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    Posting full size Pictures?

    How do I post a full size picture, not a thumbnail? When I try to post a picture it shows full size, but all that shows when I try to send it is a thumbnail. What am I doing wrong?
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    Was My E-mail Hacked?

    First thing this morning I was looking at trash in my e mail account. I saw an email from an old friend that recently passed away. The message was something like "Should have forwarded this picture along time ago, but I guess it's still relevant." And even though I know better, I clicked the...
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    Brian Eno Music for Airports

    Sometimes you just need to relax.
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    Chaise Loungue

    Heard this one on the local college station, and it's been stuck in my head for about a week. There is not much to it, but I really like it.
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    The Felice Brothers

    I don't like everything I hear from the Felice Brothers, but IMHO some of them are real gems. depending on the crowd, we sometimes do an up tempo version of Whiskey in my Whiskey
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    The Leroi Brothers

    I bought a new (used, yard sale) stereo for the garage, and it has a built in cassette player! I've got about 200 cassette tapes from the 70s and 80s, that have been stored away for years. I used to buy albums, and tape them, and trade music to record with friends. I also have quite a few that...
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    Did You Receive Unsolicited Seeds in Mail?

    The spotted lantern fly thread reminded me of something I've been hearing about lately. If you do receive some, do not open the bag they are in. Reporter/Pages/default.aspx...
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    S.G. Goodman

    Heard this on a local college station. She has an interesting voice, and I like the guitar tones.
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    Dog Training Videos and/or Advice Please

    I posted back in December about having to put down our 13 year old yellow lab. At that time we thought we were done with dogs, and even enjoyed not having one. But a few months ago we decided that we missed having a dog. So we started going to a local no kill shelter every week looking for a...
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    Can Am Ryker

    Has anyone seen one? I went with a friend to look at them this morning. He is a life long rider that lost his one leg below the knee to a 19 year old kids' 3rd chargeable accident. It's been 6 years and he's been through a C-4...
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    Old Dogs, When do You Say When?

    We've got a yellow lab that is well on his way to being 14 years old. We adopted him when he was about 2 and he has been a great friend to us. He weighs in around 100 lbs. We had never had a dog that big, nor a purebred. When I asked the vet how long we could expect him to live he told us 10...
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    Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour

    Has anyone seen it? Was it worthwhile? It's coming to a venue somewhat close by, and we are thinking of going. Featuring Will Johns-nephew of EC, Malcolm Bruce - son of Jack, and Kofi Baker. Don't know much about any of them other than in the Beware Mr. Baker movie Kofi seemed to be a good drummer.
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    HoneyHoney (the band, not the Abba song)

    I've been watching a show called The Guestbook, and Honey Honey appear on every episode. Mostly they are a duo with one playing drums and guitar. And they have some really cool older guitars. They may be the best part of the show.
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    Computer Guy Question. Mouse Alternative.

    My wife spends a good part of her day working spreadsheets etc. I'm not sure what she does exactly, but she has 3 monitors and when she gets home doesn't want to look at a computer. For the last few weeks she has been working on a project that requires her to click her mouse hundreds of time per...
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    Anyone Here Appreciate Cyclocross Racing?

    Lately my wife and I have been watching European Cyclocross racing on Olympic channel. I used to be a big moto-x fan back in the day, when Roger Decoster, Heikki Mikkola etc, were the fast guys. Back then they did 20 and 40 min. motos, and those guys were all awesome athletes. Cyclocross is...
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    Yamaha Niken 3 Wheeler

    This is the first three wheel motorcycle type vehicle I have seen, that mimics the experience of riding a motorcycle. That is some pretty interesting engineering.
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    Jack White Bans Cell Phones at His Concerts This should be interesting. I've read that many people get panicky if denied access to their device for more that 30 minuets. Evidently Mr. White has no empathy for nomophobs.
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    John D. Loudermilk

    I recently saw a rerun of the Marty Stuart and they featured songs of John D. Loudermilk. He was a guest and played a few songs himself. I was very impressed by him, and did some research on him. The man wrote a mess of hit tunes, and I had never heard his name before.
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    Cinco De Mayo tunes?

    We are not booked to play to play Cinco De Mayo, but we are booked for May 4th, (the star wars holiday). So maybe we should have a few songs to go with the 5th. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    Anyone Going to Dick Boak's Retirement Party?

    By the time I heard about it, it was sold out, and it is a bit of a trip for us to get there. But it looks to be an interesting evening. Here is an article about it, but it also talks about his very interesting career...
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    Canine Mast Cell Tumor?

    Our 12 year old yellow lab was diagnosed with a cancerous mast cell tumor in his groin area. It's about 1.5 in, and I think it formed fairly quickly as he likes to lay on his back and have his belly rubbed, and nether of us noticed it till about a week ago. He is in surgery to have it removed...
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    Examples of a Jig?

    At our gig last night we got a request for a Jig. I drew a blank. The lady that asked said it was similar to a Polka, but different. We are a 2 guitar electric band that plays a variety of rockn'bluesn'country. And we don't mind embarrassing ourselves. Can anyone give an example of something we...
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    Announcing Upcoming Gigs at a Gig

    We don't play many bar type gigs, but we have one coming up at a sporting club with a bar and kitchen that is open to the public. Would it be considered bad form to announce our upcoming gig at another bar less than 20 miles away?
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    H-D 750 Street Rod, Has Anyone Ridden One?

    I've been following the Street platform with some interest. Today I heard that a few months ago they came out with the Street Rod model. It looks pretty cool...