I just need to it make noise on the other end for remote guitar lessons. Also, is Google Meets better for this...
  5. IMadeYouReadThis

    $1,000--Tone Master or Tube?

    I'm in the market for a better amp than my well-loved Vox Valvetronics, and am looking to spend about $1000. At that price point you can go the tube route and buy a Princeton Reverb, or solid state with the new Tone Master Twin Reverb. Two very different amplifiers. Going for clean volume the...
  6. IMadeYouReadThis

    Do you ever feel you've lost focus?

    I was trying out a couple guitars at the local shop a few days ago, and felt the most awkward I've been in a long while. I suffered the most extreme case of don't-know-what-to-play syndrome; I tried playing a couple riffs and blues riffs, some jazz chords. I would fumble through a few notes, sit...
  7. IMadeYouReadThis

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Just discovered these guys. Wow! For those of you convinced there isn't any decent music anymore, take a listen.
  8. IMadeYouReadThis

    At what point does one replace a bridge?

    I'm thinking my SG's tune-o-matic might need some help. It's an Epiphone G-400, and it's starting to have problems. The first issue I'm having is intonation. If you notice the G saddle, I have it flipped and cranked all the way back. The intonation is still a little off, so I'd like more travel...
  9. IMadeYouReadThis

    I was in a Walmart today...

    What the heck is this!?!? Apparently they now have these robots roaming the store. They help determine which items are out of stock, misplaced, mislabeled, etc. It's a little off-putting to turn the corner and see a big, white tower-thing with no label other than "bossanova."
  10. IMadeYouReadThis

    '51 vs Split Coil P-Bass?

    Squier just updated the Classic Vibe 50s Precision again, and now they are made of pine bodies and the price dropped $50 with 2 new finish options. I figure they realized it wasn't selling very well. Squier 50s P-Bass I've been looking into trying out bass guitar and had already narrowed it...
  11. IMadeYouReadThis

    What's Happened With Your First Guitar?

    I still have mine for mostly sentimental reasons. 20190714_204921 by IMadeYouReadThis posted Jul 14, 2019 at 9:08 PM The Yamaha Junior was my first guitar, got it for Christmas whenever I was still fit for 3/4 sized guitars. The SG came a year later, along with a Vox modeling amp and the first...
  12. IMadeYouReadThis

    GFS Bodies and Necks? Any Better in 2019?

    So I've fallen back into the rabbit hole of cheap partscasters. Oh boy. Of course Guitarfetish is a quick name to come up. I've heard everything about them: GFS is terrible, GFS is amazing, GFS has great customer service, GFS's QC is horrendous, GFS has never made a bad product, never buy...
  13. IMadeYouReadThis

    Show Us Your Non-Tele Neck Pickups!

    Though many of us love the traditional tele neck pickup, some enjoy a change of pace. What kinds of pickups have you put in the neck position? We've all done it - at least considered it. Now show the world!
  14. IMadeYouReadThis

    Help identifying instrument from Goodwill

    Picked this up for $5.99. What exactly is it? It's about the size of a Uke, has friction tuners, 6 strings, painted frets, and a weird swoopy fretboard (at the neck joint). 20190629_161532 by IMadeYouReadThis posted Jun 29, 2019 at 4:25 PM20190629_161618 by IMadeYouReadThis posted Jun 29, 2019...
  15. IMadeYouReadThis

    Just a-wishin' I stayed a little longer...

    Ol' 55 was originally written in 1973 by Tom Waits, and covered very shortly after by the Eagles in 1974 on On The Border. I remember reading somewhere that Tom Waits was very excited to see a band as big as the Eagles asking to cover his song, but shortly after its release gained a strong...
  16. IMadeYouReadThis

    Show Us Your PG'less Esquires !!!

    Welp, here it is. It's only taken 9 years.
  17. IMadeYouReadThis

    Bass Amplification On The Cheap: Which Medium Reigns Supreme?

    Looking for bass amplification on the cheap. As in bass amps sub $200. Here's my question, do you the most bass-for-the-buck in a combo, headphone amp, or other, DI-ish things? It would seem to me a headphone amp or DI would give you the best amp, given that there's no money spent on the...
  18. IMadeYouReadThis

    Wagon Wheel: Love it or Hate it?

    A familiar song came on the radio today. Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel, ludicrously popular a few years back, is one decent song (by the opinion of many) that fell victim of radio overplay. Many consider it to be part of the few acceptable modern country songs; it is also a fairly...
  19. IMadeYouReadThis

    MXR M152 Micro Flanger, Discontinued?

    You know, this one: Mxr M152 Flanger by IMadeYouReadThis posted May 4, 2019 at 1:52 PM I was thinking about buying one a few months back. I decided not to, but it came up again and I was gonna pull the trigger, just to discover it's been discontinued between then and now. Why? That was one of...
  20. IMadeYouReadThis

    Boss DM-2, SD Vapor Trail, or Wampler Faux Tape?

    Yup. I'm trying to decide between the Boss DM-2w ($149), Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail ($179), and Wampler Faux Tape Echo v.2 ($250). I take it that the former two are BBD chips, and the Wampler is a digital tape emulator. The plan is to choose first between the analog delays, then shoot it out...
  21. IMadeYouReadThis

    Help With Power Supplies? (Why MXR?!)

    I've recently committed to getting by with as little gear as possible (because money, portability, etc.), which involved ditching quite a few of my pedals. I picked up a Pedaltrain Nano+ and told myself I could only keep enough pedals to fill the board. Yup. I've cut it down to the Polytune 3...
  22. IMadeYouReadThis

    Tri-Sonic in a Tele?

    Anyone done it before? Just looking at tele neck pickup alternatives. I'm ultimately debating an Alnico III tele neck or a salvaged Tri-Sonic from Stratsphere Parts.
  23. IMadeYouReadThis

    DIY Lap Steel Build?

    So I'm GASing for one of those late '50s-'60s Fender Champion Lap Steels but don't want to spend the money for a vintage instrument. You know, one of these things: 20181205_201929 by IMadeYouReadThis posted Dec 5, 2018 at 8:23 PM This is one sold from RetroFret Vintage Guitars. It's a beauty...
  24. IMadeYouReadThis

    Vox vs Hiwatt vs Marshall Tones

    I'm looking into buy a new, British style amplifier. I'm looking for something with sweet, chimey highs like a vox, powerful, accentuated midrange like an old plexi, and firm, yet not overly prominent bass response, which I associate with Hiwatts for whatever reason. So which would best suit me...
  25. IMadeYouReadThis

    Help, DIY Vintage Blonde Finish?

    Hey, I've got a nice roasted maple neck and swamp ash body laying around. I'm thinking of using a brown tortoise guard and gold hardware for classy late-50s/early-60s look. Part of this concept is getting a pristine white finish which is thin enough to show off the ash's grain (which is...

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