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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Looking for a worse name that's actually been given to a line of products. I'm drawing a blank, but I'm sure they're out there. Anyone? I do get that it's the name of a city, but c'mon. If you were building your guitars in Mudd Butt, South Dakota you don't need to name them Mudd Butt...
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    Team Johnny Depp

    I had this trial on in the background while working from home today, and as he started describing her behavior, it struck such a nerve with me. It's just so similar to the relationship I'm in, the things I've been through... and the ways he tried to cope with it are exactly some of the things...
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    Piano Leg Repair Help

    I have an old Sohmer upright that I acquired a few years ago. It's a good piano, this era of Sohmer we're making the best uprights, supposedly, and this one has a nice sound to it. However, while it was being moved to do some cleaning today, the leg broke off. I had noticed a hairline crack...
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    Deciding to play a little sharp

    ... was tuning up earlier and decided I'll just play a little sharp today.
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    The weight of putting a dog down

    Last night, I held our family dog while the vet sedated him then stopped his heart. He's a family dog, joined my parents household 16 years ago with his brother, who drowned in the pool a few months ago. His health deteriorated in the time since, and a few days ago the tumor in his stomach...
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    Lollar Imperial Mounting Screw Thread Size and Pitch

    Hello. I purchased a set of Imperial Humbuckers for my Strat project and the provided screws were too long. I cut them with a grinder but rushed the job and didn't get a clean cut on them. I know they are non-standard, does anyone know what the threading is for these? Home Depot and Lowes...
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    Seeking Tips on Buying Jewelry Online

    Hello folks. I've never bought jewelry for the Mrs.... I know, I know.. She's bought herself jewelry on my behalf... Anyway, after her birthing another child, I've got this idea in my head that instead of another guitar for myself, I should get her a Buccellati ring since she's named that...
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    What makes poly crack like this?

    Preface: I know very little about finishes. I don't think G&L started offering nitro finishes until 2016 and this body is from 2015. If this is poly, what makes it crack like this?
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    If you ask Alexa if she has a butt...

    .. she makes a fart noise. You're welcome. To my amusement, as I was working on my laptop this morning, my 3 year old son started questioning Alexa. He was asking various questions like "What is inside a computer?", "what is a pandemic and when will it be over?", "why does my daddy drink...
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    The Humbucker Humbucker Stratocaster

    I've been into the idea of an HH strat lately, mostly because of this guy, Jimmy Herring -- I'm thinking of converting one of mine and am looking for some inspiration. I also like Jake Cinningers G&L -- Can you show me some HH Strats please? .. Also welcome any thoughts or experiences on...
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    How many frets do you need?

    Creating a poll because I'm curious how many frets folks actually need on their electrics. I was seriously considering purchasing a custom guitar recently before finding out there's no option for less than 24 frets. The neck pup looks too close to the bridge and scrunched up agaist the...
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    Tell me about your birth year guitar

    Folks have alluded to seeking out guitars from the year they were born. Do you have a birth year guitar? If so, what's its story, how did you come by it? (assuming it didn't come out of the womb with you)
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    There's always a reason to buy new gear, Danelectro

    It turns out Danelectro was originally from the town I live in. An inconspicuous building I drive by every day was once the original factory, who knew? So, of course my GAS ignites that easy, and now I need to buy something vintage Danelectro... Any suggestions? Anything to steer clear of...
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    Only skinny people play harmonics

    I was listening to younger me and I noticed a major stylistic difference is that incorporating harmonics and specifically harp harmonics using my picking hand was a big part of my playing. These days, 20 years later, I never do it. So I tried and realized it's hard for me to be accurate...
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    School me on Hiram Bullock

    Familiar with his sideman stuff, not familiar with his records. Been down the youtube rabbit hole for an hour and want to buy an album. Anyone else a fan? Where do i start?
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    Let's see your home studios!

    Hi! I'm setting up a simple home studio and am looking for ideas on how to lay it out, or if there's anything it needs that I haven't thought of. Also, looking for ideas on a neat way to organize my pedalboard and multi-effects / midi unit. Right now, with my simple setup (Standing desk...
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    Musician's Friend Open Box Scratch and Dent, what to expect

    Hi! I bought an "open box" Deluxe Reverb from Musician's Friend. There are grades of open box, "mint", "blemished", and " scratch and dent", which is what I bought. ( The amp is enroute, and I have no idea what to expect. Anyone have any...
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    RIP Christopher Plummer

    I sing Edelweiss to my son every night and the Sound of Music is the first movie we let him watch at the end of last year. On YouTube we listen to both the recording with Plummer's original voice and the dubbed one. I actually prefer his voice. RIP, I only know his characters in movies, but...
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    Have you played a Wurlitzer?

    I play piano, but not seriously. Lately, I've been playing and singing old soul and R&B tunes to myself. Then, a couple of nights ago, this crazy GAS inception thing happened where Leonardo DiCaprio planted the idea of buying a Wurlitzer 200a in my head, and I've been chasing this down the...
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    Blues Breaker Klon Tube Screamer Pedal Order

    I have three dirt pedals on my board, all different types -- a Klon, a Tube Screamer, and a Blues Breaker. I don't usually stack overdrives, so the order hasn't really mattered to me, but I started wondering if I can get some good sounds by stacking them and have been playing around with pedal...
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    This thing makes me feel out of date

    I was surfing YouTube for some reverb pedal reviews and came across this guy who is playing something that isn't a guitar through a reverb pedal. It's an "Octatrack" apparently. I watch him manipulating sounds using the type of coordination and dexterity that I'm used to seeing...
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    What pedal is this? Pedal ID Help

    You know you're old when you can't remember your own gear... I know this is a Tube Screamer of some variety that I bought used in the early 90's and used for years as my main dirt pedal. It took a beating during my most active playing days and at some point the switch stopped working and it...
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    Would you rather have Joe Bonamassa's Guitar Collection or Playing Ability?

    By "collection", I mean every piece of musical equipment he owns. By "ability", I mean level as a guitarist and musician, not play exactly like him. Would love to hear your reasoning as well.
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    Poll: Favorite/Best Shrapnel Records Guitarist, Pick 2

    Love or hate 80's shred, it's hard to deny the impact Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records had on electric guitar. Pick your top two Shrapnel guitarists. Methodology doesnt matter-- you can pick your 2 favorite to listen to, or the two you think were most skilled, or one of each.. just pick two.
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    Conan O'Brien Rocking out for Underprivileged Kids

    Yah, he's no Chuck Berry, but Jimmy V carries and it's fun to watch Conan play.