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  1. Alex_C

    New Gas Cans, WHat were they thinking?

    What is the purpose of these new fangled (yes, I said 'fangled') pour spouts? Rube Goldberg's ideas must have been at the core of this spout/can design. SO... Riding mower ran out of gas about an acre and a half away from the shed. Lugged the full can to the mower, it was funny how heavy that...
  2. Alex_C

    Elixer 10's super tight feeling vs EB Super Slinky

    I put a set of Elixer's on a parts guitar. The string tension is so much higher vs the Ernie Ball strings. Totally changed the way the guitar played (for the worse). It sounds very bright but ugh, feels like 12's!
  3. Alex_C

    So, the pendulum has swung back to a tube amp over a modeler

    I've been through this a few times now. I love modelers, they can sound excellent and make life easier when leaving my home studio to go out and play. I'll play through one exclusively for long periods of time. Recently, I picked up a Hotone Ampero II Stomp. I've played through that for a few...
  4. Alex_C

    Andy Timmons "Electric Truth" Out Today

    Great player and songwriter.
  5. Alex_C

    Andy Timmons Tearing it up on a Tele

    Andy is one of my favorite musicians. His songwriting is excellent and he is a monster player. Met him a couple of times, really nice guy.
  6. Alex_C

    NGD: Went shopping for an Acoustic, Walked out with this instead

    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II. It really is an excellent guitar, color me impressed.
  7. Alex_C

    Soldering 'Helping Hands' Suggestions

    I'm looking for suggestions for a small soldering 'helping hands' station. I will need a magnifying glass because I'm old and things are shrinking - get yer mind out'a da gutter... I'm leaning toards the black one with the more postional arms, but I'm not sure how well made the arms are...
  8. Alex_C

    Rewire EPI 335: FAIL!

    I spent hours building a harness for my EPI 335. I was using parts that I had laying around and old wire from crap pickups. I was going for a master V/T, a series/parallel switch and a coil split on the neck. The pots are CTS. I finished it up and tested if I could fit it into the F-Holes all...
  9. Alex_C

    Headrush pedalboard: taming the highs and lows

    I picked up a used Headrush pedalboard. It didn't sound great until I installed the latest firmware. It now sounds on par with my former Helix LT. The issue I have is the highs and lows. The Helix had a global high and low cut. The Headrush has it on the latest firmware, but it doesn't seem to...
  10. Alex_C

    NPD: NUX Mini Studio IR Loader

    I picked this up because I wanted to play with different sounds but not go back to a full modeler. I have a Laney Lionheart which is spectacular, but sometimes a different sound is fun. The NUX has very low latency ~1.5ms and sounds surprisingly good. I have been using the stereo out of my Boss...
  11. Alex_C

    Placing an analog delay at the front of the amp: Magic

    I always enjoyed having two delays, a digital and an analog. They would go into the effects loop, digital into analog. The other day I put my analog at the end of my pedal chain into the front of the amp. I kept the mix somewhat low, ~25-40%. The result is my clean sound is much fuller and there...
  12. Alex_C

    My typical ‘GAS’ algorithm.

    Watched a video of Mark Lettieri playing a baritone guitar. I have all the parts to build a guitar except for the neck., why not a baritone? My budget starts ~$300USD for a neck. After looking at necks, I saw that the cost was close to getting a new Danelectro baritone guitar. Almost purchased...
  13. Alex_C

    Baritone T-Type Build Questions

    I want a baritone guitar thanks to watching Mark Lettieri play 'Slug Bug'. I have my eye on an All-Parts 27" neck. My only concern is the heel truss rod adjustment. Can the truss rod be accessed without removing the neck? Any opinions on All-Parts necks?
  14. Alex_C

    What happened to

    I liked going to, good people and low drama. It just disappeared a few weeks ago. Anybody have an idea what happened?
  15. Alex_C

    Filling deep gouges (1/4") on polyvinyl finish body

    I have a Kiesel guitar, ash body with a tiger maple top. It has a deep gouge near the input jack. Looks like it was dropped onto a mic stand tube. I want to fill it before it snags on something and rips a chunk of wood out of the guitar. I'm thinking clear epoxy. The damage is not visible from...
  16. Alex_C

    Digital delay's with assignable expression jack

    I'm looking for a digital delay that I can control parameters with an expression pedal. I lorefer to control the delay mix with the pedal, not the time. The boss DD-200 is in the running. I don't want to spend more than $200, prefer $100. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  17. Alex_C

    When a cover is much better than the original

    These guys are phenomenal musicians. They took a simple pop song and made it prog/jazzy/funky.
  18. Alex_C

    Left Thumb arthritis (carpometacarpal joint) and Neck Profile

    Hey people, I have arthritis in my thumb joint. I've found that many guitar neck profiles cause me pain, while certain profiles (Carvin/Kiesel) don't hurt. Recently, I scored a 1983 Ibanez Artists AR-150 in great condition. It plays and sounds excellent. Unfortunately, the neck causes me...
  19. Alex_C

    Enlarging switch hole on UV cured polyester finish body

    I have a Carvin DC-135 that I had ordered back in 2012. I went with 3 switches for the pickups (on/off) and one for the coil tap. It is very versatile, but I like to switch pickups while playing. Neck to Neck+Middle is easy (turn on the Middle). Neck to Bridge is harder (turn off one, turn on...
  20. Alex_C

    24.75" Conversion neck questions

    I don't have any 24.75" scale length guitars. I want to purchase a 24.75" conversion neck for a Warmoth body I have. My question is, what is the difference between a conversion neck and a regular 24.75" neck?
  21. Alex_C

    NUX MP-2 Headphone amp

    This thing is so cool. It is a micro modeling amp. The sounds are pretty nice and it has multiple IR selections. This is the best sounding mini headphone amp I've ever tried and I've tried quite a few. It can stream Bluetooth from your phone to jam to backing tracks (or to work out solo's to...
  22. Alex_C

    !$#^(&*@$# Floyd Rose Setup

    This is a mini rant. I spent the last hour trying to get a Floyd Rose copy (Stew Mac) properly balanced and intonated. What a pain in the ass! I'd get it balanced then the bridge would move; sometimes sharp, sometimes flat. I ended up changing the springs and got it done, but man that was a...
  23. Alex_C

    Different boost pedals for Tele vs. SuperStrat+

    I have 4 different gain pedals on my board. I play into the clean channel of a Laney L5s. For most of my guitars (Carvin DC135. SCB6, Bolt, etc)I prefer using a Timmy and a JHS @+. I have a BB Pre and a Fender Pugilist that both work well with my guitars but aren't used as much. I just finished...
  24. Alex_C

    Interesting article about modding pickups
  25. Alex_C

    Neck shim - How to estimate the correct angle?

    I'm building a partscaster and I'm having an issue with neck angle. I get pinging at the upper register. I shimmed the front of the neck with a Stew-Mac .25 degree shim. It made it better but not perfect. I've been down this road and usually keep trying different things until it feels right...