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  1. Crashbelt

    NGD 67 Tele

    Went to try out a 64 335 last week and ended up walking away with this 1967 blonde case queen instead! Hardly been played and all original - not a mark on the fretboard, shiny hardware and plastics, original finish showing no colour difference under the guard and case candy. Although the neck...
  2. Crashbelt

    Help Me Find Some Fresh Blues-Rock?

    Blues/rock has been my favourite genre for seeing live music for years - ever since the SRV era, and its some of what I play with my band too. But I saw Matt Schofield and Kenny Wayne Shepherd's bands last night in Edinburgh and was bored. Over the last 18 months or so I've seen Bonamassa...
  3. Crashbelt


    It's Friday so I just felt like posting a picture of my three blondes for no particular reason:D. I think they've all appeared here before but I just thought I'd show them together. 53 refin Blackguard 74 Blonde Ash Strat 60 TV LP Special I just played them all through a 50s Gibson blonde...
  4. Crashbelt

    66 Custom Getting Fixed

    Decided to get my well-played but mainly original 66 (in my avatar) sorted out by the brilliant JKG Guitars in East London. Spent an unexpected couple of hours with Joe yesterday evening. Joe got straight in and rewound the previously re/overwound neck p'up with period correct wire, dipped in...
  5. Crashbelt

    NGD 1953

    Just brought home this great playing and sounding late 53 (Oct body Nov neck dates) serial number 4469. Wonderful aged refin by brilliant JKG London (check out the article on them in Feb 18 Guitarist). Original parts except one pot changed with period correct replacement. I'm just in state of...
  6. Crashbelt

    Great Guitar and Keys Players

    I've always played both in bands. These days blues/rock and slide guitars, and piano and Hammond on a Nord for rock'n'roll and soul covers. Many famous players have been great performers on one and competent on the other, but I don't know many that have really mastered both. Steve Winwood has...
  7. Crashbelt

    Late Tele Convert from UK

    Hi from Cambridge England. I'very been playing in pub blues bands forever. Mostly old Strats and 335s. Chanced on a well used 66 custom edge bound sunburst Tele last week at a vintage dealer in London. It's well used like a heavy relic but all original. Lightweight with awesome tone and...

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