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  1. fletch

    Preparing Rough Lumber for a Body Blank

    Hey All, I know a lot of guys on here have no trouble preparing body blanks but I created a YouTube video for the newer guys showing how I take a rough cut board and prepare it into a body blank. There's a nice 720P version so select that for best viewing (you'll have to view it on...
  2. fletch

    Fake Gene Simmons bass on Ebay Germany ?

    Hey Guys, There's a Bass guitar that's been listed on Ebay Germany that appears to be fake - There is also a badly Photoshopped image showing Gene Simmons holding the bass (expect it looks like his head has been Photoshopped onto someone else's body )... The bass in the auction has an...
  3. fletch

    Cool fret slotting jig on a bandsaw ??..

    Just came across this, a jig to cut fret slots using a thin kerf blade on a bandsaw... I kinda like the idea. Any idea where I can get a thin kerf blade made up that will fit my bandsaw ( 108" / 2760mm ) ? The linked website in the video only does smaller size blades. Cheers Dave...
  4. fletch

    Seafoam Green Strat Build

    Hey Guys, Been a long while since I posted any build threads ! Just finished up a Seafoam green strat for a friend - I documented the build with a ton of photos and uploaded to youtube - you can check it out here Youtube Build Diary is here -
  5. fletch

    New Strat build completed - Seafoam Green

    Hi Guys, I just finished this strat up last weekend - About 3 months of weekend building went into it. It was hard to let it go ! Cheers Dave Build photos are here - Build video montage @ 1080P...
  6. fletch

    StewMac Buffing Arbor - 110V/240V Question

    Hey Guys. I just rec'd my buffing arbor kit from StewMac and finsihed assembling it tonight. Now I intend to use a step down tranformer to be able to power the 110V motor.. Here's where I hit a snag. My down converter only has access for a USA 2 pin plug but the cable running from the...
  7. fletch

    New Build Completed

    Hi Everyone, Here's a new tele style build i just completed - Mahogany Body Quilted Backwood Neck Cherry tinted Nitro Finish Build pictures here
  8. fletch

    Quick Disconnects for changing out Loaded Pickguards

    Hi everyone , I am looking for a convenient way to be able to change out a loaded pickguard easily for another on a strat - I'm thinking along the lines of some quick disconnect terminals - Has anyone done this and what did you use ? Cheers Fletch
  9. fletch

    Ground Up Rock Strat Build

    Hi Guys, A little while ago, I got to urge to build an Eddie Van Halen inspired guitar with Floyd Rose ... I've been documented the build so I hope you don't mind if I share it with you. I've made a few bodies before but this is only the second time I've built both the body and the neck...
  10. fletch

    Is this wiring scheme possible ?

    Hi all, I'm mid way thru building a dual humbucker Van Halen inspired Strat - I just want one volume control on the guitar - I am wondering if it is possible to just have both pickups wired to one pot that can fade from one pickup to the other ? Thanks David
  11. fletch

    Gummy residue on Veneer

    Hi, I glued a maple veneer onto my tele body last night , joining the veneer down the middle with paper tape. Removing the tape this morning was a chore, it had stuck VERY well to the thin veneer, even removing little specks of veneer as I pulled the tape off.. I heated the tape with a...
  12. fletch

    Stains for Sunburst - Is this the stuff I need ?

    Somewhere down the line there is a plan to build a sunburst telecaster. Is this the stuff I should be buying if I plan to spray a sunburst ?? Link
  13. fletch

    My first build - Pincaster(s)

    Hey everyone ! I've assembled a few guitars before but never made my own body so I have been inspired by all the other builds around here to finally bite the bullet and order the Ron Kirn templates..Well the templates wound there way half way across the world and finally arrived over the...
  14. fletch

    Cool SRV Interview

    Sorry guys if this has been posted before but its new to me - Its pretty awesome to see Stevie playing guitar by himself !! -
  15. fletch

    Nitrocellulose Lacquer - Any alternatives ?

    Hi, I am located in Australia and I cannot find any source to obtain Nitrocellulose lacquer. Is there anything else similar that can be sprayed and wet sanded to a mirror finish ? Thanks David
  16. fletch

    Body Routing Templates

    He everyone, New here but love to read this forum.. I wish to purchase a telecaster body template and stratocaster body template and have a go at making my own bodies.. I see many people here use templates but I have no idea where you got them from ? Can someone please recommend a...
  17. fletch

    SRV Stratocaster - Changing out pickguard

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum here. I recently bought a SRV strat signature model and as many people do, I want to change out the SRV pickguard and replace it with a white pearloid pickguard from Wormoth ( countersunk to SRV spec). Before I attempt the changeover, I was wondering...