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    Univox lp

    I just finished this build. 73 univox les paul. I cant decide if i should go with a pick guard or not. I hate to hide my paint job lol
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    leveling a neck pocket

    On my current build the neck pocket on the body is poorly cut and sloped back. Its too deep at the heel area too shallow at the edge Im not sure what I should do or how to go about leveling it. Should I use epoxy to fill the low area then route it out or glue in wood and re rout? any...
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    Jay Turser vintage series?

    I just picked up a Jay Turser Vintage series strat for pretty cheap. The neck feels ok but its quiet and a little muffled/muddy. I dont know much about these guitars or what they are worth, I just know itsa pretty guitar. Is this guitar worth upgrading the pups and pots ? what would be...
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    pots and switches

    Im rewiring a strat copy that came with very cheap ceramic pups and 500k pots. The new pick ups are Alnico pups and looking at most wiring diagrams I see that most Fender strats use 250k pots and single .022 cap, is that correct for these pups? is thier a difference between volume and...
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    Neck repair and paint

    This was a cheap little guitar I was given a few weeks ago. It was new but suffered a tumble and busted the headstock off and scratched/chipped the paint in a few spots. I glued the headstock using yellow wood glue, filled with wood filler spot putty and primed it with a filler primer. The...
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    Broken Headstock Repair, what glue?

    Ive got another acoustic guitar with a busted headstock in need of repair. I know thier have been some new glues come out in the past few years, Im wondering what would be best for this fix. Standard wood glue gorilla wood glue LePage PL premium
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    Some REAL racing

    These guys are crazy ! Isle of man TT
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    Swing Tele

    Has anyone ever owned one of these Brands
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    Amp with no sound

    I was recently given an cool little Univox GT10 amp. It worked for 2 minutes then the sound just stopped while playing. The built in tuner still works all lights work. what I have done so far was check the speaker connections, fuses. I even tried another working speaker. Its not the...
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    Strat style restore

    I got a deal on a strat copy of unknown origins. It suffered from stripped neck holes, broken trem block, cracked neck pocket. and poor wiring and components. The good thing about it. Its solid wood and no major dings or sctratches. It looks like ash and something mashed together. no plywood...
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    Epiphone Les paul special II restore

    Its been a while since I was on here, just thought i would show everyone what ive been up to. I recently bought a smashed up, non working 04 Epiphone lespaul special II. puke yellow someone had tried to glue a regular size les paul pick guard on it and after finding out the knobs would not...
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    Epiphone LP special II

    I have the opertunity to get a ebony LP special II in trade for some work replacing the ignition on an old Honda motorcycle etc. the guys asking $100 for the guitar but if its not worth the $100 ill tell him $50 and the guitar. it works well but has a few minor flaws like couple chips and...
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    fret buzz with lighter strings

    I just re-strung my guitar with EB hybrids and have fret buzz on EAG strings. The guitar was set up using light top heavy bottom and had no buzz before. I have noticed the the frets closer to the headstock are worn lower and only get higher as you go back... I dont play lead guitar much at...
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    Crate or Fender?

    I just gave away my old no name solidstate 10W amp. Im looking to get something a lil bigger this time. My son has a lil fender sp-10 amp that he uses in his room. I have found locally two used amps in great shape. A Crate Gx30 or a fender Mustang1 the mustang is $89 the crate is $60...
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    Auction upset

    I went to an estate auction last weekend because I heard there were several electric guitars and equipment with no reserve bid. I waited all day as the room with the guitars was the last room. As the action started the home owner walked in and interrupted the auction and stuck do not sell...
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    GFX are they any good?

    I have the option to buy a couple GFX guitars one strat style, one funky peavey style, both are pretty cheap and need minor hardware. Finish on both are really good. Are these decent units or cheap garbage?
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    strat tuning issue

    Just noticed on my 03 standard strat that im having tuning issues depending on the pickup selection im using...It is not my tuner I have 2 tuners and Vamp pedal and all do the same thing. Using the neck pup I have no issues, using the neck and middle pick up is ok but G and hi E seem to...
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    What is it worth?

    A local guitar shop has a couple teles that were home made, either kit guitars or parts casters, No identification or brands visable on most of them however one had a fender decal on the headstock but they are not selling it as a fender but instead a homemade custom. These guitars are selling...
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    ES-335 or DOT builds

    Does anyone know of a kit to build an es-335 or Epi Dot? I found a great deal on a used epi dot that needs some minor work but being so close to Christmas i figured I better wait... I highly doubt it will still be available in the new year. That got me thinking... build one but I have not...
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    Black neck/fretboard

    What would be the best way to go about making a completely black neck. What Im doing it building an all black Tele with only the tuners, saddles, neck pup and 2 knobs chrome. I was thinking of staining a maple neck first then painting it black then clear and finish by cleaning and polishing...
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    Nitro over lacquer

    Has anyone tried spraying nitro over top of cheap lacquer spray paints. or does anyone know of a transparent black nitro tint finish I want to do a transparent black finish on a flamed maple body,neck/headstock but cant find a decent clear that will harden properly and stand up. Dupli-color...
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    Tremelo screws... how tight?

    setting up my Quest Atak, Ive set the back of the tremelo to aprox 1/8" off the body by adjusting the claw screws in a bit more but how tight should the 6 mounting screws be at the front of the tremelo?
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    Do we have any bikers out there

    Just wondering how many motorcycle owners we have. motorcycles are my first passion lets see your ride I ride, cruiser and offroad
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    Another one from canada eh!

    hey everyone. Great site you all have here. Im from Niagara, Ontario Canada. Fort Erie to be exact. Im a motorcycle mechanic, got a wife and 7 (almsot 8) year old son Im a new guitar player, self smarted, never took lessons either. Growing up I watched my dad play and repair guitars and...
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    Quest Atak 1 and couple others

    This is my favorite lil guitar. There is not much info out there about these guitars, so i know very little about it, other then its a Japanese guitar by Vantage. I got it used from a pawn shop about 20 years ago. Ive replaced the nut and humbucker but thats it.. It needs new knobs and jack...