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  1. kingofdogs1950

    Now I've seen everything

    I was shopping for groceries earlier and I noticed this item. Yum! Just for fun, I spotted a pic of my old Jack Taylor Curved Tube in my picture folder. Very cool bike from the '70s. Mark
  2. kingofdogs1950

    Arrgh! SFTD (Slightly Frozen Guitar Day)

    I've been waiting all day for my new to me Guild M20 acoustic guitar. No sign of UPS. We are having much colder weather that is common for SE Texas. Out of frustration I checked the front porch. Yikes! Large box! Supposed to get down to 6 degrees over the weekend. Burr! Only 30 degrees now but...
  3. kingofdogs1950

    How Tubular Bells was made

    Tubular Bells is an all-time favorite. Note: Click on "Watch on YouTube" M
  4. kingofdogs1950

    NGD: PRS se 245 Standard (2017)

    PRS se 245 Standard (2017) Mojotone 5f11 tweed vibrolux Well, not exactly new. I bought it two years ago but have been playing other guitars of late. I've forgotten how nice this guitar really is. It has the wide/fat neck that suits me well. Mahogany body, no maple cap. Made in Indonesia. 8.4...
  5. kingofdogs1950

    M, that's a lot of posts!

    So, I made an M and didn't even have to change my undershorts. I'm not a prolific post, but I've posted far more at TDPRI than any of the other forums I visit. Many, many thanks to all those who make TDPRI the best forum on the 'net. Stay safe, all. That's me on the tricycle of death. My...
  6. kingofdogs1950

    NGD: Eastman E6OME-ltd (2014)

    So, yesterday I got a notice that UPS had a label for my new to me guitar, but no attached box full of guitar. Humm.... (Insert pic of man showing considerable consternation) Today... new guitar in the house! This is the first time to play, much less own an Eastman. In the past I have owned...
  7. kingofdogs1950

    Arrgh! shipping label but no package!

    I got an e-mail from UPS that they have a label that has separated from its package and that they will have to contact the sender to determine which unlabeled box it goes on. So I have a new guitar sitting in a UPS depot in an unlabeled box. What are the chances things will have a happy...
  8. kingofdogs1950

    mountains of superfluous receivers

    I am hoping to find a receiver (I have some usable speakers) at a favorable price, one that would bring a smile to the face of a brother in law's brother in law's brother in law. I'm not flush these days and want a receiver to replace my previous source of music, Direct TV. I dropped cable and...
  9. kingofdogs1950

    Jesus on the mainline by Ry C

    Complete with some kind of tele. Mark
  10. kingofdogs1950

    Liberty Hall in Houston, 1970s bliss

    Posters from 1974 for Liberty Hall in Houston. Notice the posted prices. Whoa... I went to both of these. Here's a link for a bunch of posters for shows at LH at that time. At that time I lived in the neighborhood very...
  11. kingofdogs1950

    NGD: PRS SE Singlecut Korina (2010)

    Woo-Hoo! New guitar day. I received my PRS se singlecut korina (2010) yesterday. I've had a chance to do a setup and play it a bit. It was basically in unplayed condition even though it is nine years old. The seller said it was his backup guitar that he rarely played. I can't believe how light...
  12. kingofdogs1950

    Muddycaster, latest iteration

    My Muddy Waters body had been build up several times with different parts since I got it ~ eight years ago. Never had the MW neck or pickups so I've tried different parts. Currently I have a Warmoth Fatback neck finished with TruOil installed. Took me a week or so to get used to the girth but...
  13. kingofdogs1950

    A nice green partscaster

    I built this guitar a good while ago but never got around to taking pics. Parts bought mostly used. Warmoth ash body - lots of grain showing. Musickraft neck - .90 > .99 Chunky C profile. This is a great neck. Lollar Vintage T pickups. The rest of the parts are Fender or quality after...
  14. kingofdogs1950

    Muddycaster and Allen homebrew...

    Pictured is my Muddycaster, a partscaster that is mostly a Muddy Waters tele. Lollar Vintage T pickups, Allparts TRO-W neck with Fender parts. The amp is a 6L6 Allen Hot Fudge/w Nuts built into an Allen Encore cab/chassis with a few differences. I'm currently using an EVM12L speaker (ugh...
  15. kingofdogs1950

    RW&B in my Mustang III

    So, I had a Emi Red, White and Blues speaker in the closet. Its a speaker I've always liked: very Fendery. Installed it in my MIII and like it better than the stock speaker. It is smoother and not as bright. Of course the RWB is already broken in but it sure sounds good. Highly recommended...
  16. kingofdogs1950

    GFS Fatbody (n) with Nocaster (b)

    The Fatbody neck pu works nicely with the Nocaster bridge pu for fingerstyle blues. I particularly like the middle position. Mark
  17. kingofdogs1950

    Full circle...

    Two versions of the same setup. I've come full circle! The first pic is of the Muddy-caster and my homebrew Brown Vibrolux 6G11 (mostly) I currently own. The Muddy-caster is basically a Muddy Waters Telecaster except for the Nocaster pickups. The amp is a 6G11 homebrew (with vintage voltages)...
  18. kingofdogs1950

    Muddy-caster sharing the sofa with cats....

    I did NOT stage this. My cats have to share the sofa with the Muddycaster. I had to quit leaning the guitar against the wall and lay it down after it was knocked over a couple of times by cats circumnavigating the room at mach one. Mark
  19. kingofdogs1950

    Don't try this at home: drop tested my amp!

    Now, I didn't do this on purpose. It just happened. I had the chassis out for some work. When I picked up the chassis I got tangled up in a cable and I lost my grip on the chassis. Right next to a glass top table.... The chassis went flying when I jerked around to miss the table. SPLAT! It...
  20. kingofdogs1950

    Help picking noiseless pickups.

    Well, I've read several million threads about noiseless pickups and can't decide what to try. It seems like every noiseless pickup gets some love from someone... I'm on a pretty tight budget so I have already ruled out Bardens. My favorite set of pickups is the Lollar Special Ts. Great sounding...
  21. kingofdogs1950

    Homebrew 6G3 Brown Deluxe (with a nod to the Allen Hot Fudge/w Ns)

    I finished re-wiring my homebrew 6G3 and fired it up. Works fine, very quiet but... there is a high pitched squeal that happens every time I touch my meter probe to check voltages. And when I turn on the tremolo. And when I change the impedence switch. And when I use the high channel. Whoa...
  22. kingofdogs1950

    "Find the Amp"

    So, I'm finally down to one amp and decided to make some circuit changes. (Think hot soldering iron...) Humm... No backup amp. I remembered that I have a Smokey Mini amp that was thrown in some some trade years ago. I never tried it. What the hey, I'll give it a try through a real speaker -...
  23. kingofdogs1950

    My first experience with a telecaster, 1968

    So, its a time warp.... High school cover band in 1968 - dances and night clubs. We (the band) were looking for a lead guitar player. So a guy comes by for a tryout. Geez, this guy is way good. A much better musician that the rest of the band. He had an Olympic white (white pg) telecaster and a...
  24. kingofdogs1950

    No tone control on the neck pu

    I've noticed that I almost always run my neck pickup with the tone control all the way up and the bridge pickup with the tone control rolled off to taste. Anyone know how to wire the neck pu so that it is volume only and the bridge pu is volume and tone? I've tried looking up old posts without...
  25. kingofdogs1950

    Popping noise when I flip to standby

    How do I fix the 'popping' noise when I go from play to standby? The amp is a 5f1+ and has made the noise since new. I found a thread somewhere on a fix but now I can't find it now. I believe it involves using a capacitor but I don't know size and exactly how to hook it up. The standby switch...

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