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  1. Treynor

    NPD x 2: Footloose Effects

    I had never heard of Footloose Effects until last week when I stumbled on them in Reverb. Now I'm having fun with them today. I've played these these thru my Vox AC10 and '68 CDR with single coils and humbuckers. These are quality built and sound quite nice...keepers. TOTEM: Two 08 icons -...
  2. Treynor

    NGD: Could it be I'm falling love?

    Yes, it could just be. Just got this 2018 Schecter Spitfire yesterday. Tone...check. Playability...check. A sound I did not already have...check.
  3. Treynor

    NPD: Chicago Stompworks Gray Speck

    Just got this in yesterday. I'm looking forward to a play through after work today. I'll post my impressions afterwords. Anyone else have or played thru this pedal?
  4. Treynor

    Yellow Fender? Resistance Was Futile

    I...could...not...resist. Fender Player series Limited Edition. Ferarri Yellow. Ebony fretboard. Called my buddy at my favorite local GC yesterday, had him select the best of their in-stock, paid for it, and I will pick it up this weekend.
  5. Treynor

    NAD Coming: Quilter Labs Aviator Cub UK

    I've been hankering for a Quilter combo for some time, but never pulled the trigger...until this morning. Sweetwater had a demo model early this morning on their website for $60 off, and I pulled the trigger. Three British voices: “AC” channel, “AC Top Boost” channel, and a "JMP" channel...
  6. Treynor

    My Take on DemonFX Pedals

    Over the past month I've bought three of the DemonFX pedals from a vendor on Amazon. I started with their KoT clone, followed by the Vertex SSS clone, and yesterday my Duelist clone arrived. Each of these were priced between $62 and $72. I am so impressed with the build quality and amazing...
  7. Treynor

    My NAD Experience - Marshall Valvestate 2000 Combo

    A week ago I decided to take a chance on buying online from a GC south of Houston and having it shipped to my house. I had been reading reviews on this forum and others that were favorable for the hybrid Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT50 combo, and a few of the YouTube videos that were of high...
  8. Treynor

    Luvin' the Updated Mini Board!

    Updated my mini board this morning...and I am loving it! Esquire > mini board > Monoprice 5W. I've got the volume set to 6 on the amp, which is just before breakup with my Esquire. Kicking in the Spark Mini-Boost pushes into sweet amp overdrive shades when controlling with the guitar volume...
  9. Treynor

    So Why Would I Want A Jazzmaster?

    So many great recorded Jazzmaster sounds. But what was the sound that made you decide to give the JM a go? For me this was the sound that got my purchase money. Disclaimer: One of the best two guitar bands ever, IMHO.
  10. Treynor

    Let's See The Latest Tele Family

    It's been awhile since I updated my Tele family photo album, so I lined them up this morning for a few photos. Of my eight, only the G&L and Ed Klein came to me and remained "as-is". The other 6 are all partscaster projects - 5 of which I've done, and the other I bought from another board...
  11. Treynor

    New Partscaster: Shipping Damage That I Love

    Yep...The body has shipping damage...and I love it! I've been watching for a shell pink tele body for a new project partscaster. I found the one pictured for sale. It started life as a MIM 1998 James Burton Signature. The owner added a 90's Gibson Humbucker in the neck (which at 8.4 ohms I...
  12. Treynor

    Top Five Covers Top Five

    My top five singer-songwriters include these two. Jackson covering Tom. Miss ya' Tom!
  13. Treynor

    Tweaking The Mean, Green P90 Machine

    Spent time this morning giving some attention to my Sage Green Metallic Strat partscaster that I put together several years ago. First up was wiring the bridge to the middle tone control. I've been meaning to do that for awhile, since particularly when playing clean with the GM bridge pickup...
  14. Treynor

    It Started As A BJ IV vs PJ IV Head-To-Head

    ...and ended with me rearranging my amps. Let the head-to-head commence!
  15. Treynor

    Fun, Flavorful Fuzzes

    Got these two used fuzzes from different sellers this past week, and got a chance to play thru both this morning. I've been on a fuzz quest here lately! The Keeley Fuzz Head is my favorite of the two. It really is a OD/Fuzz combination. With the Si/Ge switch and the internal trim pots, there...
  16. Treynor

    Purple Paisley Portability

    I love my Katana Mini portable amp. It is by far the best small, affordable battery powered amp I have heard. But I have never tried the Blackstar Fly 3 and have debated getting one. But when I saw this version while surfing Amazon yesterday, I could not resist. C'mom...really...paisley! It's...
  17. Treynor

    Amps: Local Purchase Opportunities

    If any forum members are in the Dallas area, I have three amps I am going to be selling. I do not want to ship these, and why I mentioned the Dallas area. All three amps are in mint condition, and all include covers. PM me, and I will provide you with a very nice price! No trades. Marshall...
  18. Treynor

    Revitalizing The Marshall Origin 20

    I have been playing thru just the front end of my Origin 20 Combo with all my pedals for about the past year, even though prior to 2020 I used the effects loop fairly regularly. I really did not have any complaints...everything sounded good. But this morning I got the itch to shake up the...
  19. Treynor

    Supro Blues King Alert Only 1!

  20. Treynor

    NUAD: Park G10

    Stopped by the Plano Guitar Center today to catch up with a friend who is the store manager. Found this prize for $39. Still needs some cleaning, but this amp sounds rivals the tone quality of my Fender modded 25R. And it is a LOUD 10 watts! The 8-inch speaker does not sound boxy...
  21. Treynor

    Coolest Epiphone Gear 2021?

    Just discovered this morning on the Sweetwater site. So far this is my favorite of their new offerings this year. And, at $529, it even includes a hard-shell case!
  22. Treynor

    Thinned The Herd...Added One

    Over the past couple of weeks I have thinned the herd of guitars and amps I have not been using. A big reason for this thinning was getting reorganized as we moved back into our home we have been out of for 6 months. Another story. As a result of the thinning and the money from that gear, I did...
  23. Treynor

    Lenny Kravitz - LOLLAPALOOZA BRASIL 2019

    That was fun. Been awhile since I've seen one of his concerts. Rock and tele's were in attendance. (01:55) Fly away (05:34) Dig In (09:20) American woman (13:55) band jammin’ (19:00) Low (24:15) It ain’t over till it’s over (32:00) Believe (38:40) Always on the run (42:25) Where are...
  24. Treynor

    Loaded Gun - Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs

    I am really enjoying the whole new album, "Wreckless Abandon", that was released on Nov birthday :) But this one is rocking my soul and is my favorite right now.
  25. Treynor

    Live At River Plate

    I watched several 40th anniversary celebration streams for the AC/DC "Back in Black" album yesterday. I could go deep into this and talk about why, IMHO, this is one of the most important rock albums of all time, but I'll save that for later. While watching, I noticed this new upload on YT, and...