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  1. Rowdyman

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just want to wish a happy Turkey Day to all of my American brothers... Cheers, RM
  2. Rowdyman

    Funniest Haircuts Award!

    I nominate these guys! Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (1968) - YouTube Cheers RM
  3. Rowdyman

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!!! RM Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner American Anthem Live at Woodstock 1969 - YouTube
  4. Rowdyman

    RIP Ellen McIlwaine

    Not sure where to post this,, I've never posted one of these before Hopefully I won't get anybody upset,, RIP Ellen McIlwaine,, Calgary-based guitarist and blues legend Ellen McIlwaine dead at 75 | CBC News peace, RM
  5. Rowdyman

    NBBMD New Bee-Box Marshall Day

    New Bee-Box Marshall Day! Actually it's not new, I finished the, 're-housing', (almost finished), a couple or three weeks ago. I've owned the amp for a year now. The point of the project was weight reduction. I initially replaced the stock speaker with a "Lil Texas", but it didn't really fit...
  6. Rowdyman

    Bare Bones Tele

    Apologies if this has already been posted,, but this is too weird to be missed!!
  7. Rowdyman

    Stacey's Jamboree !!!

    Does anyone else remember this show? We used to get this out of Bangor during the 'early years' of Cable-TV. (at least it was early years here) Some of the best parts were the commercials. Apparently just about everybody in Bangor at the time was named, "Stacey". There were ads for Stacey's...
  8. Rowdyman

    Pop-ups (grrrr...)

    Good morning All, I've been getting, "Your system has been compromised", BS, pop-ups over the last several days. It completely, 'locks-up', my browser and I have to, "Ctrl/Alt/Del", and close everything down to get rid of it.. (annoying) It's happened three or four times in the last couple...
  9. Rowdyman

    Pickguard static driving me nuts!

    Hi Everybody! Happy Easter!! I recently scored a 2010 CV 50s Strat. (to keep my 2011 CV 50s BSB Tele company) It's fine! Plays and sounds great,,, but,,, I am plagued with BAD pickguard static. (can hear it through my amp) (the CV 50s Tele, nor my other guitars', behave this way)...
  10. Rowdyman

    Easy DIY mod for Vox Brit-Boost CT-03BT !

    Hi All, I bought a Vox Brit-Boost (CT-03BT) for fifty bucks at a pawnshop about a year ago, but soon realized that I did not like the sound at all. I found the distortion to be way too “harsh’ and just “too much” in both modes, (Full Range & Treble Boost), and I really had no use for the...
  11. Rowdyman

    New Member

    HI All from Eastern Canada, I've been sneakin' around for years and finally decided to join up.:shock::wink: I've been playing off and on all my life, (58 years young), and am presently happily pickin my partscaster, (1 of 2). It was a perfectly good, brand new, Deluxe Nashville until I got...