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  1. Dano-caster

    Alaska piks

    Anyone using these.I'm trying to get the hang of them but they don't like to hang on to me.I like to finger pick but my nails are all brittle and jagged this time of year so I'm trying these out.Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Dano-caster

    Reranch is back

    Incase anyone has been trying to order. They took my order this morning and I got a prompt confirmation from Bill.
  3. Dano-caster

    Anyone watch The Eddy,Netflix

    I know there are some Jazz fans on this site. The music is really good actually (Be-Bopish/modern).The acting is really good IMO.Cinematography is really good.Story line is Kind of iffy.There's some crappy subtitles from time to time but mostly English.Paris setting is kind of interesting.If...
  4. Dano-caster

    Resuming old project.

    I have an old tele body been kicking around here for years.It was a painting test bed for a local builder and he let me have for cheap.Really nice piece of ash.(sorry couldn't help it ).Never the less,I've sanded to 220 sprayed thin coat of Deft sanding sealer applied one treatment of Timbermate...
  5. Dano-caster

    Hello everyone

    Thought I'd sign in here after lurking about for some time.I've been interested in guitar since I was very young and I see that many of you here share the same interests guitar and otherwise.I have one parts caster under my belt and working on another.I'll be spending time on your home depot as...