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  1. tdp46

    electric 12-string gauge question for the sage.

    Pyramids by choice...... Tried both the Ric round wound and Pyramid flat wounds and feel that the the Pyramids give perhaps a greater contrast between the high octave chime and a sort of bass thump that the flat wound bring. But then I'm looking for an early Byrds-type sound.
  2. tdp46

    Great local guitar heroes

    Local heroes Loads & loads of them, all better than me :oops: But for any UK people a guy called Jed Thomas is quite simply very, very good! He was rumoured to have an ex Rory Gallacher Strat (red top) and his set used to be heavily orientated towards the said Irish genius. Since then he has...
  3. tdp46

    Good albums that were all but ignored, and forgotten...

    STONE ROSES.... Stone Roses Their first album was voted the best album of the.....? gosh I forget what, but everyone in the UK voted it the best, which was a major surprise. Listening to it again, it really is very good. The second I prefered but it is a great deal more Zep in concept...
  4. tdp46


    Mike Campbell...... I really did forget him...fantastic
  5. tdp46


    It's hosing down outside, the roof is leaking, I have the V-Roys on the cd and I'm thinking. Lets talk about the unsung heros of the guitar, sidemen. The best I've heard recently were Buddy Miller with Emmy Lou Harris and (I think if I remember!) John Jackson with Shelby Lynne. There must be so...
  6. tdp46

    I can't believe it! WE DID IT!

    Congrats..... from another country who plays in blue and also has a German coach........Scotland :P Sadly not there...again.
  7. tdp46

    Who's your favorite Weather Channel babe?

    French weather babes... I've spent a winter watching French TV and became quite obsessed with their weather "babes" The definition is used quite loosely since the age range is fairly generous. Let's say there's something there for everyone. Anyway I'm delighted that I'm not the only one that...
  8. tdp46

    Jonny Lang "long Time Coming" ... any good ?

    Never been a fan but.... caught a session he did for the BBC in the UK and have to say I was impressed by what I saw live. Made me think I should delve (good word eh!) deeper.
  9. tdp46

    JFK Assassination: 40 Years Ago Today

    Just back from the pub... when the news came through in the UK. Like everyone says, we can all remember where we were when the story broke. Total shock..... Lots of interesting TV programmes on British TV over the weekend including a very informative one last night that stated, with the aid of...
  10. tdp46

    Vinyl or CD's...which is superior??

    Well........ like the rest of the world, I converted my collection to CD, mainly for the convience and the ability to draw on them with a ball-point pen or boil the in soup if the mood took me. Then one day I dusted off the turntable and stuck on an old Byrds LP. Perhaps it's the old nostalgia...
  11. tdp46

    Rickenbacker 425 (ntc)

    Curious.... to know what sort of money are they looking for :?:
  12. tdp46

    Rickenbacker 425 (ntc)

    I forgot..... look at for full description and variations of the 420/425 including the vibrato.
  13. tdp46

    Rickenbacker 425 (ntc)

    Rics.... Ian The Rickenbacker book gives the 420 as non-vibrato from '65-'83 but just to confuse the issue lists the 425 from '58-'72 and says that the 420 replaced the non-vibrato 425 in '65(!!). Rics are not as collectable as you might think so don't pay too much. The only ones that seem to...
  14. tdp46

    Finger Picks? (little Tele content)

    I saw him..... McGuinn, a couple of years ago and he was still using metal finger picks then. That's how he gets the "sound", strangely enough on the up-pick which in a way negates the Rics different stringing of the 12 string. :?:
  15. tdp46

    Top 10 Surf Tunes...

    Does all that take me back...... you bet it does. Ah....just add a bit of Jan & Dean
  16. tdp46

    ? on Classic 30 and distortion pedals

    Speaker change is best..... mod for the C30. I changed mine for a Jensen 12R. Much more top end and "bell like" clarity. Great with single coils. Using a CS2 and the amps own gain I agree that a distortion pedal isn't really necessary but if you must... try a Marshall Blues Breaker. However the...
  17. tdp46

    So I was playing Jeff Beck's Esquire the other day. . .

    no wonder so many fat guys play teles...... just an observation :P
  18. tdp46

    So I was playing Jeff Beck's Esquire the other day. . .

    shameless food plug.... for scottish cuisine. I'm very impressed you got to play the HRC guitars. Must visit sometime.......
  19. tdp46

    Swedish imput required...(ntc)

    Porklash, I'm indebted...... and will give some of these a try and report if they are any good. Abba, Roxcette and the Cardigans plus all these post-punk bands that come from Sweden, there must be a music scene there some where. I know that my countryman, Bill Drummond of the KLF and other...
  20. tdp46

    Swedish imput required...(ntc)

    Some blues would be nice... thanks. No, its this weekend coming so I still have time. Why is it that no-one in Sweden visits Gothenburg. Am I making some sort of mistake....
  21. tdp46

    Looking for some controversy - Tone versus Technique

    Just an observation...... Having seen Clapron playing live in the early days his sound, for me. is the definition of tone. I was playing with some teenage hot guitarists a couple of years back and they were technically light years ahead of me but when I hit a barre B chord on the seventh fret...
  22. tdp46

    Graph Tech String Saver saddles...? what d'ya think

    They seem to work.... exactly the same with both strat & tele
  23. tdp46

    Swedish imput required...(ntc)

    I'm off to Gothenburg next weekend and looking for some musical entertainment. (some tele content would be a bonus). Any suggestions :?:
  24. tdp46

    What are you practicing right now?

    disorder in the house.... as a tribute to Warren. The Springsteen solo just goes round and round in my head.It's great!
  25. tdp46

    Any other Lefty's who play right-handed?

    Yet Another.. The school I went to used to beat you if you wrote left-handed.No wonder I'm disturbed. Guitar right handed, for all the reasons everyone else has, it was the first one we all picked up. Golf right handed, for the same reasons but tennis, squash left handed and if I played...