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  1. jackal

    Strat sounds.

    I play Teles, but I love the sound of the Strat neck pickup. Mostly I just install a Strat pickup, but have chased the Strat sound in Tele-sized pickups for quite a while. Been through most of them, Twisted Tele, S-Tele, Rob's pickups, Royal-T, and several others. Just installed a Harmonic...
  2. jackal

    Socks with Sandals?

    Why do some of us Geezers wear socks with Sandals? Several reasons: 1. Cold feet 2. Sweaty feet 3. Ugly feet- cracked heels, varicose veins, corns, bunions, ugly toenails, etc. 4. Uncomfortable straps 5. Sandals stretched out and only fit well with socks I'm sure there are more reasons, so add...
  3. jackal

    Magma Strings?

    Didn't know just where to post this, but has anyone tried Magma Strings? Made in Argentina, I am particularly interest in their flatwounds.
  4. jackal


    After modding my icon guitar, (let my wife pick it out and advise me on parts), I loved the light weight and balance of it so much, I assembled another couple. What do you think? Bodies: E-bay imports. Necks: Fender. Scratch guards: Back slant strat from Terrapin Islands. Pickups: SD hot for...
  5. jackal

    Acoustic sounds for Tele.

    I know that a Tele is never going to sound like an acoustic, however I have some gigs coming up as a duo where I will be the only instrument and I'd like to get a deeper more acoustic sound from my Tele. My first idea is to go up on string guage a lot, taking my time and increasing one guage at...
  6. jackal

    Noisy Single Coils?

    I have to wonder if noisy single coils are a problem only with tube amps? I have gigged with various brands of pickups, all single coils, with a variety of SS amps, (Fenders, Quilters, and Evans) in some venues with ancient wiring, (from the 20s in one case) bad lighting, etc. and I've never...
  7. jackal


    Anyone here tried one of the Zelinsky guitars? Especially the Z-necks? Wondering about the build quality, pickups, etc. about these guitars. How does the Z-neck work for you? Really curious about these guitars and how good their single coil pickups are.
  8. jackal


    Some see the glass as half-empty. Some see it as half-full. Some merely see half-a-glass. But best of all are those who see half-a-glass and say: Drink up people, the next round's on me!
  9. jackal

    Effect Loops!

    After many years of running pedals to the front end of the amp, I finally tried putting a few pedals in the effects loop. Flanger, reverb, delay and such. What a difference in sound, everything was clearer and more "up front". I didn't know that it would sound that much different. Now the...
  10. jackal

    Swimming Pools?

    Why do so many dislike a swimming pool route on their Teles? For pickup swaps like maybe a humbucker or Charlie Christian pickup, it would save a lot of chisel and dremel work. Even with single coils it would be easier to run the wires, and especially on a Strat. As long as it's covered by...
  11. jackal

    When will I learn?

    New Guitar--$1000 to $1500. Upgrades(?)--$500 to $850.= $250. Partcaster.
  12. jackal

    Weird Problem with Neck.

    Sorry no pics, friend took guitar back. Anyway a friend brought over a cheap Fender acoustic to see if I could make it easier to play for his 9 year old grandaughter. I put lighter guage strings on it (11s) and the neck was bowed quite a bit. Took allen wrench to it and it was really tight...
  13. jackal

    Why does this happen?

    Things have loosened up in this area of California so that we are starting to play outdoor gigs. Hooray! However a couple of weeks ago we were doing our second gig of the year when about halfway through I started dropping picks. If I didn't lose it completely, it would spin around in my...
  14. jackal


    Never having a cell phone of any kind, does anyone know of a small camera that plays nicely with an older iMac? Would not see much use and I'm not tech savvy, so cheap and ease of operation (including transferring to computer) are key requirements. Not interested in any kind of phone, just a...
  15. jackal

    So many choices.

    This is such a great time to be into Teles! So many great pickups available, so hard to make choices. I live mostly on the neck pickup, lately have installed a railhammer (their humbucker sized P-90) for my jazzer (found out it loves a 1 meg volume pot). Yesterday installed a Cavalier...
  16. jackal

    What's with prices?

    Twice in the last year I have went internet shopping for specific pedals. Both times I checked Reverb and the bay for used ones. Both times I found crazy high prices. This last time, I didn't find a used one for under $200. The pedal was available on the manufactures site for $120, with free...
  17. jackal

    Movie with the most bloopers.

    With 30 years experience working on aircraft, I'd have to say that "Con Air" has more bloopers than any movie I've seen.
  18. jackal

    A little trick.

    When doing repairs/mods, I cover the parts I want to protect with that blue painters' tape. Provides good protection, comes off easily, leaves no residue and is super easy to work with. If you have a better method, I'd love to hear it. Always on the lookout for better, faster, cheaper!
  19. jackal

    Speaker selector pedal?

    I hope this is the right forum? Anyway I am looking for a speaker selector pedal/footswitch that will allow me to switch between speaker cabinets with A B or A+B options. I found one, but it only will A or B and will not combine. My amp will handle the reduced resistance for the A+B option...
  20. jackal

    Name that tune.

    Was playing the "Crawfish Fiesta" album by Professor Longhair, the last song titled the same as the album. The tune is very familiar, seems like I heard it when I was in grade school and seem to remember that it had lyrics, but maybe not. It's available on Youtube, maybe someone can give a...
  21. jackal

    Locking Tuner Question.

    I keep reading that when using locking tuners that you should tune down to pitch instead of up. Does anyone really do this? I find that if I do, it goes out of tune super quick. If I tune up to pitch than it's fine and holds tune. Tuner makers and even the Fender set-up guides all say to...
  22. jackal

    What 3 songs?

    Would you take with you to test stereo equipment? I'll start with 3 that blew me away when I first heard them through high-quality headphones. "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson "Papa was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations "Shine" by Blake Aaron
  23. jackal


    Today I received my custom build T-type from Marc Rutters. Totally blown away by this guitar, light, resonant, even unplugged every note vibrates the whole thing. Plugged in, the Klein pickups are fantastic. The 61 in the bridge is everything I've ever wanted from a bridge pickup with no...
  24. jackal

    Correct me if I'm wrong

    Saddle material in order of brightness: Titanium Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Cold rolled steel Copper alloy
  25. jackal

    Pro Steels or ?

    I seemed to have developed a nickel related problem with my hands. Switched over to Pro Steels, (I use D'Addario strings on everything), but not fond of the feel. What are others using that have this problem? Also, is there nickel in plain (unwound) strings? I hate to toss entire sets.