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  1. kLyon

    Denny Freeman RIP

    If you don' t know of him, you should. A brilliant player, mentor to many, good friend. Shattered...
  2. kLyon

    RIP Rocco Prestia

    It's a sad day. (It seems like they are all these days.) Rocco was a legend, a towering influence on electric bassists the world over, and a great man.
  3. kLyon

    Neck pickup opinions

    Hello and thanks in advance for advice. I've been playing teles with filtertons in the neck position; the sound has been good for the music I'm touring (clear, but with a little more girth and hum-canceling for place with suspect wiring). On a new build (or, more accurately, assemble)) I kind of...
  4. kLyon

    Callaham Saddles, Bigsby edition.

    I'm not big on testimonials, but I thought that this one would be useful for anyone seeking the holy grail of a bigsby tele that stays in tune and sounds good and, yet, uses a vintage (though compensated) three saddle bridge. Callaham! I put together a bigsby partscaster for an upcoming tour. It...
  5. kLyon

    Pickguard routed for a Dynasonic

    Does anyone know where I can find this? It's a standard Gretsch dynasonic.
  6. kLyon

    Bill Lawrence 5-way wiring adapted to 4-way?

    I wired a new Tele build with a 4-switch only to find out, once again, that I hate the sound of series: it's louder, sure, but the sound just doesn't appeal to me. I know that the 5-way wiring has HOoP, as well as neck pickup with 10% less bass. Question for the wiring gurus: Is it possible to...

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