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  1. suthol

    Weird Reaper problem

    Last Thursday I did some recording adding guitar tracks to three of our projects, we bought another guitarist in ( another band member from the 1960s ) to add a different flavour and also to put down a lead for a big band track that is just not in my wheelhouse. Got the tracks down, played them...
  2. suthol

    Truefire courses not loading

    Greetings all, Over the years I have purchased the best part of a dozen courses that I'm interested in and downloaded them for study offline. Today I decided to revisit a couple of them and they won't load from the local drive on either my PC or laptop, they were running on both machines...
  3. suthol

    Big Dry ( mix content )

    After my previous rant about some of the crap being played on the radio at the moment I thought I'd throw this one from late 2019 back out From memory the final mix wasn't shared on here but every scrap of input I received for you good folk here in the original thread was listened to and...
  4. suthol

    No-One Knows Midnight Like Melinda ( mix content )

    A song written by Max Richards and released on Men Of Country's 1975 album Free Country. We have re-recorded it with Max still on lead vocal and Wes Grady on pedal steel, Bob Browne (RIP) sings the last verse with Max and Julie singing harmony I play guitars, bass and the orchestral parts (...
  5. suthol

    What is it with so much modern music

    Mrs S listens to a local FM station that plays mostly current music with a bit of classic rock thrown in. So many of the modern "songs" seem to sit on a single chord with an insistent thumping beat and a line or two of nonsensical lyrics heavily processed through a vocoder. I thought we got...
  6. suthol

    Phil Emmanuel - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Another great live performance, with Stuie French and Michel Rose Tone to die for
  7. suthol

    Sunny Side Of The Street - The French Family Band

    Stuie is a monster player but Sonny is amazing at 14 and getting better by the day, Sydney's loss is Nashville's gain
  8. suthol

    Bernard Bolan

    Always good for a laugh, the full live album that I first heard nearly 50 years ago
  9. suthol

    Recorder played properly

    After posting the previous horror I figured I should try for redemption :p This get rather special around the 2:57 mark
  10. suthol

    Some tunes shouldn't be shared and this is one

    So bad I laughed until I cried
  11. suthol

    Wayfaring Stranger

  12. suthol

    A song for our times

    Our latest single, released today in Australia
  13. suthol

    Fly Pretty Little Bird ( mix content )

    A new one written and sung by Max's daughter Julie who is now a permanent member of Never Too Late, no harmonies for a change in this one For the strings I created a piano part in BIAB 2020 and dropped it in as a MIDI file, isolated the RH notes to create a solo viola in the first string part...
  14. suthol

    Merry Christmas all my RIP friends

    I know it's a bit early for you guys in the US, but the fat guy in the red suits hits our town tonight. Stay safe and have a good one
  15. suthol

    Help Them Go On ( mix content )

    I wrote this as an instrumental around 1972 and it lay dormant until about 18 months ago when I played it to Max, Julie & Bob ( RIP ) Julie grabbed it and wrote the lyrics after one of her neighbours disappeared, she dropped her kids of for a play date and never came back, her car was found at...
  16. suthol

    Grandpa ( mix content )

    As threatened in the lack of inspiration thread here is the song that I recorded for Bob's funeral as requested by Bob. He asked for his granddaughter Caylee to sing it on the day and we all knew that was going to be a major challenge so we decided to record it in advance and put it behind his...
  17. suthol

    Mixbus on special is it worth it

    Currently ~$130A I'm a Reaper user, is it worth the bucks for the final polish or is it simply "Just another DAW" I'm tempted but as a pensioner don't need to waste money
  18. suthol

    Swagman Of Yesterday ( mix content )

    This is the track where I have been fighting with the vocal to thicken it up and not become muddy. Written and sung by Bob Browne with dobro by pedal steel legend Kenny Kitching ( google is your friend ) As ever all comments are welcome, I think the dobro may be a little spikey in places but...
  19. suthol

    How to fatten a vocal

    Greetings brains trust, My mate Bob is sadly in the last week's of his life due to a very aggressive cancer and I'm in the process of bringing Never Too Late Vol.2 together and also a collection of his never released songs for his family. The problem the I have is that over the last 18 months...
  20. suthol

    The very talented French Family

    Originally from Sydney Stuie & Camille relocated the family to Nashville a bit over 12 months ago to further Stuie's career Sonny the younger of the two sons has won a Gibson sponsorship since the move and is certainly on the way up
  21. suthol

    What scale to play

    Greetings brains trust I'm struggling a bit to come up with something coherent to play over the following progression Dm - Em - F#m - Em - Dm all in one bar steps 4/4 at 85 bpm, very atmospheric sound with organ, steel and harmonies heavily washed in reverb. Not finding much works apart from...
  22. suthol

    School me in rap

    Being of a vintage that is absolutely certain that rap is music with a silent "C" I find that I have to add a rap part to a song that is all but wrapped up. The song itself has very dark lyrics relating to the human condition, depression, domestic violence, homelessness etc and the loss of will...
  23. suthol

    A new release from Dead Mouse Studios ( mix content )

    A song written and sung by Max's daughter Julie, backing by Never Too Late, recorded and mixed by moi. Rather obviously it's about the drought that Australia has been suffering for some years now, I'd call the style "Industrial Country" Bass is my Yamaha short scale with my PBass with BEAD...
  24. suthol

    Recording a dobro

    In a couple of weeks time I will be recording a dobro part for one of our songs played by one of Australia's most respected vetran steel / dobro players Kenny Kitching ( ) It goes without saying that I want to make sure I do as a good a job capturing...