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  1. Bluesboy3

    So, you hate the banjo.....

  2. Bluesboy3

    Uber/Lyft question

    Do these drivers LIKE doing long hauls? Say from Sacramento to Cache Creek Casiono? About an hour drive. Fare for a nice car is about $80 ish..... Is this good business for the driver?
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    Yet another "use your turn signal, dang nabbit", thread

    Why don't cars come with turn signals that can indicate when the driver wants to make a U-turn? On thing that REALLY peeves me is when I'm making a u-turn and the driver to the left of me in the perpindicular right turn lane (reverse for left side drivers) starts making their turn when I'm...
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    "Hard" Pork Rinds

    Can someone recommend a brand of pork rinds that I can purchase online that are "hard"/"super crispy"? The ones I buy are very airy. Occassionally I get a few in a bag that are much harder, which I like. I do know that some brands and some cooking methods result in a "harder" rind. All...
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    Chargers v. Raiders - 1-9-22

    Can't describe my excitement for this game. And, further, in honor of the memories of John Madden, Bill King, Ken Stabler, as well as others that were present this day and are no longer, I humbly submit to you, Bill King, calling the "Holy Roller".
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    "Checking Down" - NFL Content

    I often hear what sound likes a criticism of quarterbacks not only by amateur fans, but by professional football analysts. Isn't the concept of a QB "checking down" proof of their skill as a QB? Not throwing into coverage, and essentially optimizing the potential of a perhaps broken play? OR...
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    RIP John Madden

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of John Madden. John was not only a great NFL coach, and a great Raider, but he was a customer of mine when I delivered the Oakland Tribune to his family in Pleasanton, California. He was a very nice and generous man and his wife Virginia was likewise...
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    The Power of the Dog

    Anyone seen dis one?
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    Taylor acoustic....

    Any Taylor 512 players out there? I just picked up a 2000 year model.
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    My Sweet Lord

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    Expect people to disappoint you.

    I have been really frustrated since taking my Managerial job almost 5 years ago. I feel constantly uptight because I feel that those that work directly for me as well as others in our company do not see the big picture and do not put forth good effort to work to the goal of the company. Some...
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    Garbage Disposal/Dishwasher performance

    I've noticed our garbage disposal gets filled with water very easily. The build up splashes up throught the non-disposal side when the disposal is turned on. Furthermore, the dishwasher doesn't seem to be cleaning as well. It is a Bosch and less than a year old. My wife doesn't believe the...
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    How is "biopic" pronounced?

    "Bi-ah-pic"(accent on the "ah") or "Bio-pic"? If I can get this question answered, I will now understand the reason why I was born....
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    How many tamales?

    How many Tamales does it take to kill you?
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    Unbelievable rip-off at The Breeder's Cup

    I had all (4) winners in the Pick-4. In the last race, after having won the first three races, I had the 1, 2, and 6 horse. Any wins and I win the Pick-4. While loading the gate, the 2 horse has a spaz and looses his composure in the gate. 2 horse is scratched. Okay, not a problem. Now I...
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    Dumb Craigslist question

    I have never specified "local pickup only" on Craigslist and never has anyone asked me to ship a product. I've posted something recently here in Sacramento and I'm getting inquiries from Boston asking me to ship. Is this normal?
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    Derek Carr

    You might know I'm a Raider fan. That in and of itself shouldn't tip my hat here. Discuss Derek Carr. Or don't. Up to you.
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    College athletes are now pro athletes... I guess...?

    I'm watching a very interesting story on ESPN right now by Jeremy Schaap. Paraphrasing, college athletes are now allowed to use their image as a marketing tool and further are allowed to use other talents (in the example discussed: one young man that is a talented painter, another that is a...
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    What do you just NOT need to see anymore?

    I don't need to see this on CNN anymore..... It's been on their feed for approximately 2 weeks.
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    Your favorite "last song" on any album

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    Speaking of "an"...

    I was always taught that the word "an" was only supposed to be used prior to a word that has a vowel. But a lot of folks say "an historic day". Where H is not a vowel, nor pronounced like a vowel.... Hmmmm.....
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    Frustrated and stressed - it's hard to control

    I've occasionally devled into my deamons on this site before. I have become increasingly more frustrated and stressed at my job. I've actually been doing better at calming-down more quickly, but when I start my day and the very first thing I have to deal with is extreme stress, it takes its...