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  1. Tele Slacker

    Jef Brown 5e3 Grid Mod.

    Searched a little on this... sorry if I missed a previous discussion. I was listening the The Fretboard Journal's wonderful podcast "The Truth About Vintage Amps" and Jason and Skip were interviewing Jef Brown (blog linked here). No affiliation (other than being a patreon supporter for TAVA)...
  2. Tele Slacker

    Foil on 5f1 Chassis cover and buzzz

    Recently finished a 5f1 circuit in a Mojo chassis, custom cabinet (more traditional 5f1 dimensions), Hammond xformers, Weber Sig speaker, etc etc. The build was typical (similar to ship building in a bottle!), and everything tested out textbook. Hours of break-in with Coltrane running thru it...
  3. Tele Slacker

    RG Keen Immortality Mod #4

    I suspect this mod has been tried & tested among those here (replacing traditional electrolytics with plastic film caps). I am curious as to outcome, especially as it relates tone maintaining a vintage, traditional tone. Any reason NOT to do this? I may have missed this discussion in olde...
  4. Tele Slacker

    5f1 build with Hammond 125ase OT

    Building a 5f1 champ, using the referenced output tranny. For this circuit, which secondary should I use? Looks like it’s dependent upon primary impedance. Suspecting there’s more than one good answer, any caveats? Equally important... why? Teachable moment! Thanks all!
  5. Tele Slacker

    Colter Wall on ACL Tonight

    ...well at least in South Carolina. What a voice!
  6. Tele Slacker

    Tweed Princeton Bias 5f2a

    I’ve completed a recent build of a 5f2a tweed Princeton kit. Everything is working, amp sounds very good (very hum/hiss). However, when taking stock of voltages and tube bias, I’m seeing numbers that seem to exceed established standards for tubes in guitar amps, nevermind the much...
  7. Tele Slacker

    Checking 5e3 Bias

    Built my 1st kit amp last July... a mojotone variety at their Burgaw facility. Absolutely love the amp, and am absolutely hooked. Have since built a 5f1 and now building a friend a 5e3 in an old repurposed chassis and cab. trying to learn a little more each day. In that spirit, I decided to...
  8. Tele Slacker

    MultiTap Output Transformer Question

    Building a 5E3 in a defunct 135W Linear Twin Reverb chassis - out with almost everything old, in with the New PT, OT, pots, board... etc etc. Selected the multiTap output transformer option... so I have the choice of 4, 8, and 16-ohm impedances. I plan to use the 4-ohm tap for the primary...
  9. Tele Slacker

    Filament voltages, MojoTone 5e3

    I wired the referenced kit in July 2019, and it has worked *nearly* flawlessly from the beginning. However, occasionally it will fire up (rectifier, pilot light), but makes no sound. Doesn’t appear the power tubes and preamp tubes are heating up at the filament. This is an intermittent issue...
  10. Tele Slacker

    Shimmer Recipe

    I've got an old Alesis Quadraverb that I used back in the 90's, but I wasn't that "talented" at programming it... Usually just opting to modify slightly the existing patches. Or maybe I was, but just can't remember... Either way... with all the talk about "worship shimmer", I'm wondering if...
  11. Tele Slacker

    Instruction for Children?

    Hey guys! Perpetual lurker here. I don't post much - but I LOVE reading your posts. Need some help: I bought my 8-year-old daughter a brand new Squier for Christmas. I've enjoyed taking time to try to teach her the cowboy chords and strumming for the past several weeks. She's really...