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  1. Chester P Squier

    TDPRI with Google Chrome doesn't activate posting options

    I normally use Google Chrome for most of my internet browsing. However, recently, when using Chrome for the TDPRI, the options bar at the top of the posting area is grayed-out and unusable. At first, it was just the inability to post a link to a YouTube and have the preview show in the post...
  2. Chester P Squier

    Channel surfing results--coincidental programming, or..

    ...are they playing movies based on the headlines? Actually, I was going through the Disk Network guide to see what was on this afternoon. Enemy of the State -- Will Smith movie Ace Ventura -- Jim Carrey movie Die Hard 2 -- Bruce Willis movie Everybody Hates Chris -- sitcom based on the...
  3. Chester P Squier

    Does a tube ever exhibit symptoms on needing replacement, and then the symptoms go away and all is well?

    I have a Vox AD15VT hybrid amp. It has a 12AX7 tube in the preamp and the rest is solid-state. Yesterday I was playing my Tele through it and it just didn't sound as bright as a Tele should sound. I turned the treble up on the amp, toggled to the bridge pickup, and did the split-coil thing by...
  4. Chester P Squier

    Keith Richards has quit smoking! No April Fool's Day Joke!

    It must be true since it's on the internet. This popped up in my inbox this morning. Yep, Keith Richards has quit smoking. I guess he lurks here and saw where someone suggested that he might start the 127 club.
  5. Chester P Squier

    NGD: I now really belong on the TDPRI with my new Fender Telecaster

    Yesterday, my wife let me purchase a brand-new Fender HH Player Telecaster. It's Tidepool (blue) with a maple fretboard. It has coil-splitting by pulling up on the tone control. I tried it out in and purchased it from a brick-and-mortar music store after months of researching several models of...
  6. Chester P Squier

    Songs where you can’t find the downbeat

    Can you always tell where “1” is in a song? With all my musical background, sometimes I lose the beat. Or rather, can’t find it to begin with. For example, “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey.” by the Beatles (White Album.) It’s at the refrain before I find the...
  7. Chester P Squier

    Any Fitbit experts here?

    My Fitbit doesn’t have a display any more. It’s totally dark. I think I must have turned down the brightness all the way. I have looked online to see how to turn the brightness back up, but all the remedies require at least a little bit of display brightness. As far as doing what is supposed...
  8. Chester P Squier

    Vacations, staycations, and evac-ations

    I made up a new word—evacation. It’s not some kind of electronic vacation. It’s making a vacation out of an evacuation experience. Actually, I told some people about this a few weeks ago. When my wife and I evacuated from Hurricane Ida’s path, we found welcoming shelter at my brother’s house...
  9. Chester P Squier

    Rock fans--when did you first start listening to rock (and roll)?

    It was in early 1962 that I first started seriously listening to rock and roll music, keeping up with all the latest songs on the radio. I was 13 and a half. It was actually my younger brother (by a year) that got me into it. My two younger brothers and I got pocket transistor radios for...
  10. Chester P Squier

    Buying a "Scratch and Dent Guitar"

    Has anybody here ever purchased a “Scratch and Dent Guitar” online, such as from Sweetwater, Musician’s Friend, or somewhere else? If so, what was your experience? Did the wear and tear affect the playability of the instrument? Did it sound good, was it playable, and did it stay in tune? Did...
  11. Chester P Squier

    TDPRI Titles, such as Tele-Holic, Tele-meister, et al

    Is there a place on this site that tells how many posts are required for a person to be promoted from Tele-holic to Tele-meister, Poster Extraordinaire, Tele-afflilcted, Friend of Leo's, or Doctor of Teleocity? Just curious. At the rate I'm going, I will probably have 1400 posts on my first...
  12. Chester P Squier

    At what age did you first play an instrumental solo for an audience?

    Doesn't matter what instrument. Piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, other keyboards... I took piano lessons starting at age 9. Throughout the year we would have small recitals in the houses of people taking lessons from my teacher. At the end of the school year, there was a recital in a school...
  13. Chester P Squier

    Albums you bought, sound-unheard, and liked.

    Anybody else ever buy an album (tape, CD, download, etc.) that you had not heard so much as a sample of, and actually liked? 3-chord-genius's thread got me thinking and reminded me of 1971. As a Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young) fan, I thought Crosby had the richest-sounding singing voice. So I...
  14. Chester P Squier

    Squier Affinity Strat

    Anybody else here have a Squier Affinity Strat? You might guess by my handle that one of my guitars is a Squier. It cost 169.99 plus tax in 1999. Made in Taiwan. It says "China," but I looked it up and it was actually made in Taiwan. The headstock says "Strat." No "ocaster." What surprises...
  15. Chester P Squier

    Greetings from SE Louisiana!

    Hi! I’m Chester P Squier. Not my real name. It just reflects what I have in electric fretted instruments. Mainly a bedroom player, but I have gigged from time to time. I had heard of this place from one or two other forums I have posted on, just not using the name Chester P Squier. I was using...

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