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  1. SbS

    Partscaster Bridge Mod

    Replaced the modern humbucker bridge of my Thinliner. When made the decision in the first place, I kind of knew it was irreversible. Body was made for traditional single coil bridge and I carved sone more space there. But because of angled bridge pickup cavity modified with HB width, no ordinary...
  2. SbS

    Bad Guitar / Hair Day(s)

    I'm not pro or even a semi. And I have almost no hair left, so potential guitar hero days are mostly gone. But I like to listen skilled / soulful guitar players playing music. I like guitar shaped instruments and then I like to try to create somtehing by myself too. But how do you guys feel it...
  3. SbS

    NKPD: Soviet FF GT404

    New Kit Pedal Day: Uraltone Soviet FF GT404 Sweet and smooth, responsive, cleans up when rolling volume down or picking lightly, growls when strumming harder or turning volume up, but never too sharply. Just beautiful, simple.. sweet and layered. Juicy but gentle (honeymoon just starting though).
  4. SbS

    Supro Blues/Delta King 8 questions

    Hello. Playing bedroom levels here and using pedalboard with headphone amp. If this period in human history goes away, I may have a possibilty to play with friends and real amps too, in different location though. But home setup and conditions stay as they are. I try to go mostly analogue...
  5. SbS

    Uraltone Fuzz Twins

    Did Rouhi Mk4 earlier (Tonebender style), and now the Fuzz Face. Both share matched AC127 (NPN) Ge transistors, only that Rouhi's got three and FF two of them. Both are really nice, but how Fuzz Face cleans up with guitar volume pot and picking dynamics is kind of magic. Wormhole, I'm ready...
  6. SbS

    First kit: Uraltone Rouhi Mk4

    Yesterday evening finished my first kit build. We've build couple of Fuzz Faces from scratch with a friend before, but more than a decade ago. I still got mine, but it's dead at the moment This was a nice kit, good instructions, pre-selected AC127 transistors. Circuit is Tonebender mk3/4...
  7. SbS

    NGD: Thin & Custom Hybrid T

    Today installed last parts! Had a thread earlier about planning, thought process and assembling. It started as a black Custom, but turned into a Thinline. Which is might be a good thing in the end, because hardware is heavy.. I mean body is light, but the final weight is still around 7 lbs...
  8. SbS

    70's style Partsycaster

    Hi! Been planning and searching and acquiring parts for a caster some time already. Story short.. early last spring I dug the good ol' Squier Standard Telly from the back of the closet. And lets say, it's not that standard anymore. Well, wasn't in the first place, but now even less. While...
  9. SbS

    Kingston Wall

    This is kind of good. Kingston Wall was quite a thing back here in th 90's, when most of the other music was quite different. They still are, but everything tragically ended in 1995. In the studio version there's a really nice saxophone too.
  10. SbS

    P-90 and Nashville Style?

    There's a voice in my head.. and now the guitar itself is starting to talk too. Those voices think my Tele missing the middle pup. So instead of playing, learning and rehearsing, there could be an easier solution. Although more expensive. Some of the voices are echoing about lack of P90. If...
  11. SbS

    Anasounds pedals

    Yup, a French pedal shop. They've got stuff that can be tweaked in many ways, internal switches and pots and so on. I have Cerberus, got it new less than half of the original price. It's my go to overdrive now. Using EHx Crayon when I need distortionish kind of "base" grit (riffs, chords)...
  12. SbS

    Matt Schofield

    Kind of embarrassing that I haven't been listening his music. Known the name though, but that's it. Then saw The Pedal Show episode, and damn..
  13. SbS

    Neck vs. body

    I got a new neck, I like necks. Necks are nice. Although bodies are not shabby either. Kind of need both. I liked bodies too.. until got this shiny new neck. Did I turn into a neck person now?
  14. SbS

    Reverb and modulation pedals?

    Hi! Decided earlier not gonna go there anymore, but started to assemble a pedal board. Well, of course. Mobile, light, usable home with the headphones or to plug it in the amp.. if going to play with friends some day still. Thinking mostly analogue, I already got a Yamahs THR-5 for digital...
  15. SbS

    Pigtronix Disnortion Micro

    Looking for a Fuzzish pedal, but have had some issues with pure Fuzzes. Once again, it takes skills and knowledge to master it. How to pick, volume, the position in signal chain.. but I like the general sound scene though. Haven't seen much discussion about this one, but sound samples are very...
  16. SbS

    Squier Telepaster

    Hello. This guitar have been earlier too (welcome section), but after replacing the neck pickup plus a couple of fixes, it finally feels complete. Like an instrument with its' own personality, or something. I've owned it since ~2004 and done some mods early on, but many of them just recently...
  17. SbS

    Fat Telecaster

    Hello all! New member, long time Tele and guitar fan. I've been modding my Fat Tele since 2004 (originally 2001 model) or so.. but a lot of pauses between, because of reasons. Lots of the stuff is under the hood though, so it's not THAT different looking. Maybe a tad Gibsonish though ;-) Have...