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  1. Carl_Tone

    Fuchs Gain Boost on Outro Gain boost, wait for the outro
  2. Carl_Tone

    More Sneaky Larry
  3. Carl_Tone

    More Joe Sample
  4. Carl_Tone

    More Dirty Larry
  5. Carl_Tone

  6. Carl_Tone

    More Cold Duck
  7. Carl_Tone

    Some Rich Tone! 2 amps...detuned by +/- 8 cents
  8. Carl_Tone

    Pools New Version
  9. Carl_Tone

    Running Some Racks--Josie Running Some Racks in parallel
  10. Carl_Tone

    Rig was really singing today! Deacon Blues

    Rig was really singing today! Fully honing at the end!
  11. Carl_Tone

    Footprints GV
  12. Carl_Tone

    Home At Last 335 335 Bridge pup FUCHS 50 / OD channel-- Kicked this on for SOLO--These settings
  13. Carl_Tone

    Another Take on Bedtime
  14. Carl_Tone

    Minor Blues / Jazz
  15. Carl_Tone

    CATS ________________________________
  16. Carl_Tone

    Home At Last
  17. Carl_Tone

    All Blues Charlie Hunter thing

    Trying for that Charlie Hunter thing
  18. Carl_Tone

    Anyone Who Can Re Cap SPX 90 ii ?

    About 3-4 leaky caps. Local guy is no more.
  19. Carl_Tone

  20. Carl_Tone

  21. Carl_Tone

    NOS Sylvania Power TubesBurn In?

    Do you burn in never used NOS? With a signal? Thx
  22. Carl_Tone

    Couple Steely Dans Redone w Tele
  23. Carl_Tone

  24. Carl_Tone

    In Memory Of Dumble Amps Used the Tele :D
  25. Carl_Tone

    Carl Tone Jazz Anthology

    Going to install one at a time here. Enjoy!

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