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  1. Blrfl

    Cheap and Easy Case Covers

    I have a some rectangular guitar cases stored in an area that gets dusty and have been looking for some properly-sized plastic bags to cover them. The supply houses have bags that are big-enough, but I really don't need 200 to cover a half-dozen cases. The solution was right under my nose. My...
  2. Blrfl

    NGD: Stewart Stowaway

    In anticipation of this thing I keep hearing about called "travel" and some upcoming, distant events where a guitar would be handy, I've been looking at guitars that don't take up huge amounts of space, and there are a lot out there. This one ain't cheap, but it ticks a lot of my boxes and is...
  3. Blrfl

    Won't You Take Me to Stompy Town

    Well, this is pretty neat: Thomann has come up with a system that can control pedals remotely so you can try them out, right down to flipping the switches and twisting the knobs, in the comfort of your own home: The article's worth a...
  4. Blrfl

    Steinberg UR-Cs on Macs with Big Sur

    A heads up for anyone with a Steinberg UR-C considering the Big Sur upgrade: The Good News: Big Sur's pretty nice. Noticeably faster than Catalina on several fronts. The Bad News: Big Sur's new driver architecture renders the old drivers flaky. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it...
  5. Blrfl

    New Flying V

    The lingering question is how long before Gibson sues them.
  6. Blrfl

    Good Read: The 2008 UMG Vault Fire

    Here is a great piece on the fire at Universal eleven years ago that destroyed the master copies of hundreds of thousands of songs, many of which you probably know and love: Without veering into topics that will...
  7. Blrfl

    NGD: G&L Legacy

    I've been wanting to add a Strat to my guitar collection for many years because the only single-coil pickup I have is the bridge on my '73 Tele (the neck is a very early DiMarzio PAF). The Strat Plus had always been a favorite model ever since having picked up a Fender catalog in 1988 and seen...
  8. Blrfl

    Strat Bones

    Having just inherited a stack of good, non-Strat guitars, this probably isn't the time to think about this, but I'll throw it out for discussion anyway: I've been wanting a Strat on and off for a long time. The one that makes me drool most would be a Strat Plus with a maple fretboard and the...
  9. Blrfl

    Fretwire for a '73

    Buying my first new guitar in a long time has convinced me that the '73 is in dire need of new frets. (A long, hard look at them didn't hurt, either.) There's no way a re-crown is going to work on this this thing because the frets weren't that tall to begin with and some of the divots are...
  10. Blrfl

    Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hey all... My Tele is a 1973 that I've owned since 1992, when I found it looking kind of sad at a music store in Norfolk, Virginia not long after I started playing. The body is Olympic White with a few dings around the edges but is otherwise in great shape. It also features a bit of cigarette...

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