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  1. PixMix

    WD #05T Tortoise Shell Solid (Semi-Transparent)

    Anyone has a WD pickguard cut from #05T Tortoise Shell Solid (Semi-Transparent)? This is a single ply material, a bit thinner than Tort/Parchment and Tort/Mint Green (I have one of the latter). This is a pic of the swatch from their website, but It's a bit unclear and hard for me to picture it...
  2. PixMix

    Is this Pau Ferro or Rosewood?

    I just got this Allparts neck. It was described as rosewood fingerboard on the listing (eBay, stratosphere), and I'm not sure if it really is rosewood, or perhaps if it's pau ferro board but the description is outdated. It's not a big deal to me either way, but I' just trying to find out what it...
  3. PixMix

    NGD: Another Tele

    Parscaster! Had a ton of fun with this one, and finally last night dialed everything in, and now it plays and sounds really great. Ash body, Allparts fat neck, CS Nocaster bridge and Broadcaster neck pickups, Barden bridge, bakelite guard, Kluson tuners, B. Mis and clear nitro lacquer, tinted...
  4. PixMix

    Burgundy Mist Metallic: Can We See Examples?

    I don't have one to share with you. I know there are exemplars scattered among threads, but can we stack a bunch on this thread? This is a color that's, imo absolutely gorgeous, but not very common on teles.
  5. PixMix

    Neck Pickup Suggestions

    I'm putting together another partscaster. It will have a Fender CS Nocaster bridge pickup (ash body, TRO Fat neck) but I haven't sourced the neck pickup yet. I really like fat but clear jazzy neck tones, not into twang and country thing. I love the neck tone out of my 2012 52 AVRI, wouldn't mind...
  6. PixMix

    Seymour Duncan SM-1 Mini Humbucker Dimensions?

    Would anyone be willing to measure the dimensions of this pickup's main enclosure i.e. what would the dimensions of the opening on a pickguard be, and the distance between mounting holes? This pickup came stock on '52 Tele Hot Rods in the neck position. SD website lacks this piece of info...
  7. PixMix

    NGD: Parstcaster Telejazzster

    Crappy photos, but just finished the wiring tonight and took a few pics. It sounds great, Timbo vintage jazzmaster pickups, CTS components, MJT body, and I repurposed a tele neck from a project from several years ago, didn't even bother to strip the paint from the headstock. I cut the pickguard...
  8. PixMix

    New (2016) Deluxe Nashville Tele

    Two rosewood + two maple fretboard options. All have new Vintage Noiseless pickups, (strat middle), 12" radius, and a six saddle modern bridges. Same as the previous Nashville series, they're MIM. Fender website has them priced at $799. If you get to play/test them, share your experiences...
  9. PixMix

    To Refin Or Not To Refin...

    Been a while since I posted here. Still have two teles (moved a few in the meantime to make room for other six-stringed-things). Anyway, I have a MIM standard that I love in every way; weight, neck profile, fret size, action, and most importantly - tone. I redid the wiring and put some '52 RI...
  10. PixMix

    Remember those $80 Squier Fat Teles @ GC?

    If not, couple of years ago Guitar Center had a blowout on these cheap Squier teles; 2 humbuckers, rosewood fingerboard, agathis body, they came in black (mine did) and another color that I don't remember now. They were something like $80. Well, I got one back then intending it to be a refin...
  11. PixMix

    ID this pickup (pics inside)

    Some time ago I bought a set of tele pickups I found on Craigslist. The seller threw this pickup to sweeten up the deal. He said that he had it sitting around and had no clue what it was. I never installed it, so don't really know how it sounds. I will do that as soon as I have enough time on my...
  12. PixMix

    NGD: MiM Tele (the first tele)

    Picked this up yesterday. My first tele. It's a 2010 MiM Tele, and I am really liking it! It's also my first MiM guitar, and I am impressed with the quality. I will probably be doing some upgrades in future, but it plays and sounds very well as is. Looking at the crystal ball, I can see more...
  13. PixMix

    Kluson Vintage Tuning Machines - any good?

    I'm collecting bits and pieces for a '60s inspired strat build (partscaster), and came across these: Any of you had negative experiences with these, or should I go Gotoh vintage instead?
  14. PixMix

    ReRanch Gold top Gold

    Yeah, I know sounds funny Gold Top Gold... Anyway, does anyone have any experience with ReRanch Gold Top Gold (LP gold) or Copper Tone Metallic (Fender). If so, can we see some pics of finished work. I'm interested in the final appearance of these. In past I have used their ReRanch Coral...
  15. PixMix

    Tele and Strat neck cavity question

    I was wondering are there standard dimensions (h x w x d) of a neck cavity for Teles and Strats, being that they are made both in US and abroad? When building a body, do you guys start with a specific neck, (assuming that you're not building your own neck), and than rout the neck cavity?

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